День лосося. Кубок ST.CROIX. Anglers Games.

День лосося. Кубок ST.CROIX. Anglers Games.

Republic of Lithuania.
European character and image of the country well known to Russian tourists. But fisherman from Russia meets much unussuall in Lithuania.
For example, Salmon fishing right in the middle of Vilnius is anormal
occupation for Lithuanians and quite commonplace event. And envy of our angler’s
brother is understandable – he needs
to overcome many kilometers for such a pleasure. And the reasons for this envy becomes even greater when we consider rich of walleye, asp and trout waters of the Republic of Lithuania. But, back to the salmon. Lithuanians’ careful attitude to Salmon however, to other brethren of the Royal Fish of less noble blood, does provide not
only good fishing, but also making possible to conduct
competition for salmon fishing. In world practice, events of this kind are rare thing, and the first in the history
of Lithuania “Salmon Day” under the auspices of St.Croix Cup is an evidence of special treatment of Lithuanian residents to their priceless treasures,
confidence in the future of their country and its nature “Salmon Day” of St.Croix Cup sums up to some extent
the amicable efforts of the state and
simple fishermen. About how little it takes to
do so much, tells Vice
Minister for the Environment of the Republic of Lithuania Linas Jonasuskas. -We pay a lot of attention to the protection of nature, we have increased penalties, we made it so that our inspectors do not spend time in ofices but on rivers we have banned free sale of nets .. We started to guard more large territories. We took for these purposes
freelance inspectors. We have about 700 Inspectors around Lithuania who do their job not for money. System is very good Also we announced special phone numberto
make a call at any tome make a call at any tome to our inspectors And we already got the results So fish quantity grows and
more big size fish appear here See how easy it is: if there is more fish, so it is
easier to talk about pleasure and serious passions of such sportive kind of rest as fishing Now, with the restoration
of the salmon population, the old Lithuanian club of anglers, who made so much for the development of sport fishing will be much easier to attract new fans of rod and hook. Here Chairman of the club “vlENAM GALE KABLYS”. – Our club is called in Lithuanian
“vlENAM GALE KABLYS” if translate to Russian “with hook on other side”. Our club has been organised for 18 years… After two years, it will be 20th
anniversary. Our club brings together about 50 people. We hold a competition for the first time together with Gediminas and company “ANGLER’S ZONE” 76 participants have been
registered After 30 minutes, it
will be given a “Start” participants will be fishing the whole day till the sunset… “Salmon Day”
St.Croix Cup, as well as any fishing event is impossible without the
support of sponsors, that can take care of all organizational issues. And problems. The company “ANGLER’S ZONE” headed by Gediminas Shauchuvienas For many years supported the fishing activities in Europe. – The idea of this event was in the air for a long time, just we do not have the energy, time… Everything seemed: later… later The Club “vlENAM GALE KABLYS”… They have already come up with it,
and also sought partners to make an event together. Those partners who got the experience.
That is why they have chosen us. Our company “ANGLER’S ZONE”, Because we are focused on salmon and trout fishing All those tackl;es – rods,
St.Croix, PONTOON 21 and baits… And the event itself from the very
beginning was conceived that it was not just a competition to “the
highest”, “who will” catch a fish .. Was conceived that it was not just
a competition to “the highest” who will ” catch more fish” But to bring together
all the supporters, all the supporters, those who want to learn salmon fishing That is why our guide
Anatoly demonstrated baits and how to use them, how to choose that right one How to present that in the river. How this bait behaves in the water. Newcomers cannot navigate among among all the tackles to buy. And catch a salmon What spot to coose? Where to make a cast? The event was aiming to get people aqainted between each other let them share their experience what they know and what they can.
To get that help from professioanls… “Salmon Day” Cup St.Croix gathered 80 participants
of three countries: Lithuania, Poland and Belarus. With the competition, and
solid prizes cannot be made with pure enthusiasm… Well known brands became sponsors That are PONTOON 21, DUO, St.Croix, MEGABASS, Redington. Numerous
Visitors were welcome by manor were welcome by manor Senosios Geguzines ukis located at settlement
Gegužinė 150 00:05:56,099…>00:05:58,64 best 9
This place is located on the best salmon river
of Lithuania-Neris, between Vilnius and Kaunas. It is about 80 kilometers from Vilnius and 40 kilometers from Kaunas. Competition Rules are simple Start at 13: 00, the finish – with the sunset About 18:36. So that total fishing time five and a half hours. Five sctors named after sponsors: MEGABASS, Redington, DUO, PONTOON 21, St.Croix. Total length of fishing area 35 kilometers. Participants drraw lots which indicates his sector to fish and catch his salmon. Change of the sector is prohibited. Only salmon and trout count for score. That one wins who will present bigger length of all fish measured. Therefore, the angler is
