Спиннинговые удилища Azura Safina-X! Серия удилищ для ловли на легкие джиговые приманки!

Спиннинговые удилища Azura Safina-X! Серия удилищ для ловли на легкие джиговые приманки!

Hello everyone, you are watching Flagman Shop, and this is the section F novelties. Finally, we waited for a large replenishment of the spinning rods from the Azura trademark and today I will tell you about a great, cool new product. This is the Azura Safina-X line of spinning rods. Safina-X is a rock fishing spinning rods, so they were created and developed specifically for fishing on silicone baits, the so-called light jig and micro jig. There will be 3 sizes of rods in the line. These are all tubular spinning rods with a solid tip. The rods have a very cool action. Here is a tough, powerful comel, a rigid middle of the blank and the tip is already more lively. Real fast. A feature of these blanks is the cross braid of the rod along the entire length. Using this technology makes the blank more durable, tougher and faster. The rods are equipped with modern, stylish reel seat holders from the manufacturer Weibo and rings with thin inserts from the same brand. Thanks to this combination, we have modern, very sensitive, rigid blanks at a fairly reasonable price. To date, in the Safina-X line, we have 3 rods. The youngest fishing rod is with a test of 0.5 to 6 grams in a length of 2.13. This is such an easy ultralight that can perfectly work both in the lower test, starting from 1 gram and less, but in the upper test up to about 5 grams plus bait. The second fishing rod is already with a test from 0.8 to 7 grams in a length of 2.28. From the previous model, this fishing rod is already distinguished by greater rigidity, greater power and will work better in the middle and upper test range. Such a rod is perfect for fishing at 2-3 grams, and 5, 6, 7 grams plus bait. And the eldest model in the series we already have with a test of 1.5 to 12 grams in a length of 2.44. This is a real full light. Thanks to sensitive blanks, it will allow you to work both at the lower test, this is fishing at 2, 3, 4 grams, and will work perfectly due to hard, fast action and in the upper limit, for example 10 grams plus baits 3-4 inches. Due to the length, the spinning also turned out to be quite long-range and is perfect for fishing from a boat, and for coastal fishing when fishing long distances. Of course, the entire line of rods is primarily designed for jig fishing, for fishing on silicone baits. But, thanks to the quick action, tubular blanks, these rods are perfect for use with other types of lures, whether they are small wobblers, or the drifting of various fishing lures, spoon lures and spinners, spinning rods will cope with everything perfectly. We can say that the spinning rods turned out to be with their own character, thanks to the cross braid of blanks, and the stylish modern design will not leave indifferent anglers of any class. Also, we have a pleasant surprise for you. We will raffle one Safina-X rod among our subscribers. The terms of the contest are quite simple. You need to be subscribed to 2 channels: Flagman Shop and Flagman TV, like this video and write in the comment which rod model you want to receive. And exactly one week after the release of this video, we will raffle the rod among those who correctly completed all the conditions of the contest. Who liked this video, put likes, take part in the contest. Also, click on the bell so as not to miss new interesting videos. It was Pavel, you were at the Flagman Shop. Bye everyone, see you on the water.

100 thoughts on “Спиннинговые удилища Azura Safina-X! Серия удилищ для ловли на легкие джиговые приманки!

  1. До 12 в росте 2.44 отличный был бы подарок, Кеншин был, кинетик есть, сафины не хватает))))

  2. Хотілосяб Азура safina X Length 08 7 гр може і пощастить комусь удачі всім 🙃🤫✌🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  3. Azura Safina-X 70UL 2.13м 0.5-6г для пассивного осеннего прибрежного окуня

  4. Хорошый обзор👍Спиннинги 🔝
    Для меня будет самым лучшым подарком Azura Safina-X 80L 2.44м 1.5-12г
    Спасибо большое Флагману👍💪👏

  5. Гарне відео.Azura Safina-X 80L 2.44 м ,1.5-12г. , дуже треба для берегової ловлі головля.

  6. Всем привет! очень хочется выиграть спиненг с тестом 1.5-12 ,в этом диапазоне у меня нет ни одного.всем н.х.н.ч.

  7. Обзор как всегда очень интересный! Я бы хотел Azura X Length :2.44 m, 1.5-12g.

  8. Супер палочка👍Azura Safina-X 80L 2.44м 1.5-12г
    Спасибо большое за розыгрыш

  9. Мда,ета палочка просто меня очаровала..хочу уже её потестить Azura Safina 2.44m 1.5-12g

  10. На халяву….Любую, но мне по нраву до 7г. Халява придИ !!! ……

  11. Давно мечтаю освоить ультралайт. Спиннинг Azura Safina-X 70UL 2.13м 0.5-6г был бы в тему!

  12. Спиннинговое удилище Azura ну ну очень хочу Safina-X 76UL 2.28м 0.8-7г

  13. Спиннинговое удилище Azura Safina-X 80L 2.44м 1.5-12г.Хотелось выиграть

  14. Хороший обзор. Хотілось би протестувати Azura Safina-X Length 1.5-12g.всім удачі

  15. Хотелось бы палку Хороший обзор. Хотелось бы: Спиннинг Azura Safina X, 0.8-7 гр.

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