100 thoughts on “$134 MASSIVE Korean Hairtail Fish: 8 Course Tasting Menu in Gangnam

  1. What a beautiful meal and I'm sure from your reaction it tasted just as beautiful as it looked! The chef is obviously very very talented, quite an artist, and he's handsome as well 🙂

  2. I love beef it so good for u and fish as well. It health for u and make me he Asian im from Seoul, South Korea im so help he go to Seoul great job Mike

  3. This man’s commentary alone makes me hungry, definitely well deserved 1m subs, brings the food out of the screen

  4. Thanks for showing me how beautiful it really is over there…i heard of the Cutlass fish a long time ago..

  5. As soon as he said Jeju my brain went “Seungwan?!?” That’s how you know you slipped into the diamond life 😂

  6. did u finish it all alone? if not then ur camera crew must have helped you? how many people it took to finish all 8 courses ?

  7. The way you cut into that cutlass is exactly how waitstaff at Chinese banquets cut into the steamed fish table side before serving.

    Oh the memories…

  8. I wish my metabolism was fast as a humingbird, I'd get to eat every hour cause I would starve to death in only 3.

  9. There is Spanish ham from a special black pig that only gets fed a strict diet, Iberian ham. You MUST try it!

  10. Mike ever since i started watching your videos my bucket list off foods to try is getting tooooooooooooooooooooo long

  11. Did he actually mention beef as a colour??? Ohh Mike you never ceases to amaze me with the amount of things you have invented in your videos. I've also got a new favourite colour now😂😂😅💖❤️😜😜

  12. 9:22
    "Of you're not drooling right now, I can't help you."
    Would you help us?!!??!!?!

  13. I think bloggers are poetic, linguistic, natural actors, best in declamations, artistic, aside from being great influencer!!! I am now planning my next vacay to korea!!!!

  14. This is the first korean food that looks good enough for a westerner to eat. The big fish looks good. Usually all the korean restaurants in my city serve food that looks like low grade dog food. 😆

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