Stella SW-C 2020 Range – International Trailer | Shimano Fishing Europe

Even just one chance is fine, but… I need to do my best at the only chance. However, in bluefin tuna fishing… I really do not know when that chance comes. There are very few chances to cast. The chance I could cast right in front to the fish is… less than 5 times through […]

Rod Actions, Braided Line, and Eliminating Backlashes | Bass Fishing

Keri: There you go. Woohoo. Fish on a chatterbait. Sorry. Glenn: Buzz bait. Keri: Buzz bait. Buzz bait fish. Glenn: Come here. Keri: Buzz bait. Oh, that’s a nice one too. Glenn: Here we go. Keri: Really nice one. Glenn: You notice the sun’s out? Keri: Yeah. Glenn: No clouds. Keri: Bright sky. Glenn: Yeah. […]

Mark Carp | North West Carp | Anglers Diary | Channel Update

hi welcome to the mark carp YouTube channel this channel is all about fishing it’s about techniques and tactics and baits and rigs and how to’s so if you’ve an interest in catching more fish and levelling up in your own fishing then hit the subscribe button and tap the bell icon for notifications in […]

Bernie DUNKS ON Media’s Concern Trolling

>>Corporate Democrats along with the corporate media have engaged in a disingenuous conversation about Bernie Sanders and his health. Now I say disingenuous, because they’re pretending to be concerned about his condition following his heart attack. And this is typically what you’ll latch on to when you know that his policy proposals are popular, you […]

HIgh School Fishing Teams (School of Fish) – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

HIgh School Fishing Teams (School of Fish) – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

(crowd cheers) NARRATOR: It’s Friday night, and that means football. The ultimate high school sport here in Texas. Or is it? (music) COLT ANDERSON: I felt it, it got real heavy, set the hook, and it just popped. NARRATOR: Colt Anderson and Jonathan Gray are at practice. JONATHAN GRAY JR.: Got em? NARRATOR: These two […]