given a special rulere and lmap of fishing area
with phones of judges. a special rulere and lmap of fishing area with
phones of judges. After all, the sector length is
impressive, and each participant can not have a
Judge When Participants takes a fish He needs to make a call inviting the judge Then he has to a photo of fish lying with the ruler. And after all that to
present a fish to a judge. Thus, the preparation is completed, the signal is given, and participants
are leaving for their fishing zones. Well, we, together with the Gediminas, follow them. Salmon Fishing is very different from the
fishing sport that we are used to see. Suffice it to recall serious coastal Trout Union Cup competition There matters every second and every fish. But salmon fishing runs more thoughtful, and by almost hastily. The choice of location, neat moving along the shore timely presentation of the necessary bait and of course, the stock of
patience. All these components make a
success.. On the “Salmon Day” fishermen are fighting not for
the number of fish caught but for their quality And the bigger the trophy the more chances to win. And
here is the first trophy! – Just arrived in PONTOON 21 sector where the first fish was caught, hope not the last, it is a pity that did not have time to film fish playing One runner up we already have! – Has been casting about an hour… First was the pike… Then this one came… Incidentally, the uniqueness
of the competition is that the fish can be
taken away. For salmon fishing in Lithuania is licensed and an angler, paying a ticket has the right to withdraw
his trophy We asked to release fish
as much as possible if the judge arrives on time. There was even a special prize from the
Ministry of Environment Commemorative statue of a crane who was the first to
let the salmon.Даже был специальный приз from the Ministry of
Environment Commemorative statue of a crane to that angler who will be the first to let the salmon go…. On fishing, as fishing is not only competition, but also
mutual assistance. Especially at curious but unsafe circumstances. What happens
often when hunting for trophy. When hunting for trophy. And
“Salmon Day” is not an exception. Here are two participants of the
competition who found their adventures. One of them took a salmon and in the excitement came in
water and was picked up over by the river. His partnerf tried to help, nd too, was cought with the water But the boys do not lose heart… They Plan to keep warm and to continue
the fight.Планируют согреться и and to continue the fight. Here
it is – the magic of salmon fishing And now a male salmon of good size has been cought in DUO sector. Definitely it’s a
bid for victory! – It’s the second fish in
Duo sector. And what is the most interesting fish took a “most down”… And, in principle, we even
have seen the moment of the chase and how fish took the bait. It seems that
fish is being caught all larger. This, by the way, sometimes
happens at salmon fishing, when at the afternoon
salmons start moving and it is possible to count on the trophy… – looks satisfied…
– Everyone could be pleased… – Smile! And that face looks way gloomy… And here is the trophy! Rivals postpone their rods and start rushing to help his friend. A male 107 centimeters long. And of course this is an obvious application for
victory. Although before the final of competition short time left remaining fishermen still have the ability to surpass this result. The competition is not only a struggle
for prizes. Passion of normal fishing,
the desire to catch a real trophy, always follows fisherman, That’s why no one calms down and the fight continues But the river is not in a hurry to share their wealth “Salmon Day” St.Croix Cup comes to the end. Behind is the excitement and and ahead is the
award of winner The curtain of darkness falls above the Neris And the heroes of “Salmon Day” stand in bright lit scene of solemn moment of the competition So, here are the top three: Third place – DENISAS GRAČIOVAS in Pontoon 21 sector DENISAS took a female of 86 centimiters length. Second place – MARIUS KANCEVIČIUS in sector DUO MARIUS got a male of 88 centimiters length. And now the first polace место! VITALIJUS LEMBERTAS, in sector Pontoon 21. VITALIJUS land a male of 107 centimiters length. We are glad about the winners! The winners! Of course it’s nice to
catch such a fish… It is especially gratifying and
exciting to be the best today among the eighty participants. For salmon fishing in itself is not easy, and the voltage of competition further complicate it – The event was great! Beautiful big fish were caught. Of course, we were hoping for more… All participants got satisfied.
and not only the participants and those who came to take
away the children, wife… and not only the participants and those
who came with – children, wifes… Everyone wants to go back… and
are ready to register next year. And we say goodbye to the
hospitable hosts of Salmon Day! Many anglers in advance confirmed their participation in
the next tournament. We also look forward to another
meeting with Lithuania and such a wonderful holiday!

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