50 thoughts on “24/7series: Episode 10 | Lake St. Clair | AOY Event

  1. Why a motorcycle helmet over one of those faces masks? Just curious. Been on Erie and hit 5 footers. So I get why a mask. Lol.

  2. Absolutely amazing video and year! You are doing great!! I think i just may have to make the trip from East TN to the Classic next year!

  3. Wow man, congrats for real. I'll be watching the classic. You are deffinately one of my top 5 anglers I would love to see win. Hope you can get it done!

  4. Congrats Dude on qualifying for the Classic (first of many btw.. lol) but most of all man just the fulfillment of your dreams to make it!! That's what it's all about! I have really enjoyed watching your videos all year and wish you the best of luck at the Classic on G'Ville. I live 35 mins away and it can be absolutely AMAZING that time of year!! It'll be a blast!

  5. Hunter: What an amazing event and finish for the regular season! Your fans knew it was just a matter of time so let's all enjoy the moment with a huge smile and a thankful prayer. Always remember your fans and God love you. Also give your wife a big hug from us. This is her dream too. Travel safe! God's continued blessings on you and your family.

  6. Your consistency kept getting stronger each tournament as the year was winding down. I bet you wish you didn't have to wait so long for the Classic!
    Let's hope the grass on Guntersville grows thick and plentiful by March, so you can put your skills with the heavy rod and Berkley creature baits to good use and go after the Classic victory!

  7. Congratulates on make 2020 classic man nice 🎣👊🎣👊🎣👊🎣👊🎣👊👌👌👌💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻😜

  8. Congratulations hunter! Huge fan have been following you since day one! You helped inspire me to start making my own videos!

  9. From a long time fan way before the series Congrats on making it. And since I'm only 20 mins from guntersville I will definitely be there

  10. I told you that I love when it you post 20+ min videos cause it lets me know that you did well in tournament. I am proud and happy that you met your goal of qualifying for the classic. Keep up the great work and go win that biaaaaatcccchhhhh.

  11. Brother from another mother. My passion for MX is now fishing as well.  I pull for you every tournament man.  Keep it up.  The only one that can live your dream is you.

  12. Congratulations Hunter! Absolutely awesome brotha! I think you’ve got this man! I don’t know what else to say but absolutely amazing! So happy for you & your family!

  13. Great video dude!! I already congratulated u on making the classic. I'm stoked for you! It was awesome watching you throughout the year. Keeping that grind going. Congrats man good luck at the classic. It's gonna be pretty nice now that Fletcher lives there. keep on grindin man!!

  14. Been following for awhile! By far my favorite angler. Great to see you made the cut! Always keep a sharpie on the boat in case I run into you at the fork!! Congrats!

  15. Awesome videos man, and congrats on qualifying for the 2020 Classic! My favorite part of all your videos is looking in the comments section to see you replying to as many people as possible. It shows just how much you appreciate your fans as well as how much your fans appreciate the hard work and dedication you put into your content. #HunterShryock 2020 Classic Champ & People's Champ!

  16. Been here a long time man! I couldn't be happier for you bud! My first classic was at guntersville and I plan on taking off work to go again next year. Now i am for sure going to go man! Got to get the fan club there for you!

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