Hey guys today we’re making a homemade fishing rod it’s gonna be really easy to make So today I’m gonna be making a really simple fishing rod and this will be good for anyone who wants to go for a little challenge or anyone who has kids that they don’t have the patience to teach them exactly how to use a spinning reel setup so take them to catch little small fish and I’m gonna show you a perfect little rod to set up for them or for yourself if you want to challenge so today we are making a homemade fishing rod out of bamboo skewers Now when making a homemade fishing rod It’s important to think about the material that you’re using if I were to use like if I were to use something like a a branch that I found like a dead branch that I found It could snap those dead branches don’t have much flex in them. Whereas this bamboo skewer bamboo is flexible and it’ll also bounce back to the spot that it was I chose the bamboo skewer because it was cheap and I found it at Walmart for like a bunch of them and they’re a good length. It’s a nice length I use this rod for creek fishing mostly anything where you can just drop a line and catch little fish So now let me show you how I make it real quick first off I get rid of this– I get rid of this point right here because that’s dangerous. I don’t want to fall on that I don’t want to poke someone with that by accident and it’s kind of just unnecessary. So I clip that off So that it’s not pointy anymore next Let’s put a different color on the tip so you can see it easily and I’m going to choose red because red stands out against green really well So I’m gonna color that tip So I can keep track of my if anything’s touching the tip of my rod I’ll see the red moving … and red like warriors blood! I’m a warrior! All right. There we go So the tip is red Kind of like an indication of a strike if something strikes it I’ll see that red tip move Now I’m going to cut a little notch into it And this is where the line will sit The line will go into this notch Next I’ll get my leader line my line Now last time I use this in the creek I used four pound test because I was trying to catch the smallest fish possible And I think four pound test is perfect for the creek. If you’re catching this fish like average size like this Perfect. The lighter the better And I say the lighter the better because the thicker it gets the easier it is to see for a fish So I’ll tie with four pound And I will literally just tie it straight on to here First, I put the line through that notch Just like that and I’ll tie a simple clinch knot right here And if you guys don’t know how to tie a clinch knot we offer PDFs to teach you how to tie knots it’s a guide called what knots to tie and when and it’s a really good guide if you don’t know what what knots to tie for certain lures and for certain rigs okay, so now once I have to knot I will tighten it and make sure that it’s on the notch right here. You see that? …and then I tighten it fully Now that line’s not coming off You see? It’s tightened and it’s into this notch. So it won’t slip off the length of this leader line All depends on how far you want to cast the longer it is the harder it is to cast But sometimes those fish are a little bit out there so I found that I like to do a Longer leader line just so I know I can cast it and I do about my wingspan length Okay There you go It’s literally just a bamboo skewer with a line tied on the end right here Now if you’re giving this to your kid, I would shorten the leader line a little bit Probably half of that. So all they have to do is just drop it in the water it was so easy to fish this at the creek that it was like I’m taking my cousin’s there like today after I film this I’m about to take them I’m building this rod for them right now, but my little cousins are coming over and I’m gonna take them fishing using this and I I don’t have to worry too much about them tangling up my spinning reel setup And it will also be a really fun challenge for everyone to be using this kind of rod Now when I cast this out This longer leader line out I’m kind of whipping the bait back and then I’m whipping it forward and then I’m whipping it back and then I’m whipping it forward And letting the bait sit in the water This is kind of similar to fly fishing where you use the weight of your line to go back weight of the line to go forward It’s so fun anyways, that’s a quick little tutorial on how to make the bamboo skewer rod If you haven’t seen the episode that we published recently about about the little micro fishing at the creek We’re using these little rods as well. Maybe you can get some inspiration from there If anyone needs more help with like knots and stuff like that We’ve got this awesome guide online on senkoskipper.com on what knots to tie and when to tie them We’ve also got a bunch of other tutorials on there. So just check that out. I hope you like this little tutorial I have a lot of fun using this rod and I wanted to share with you guys my joy if you liked our episode Do yourself a favor do us a favor hit subscribe and push the little notification bell Because we post four times a week and you wouldn’t want to miss an episode, would ya? See you guys

64 thoughts on “1$ DIY FISHING ROD TUTORIAL

  1. I can buy 1000 of those or a Shimano Stella like you're dad did except he bought 3 I would get 3000 mini fishing poles just to say I have the worlds biggest fishing arsenal and still keep a car in my garage

  2. Do you have Snapchat if so can I add you also try a catch and cook of what ever you catch when fishing with that rod and eat what ever you catch but not if it's a fish that is under a size limit but if not catch and cook time

  3. T H A N K Y O U !!!!! At long last a youtube fishing channel finally has the guts to bring uo a basic fishing device : a fishing pole/rod.
    This is how fishing has started ! Thank you.
    Fishing with a rod can be really fun. And what’s best is to feel the fish at the other end of the line. Thank you Brendon, thnk you Erin πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. Hey guys learned allot of great things!! Unfortunately fish don't like me but it's okay working on it and putting in time when I can. Just wondering when you'll announce the winner of the give away?!

  5. Lol one's again i was making those rods …fun fun ..we called mojarrero ..we use to catch small bait fish , Mosley on freshwater ..thank you for the great memories with the hooks and home made rods ..great video !!!

  6. One of my fav rods, I made myself out of an 8ft bamboo tree. I screwed on a reel and tied on sum guides.. Ive caught numerous salt water fish on it.

  7. If you are using something you think might break, then you can tie it at the tip and by your hand. That way if it breaks it's still tied to the part you are holding. If you wanted to get a bit more complicated I'd think that you could make line guides out of wire or safety pins and some bracket to be able to adjust the line length easily, thought you would likely want a bigger stick.

  8. I would tape a few of those sticks to make a thicker and longer stick. I think i saw big bamboo poles in Academy for fishing

  9. I was at a park with my friends one time and one of them forgot his rod at home so he took some line tied it to a stick and everyone else skunked but him some I am not lying he caught a pretty big sheep headπŸ˜‚

  10. Have to ask, what's w the mono sound the first 2 min? And why is the whole vid set to porn music? Did Stephen render this one instead of Erin?

  11. It is much simpler. Walk out to the creek bank and cut a 4 to 8 ft willow. Tie on a few yards of
    bank line. You make it to complicated.

  12. Hi!! I just made a fishing rod myself with a bamboo stick!! I think it didnt cost much too! I think it works great!! I also tried it out! Please check it out if anyone is interested. I wont share my link because I dont think it is appropriate to share my link here. Anyone who is interested can come to my channel!
    I want to hear what you think of it, Senko Skipper! Please let me know if my post is inappropriate! I will delete it!!
    Thank you very much! I hope you have a great weekend.

  13. Quick tip for better grip! Buy a good sized (to little hands) dowel and cut into lengths fit for rod handle. Drill through center of dowel using same diameter of the rods. Apply wood glue to edge of dowel hole and slide the unmarked rod tip into it. Now they’ll have an easier handling rod. Love y’all. From Grandma Suzie Β°(ッ)/Β°. Oh quick edit, use a straw as a bobber by pinching each end and fusing with lighter to capture air. The kids will love it!

  14. I am thinking about giving me bro a fishing rod, because he just starts to go fishing. And this joke come up. Lol

  15. When I was younger we would fish for fun, we had fishing rods but forgot then one day. My dad grabbed a broken branch found some string grabbed a paper clip from his pocket and some older man gave us a piece of meat to put on the end. We got two crawfish then threw them back.

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