100 thoughts on “$3.50 Fish Tacos Vs. $30 Fish Tacos

  1. Y'all should do worth it City Editions. Like one whole season or at least 3 episodes per season in a City you haven't been to. Start with Austin so I can see y'all…

  2. As a black man I totally agree that fried fish/seafood, is better than fried chicken, so many different fish out there that you could fry it in poop and the fish would still be mind blowing. Fried chicken only taste different with the seasonings used and stuff with fish it’s just better.

  3. Nice to see that some still cook with lard. Lard and tallow were the best things to cook with due to the flavor and the fact that they don't oxidize easily. Sadly, during the 'fat is bad for you' craze, all the fast food joints replaced it with crisco and canola oils which are highly inflammatory and oxidize quickly, thus creating cancerous carcinogens. LARD FACT!

  4. No.
    Fried chicken is the best.
    No matter what you say
    I eat way more than 15 pounds a year of fish. I just ate a whole cooked fishthis morning

  5. it’s funny how you called the scallop “ocean fruit” because in portuguese the way to say seafood translates to “fruit of the sea” haha

  6. Did Andrew make a Frasier reference with the horse doing math? If he did I now love him more than I did before.

  7. Steven, thumbs up for using the word "hyperbolic"; I now have a man crush. Andrew is significantly less condescending this season; he's such a nice dude and I never knew it. Steven must have cracked his rugged exterior.

  8. Fish could be much better than cicken (except sardines, its the best) ,but the negative of a fish (except sardines) pretty much just the sharp spine! Or atleast the spine is soft like sardines!

  9. *We gotta lower our fish consumption. (Or else there won’t be any left)

    Love your series since season 1! Best of Buzzfeed hands down.

  10. Why am i so fixed on this show, does anyone feel that these guys are so legit and just being normal makes me one two follow them on there aventures

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