91 thoughts on “3 PB’s in 15 Minutes! (Insane Underwater Trout Footage)

  1. LETS GOOO!!! Awesome video man! Have only caught rainbow through the ice at a private pond. One day gonna add to that species list.

  2. Awesome awesome awesome video Jay, love watching trout fishing in shallow water! So jealous. So uhhh I made my own "jaw jacker" a few years back.. I live in southern Ontario. Is it illegal?

  3. Those bells usually end up being projectiles with jawjackers. I did a how to video on attaching electronic alarms to them.

  4. Bhahhahahahaha Apparently you should have set the Jaw Jacker on the bottom! Going to have to try that one if I ever fish trout!

  5. LOL What did I tell you Jay? WHAT DID I TELL YOU!!!!
    I told you, "you had to get your butt back to footprint" on your last live stream and look what happens hahaha.
    Also funny, that same cabin was the one i stayed in 3 months ago LOL. That lake is equally awesome in a boat.
    Cool vid nice job bud 👍

  6. Get some of those foam floor Mats glue an extra layer 1” wide under a full one. Then cut a slot in it. Makes a good insulator to keep your hole from freezing. The Konrads donut in their winter vids.

  7. Sooo good guys! So good! I catch alot of stocked trout up in fairbanks but none are consistently that big. And we dont have brook or tigers. Char, land locked salmon, and rainbows . for sure gonna try and come fish Canada soon!

  8. Saved this masterpiece for last…..the best fishing youtube channel period! Where do you get your music from cuz it sets the tone!!!!!!!

  9. Nice job Jay! I live in Milwaukee 8 minutes from the lake. The second we get ice i'm going to be out there! let me know if you head this way i'd love to fish with you!

  10. Man I'm definitely going to that Lake now! I want to explore more new lakes in Manitoba to see what is all out there. Thanks for the amazing fishing entertainment Jay!

  11. Awesome video! I live in Wisconsin and I use autos all the time for great lakes trout and salmon. They work great for walleye too! I really like the fact that they not only set the hook but they also give an instant alert when you get a fish. I use the automatic fisherman which has an arm that clapps on the base. No need for bells.

  12. spe·cie



    money in the form of coins rather than notes.
    Singular of Species is… Species ☕🐸

  13. You guys are good at this! The fishing. The filming. 👍🏼👍🏼 You guys are Canadian. Why do you measure your fish in inches?

  14. hey jay great video! i recommend using "the snapper" same setup but made from automatic fisherman a lot easier to use and harder to false trip while setting up

  15. In Wyoming we can use 6 jawjackers on the North Platte river system reservoirs and they work, through the tip ups away.

  16. Right on, those be some big bows. I was just asking you last night, whens the next vid. BEHOLD! a video today 🙂 keep up the good work man.

  17. Haha… when I saw you messing with the tip up I was going to say you need a Jaw Jacker… then bam you read my mind ahead of time.

  18. You probably realized this already, but some days we slay the walleye with the jaw jacker just laying the minnows on the bottom. If you're missing them just increase the tension on the trigger a bit.

  19. Great video! Is it me or 80% of the surface of the shack is actually a hole? Seems risky! Your channel only gets better!

  20. I've been using a Jaw Jacker for 2 years bow for big Colorado trout. Those things are amazing and really awesome when fish with kids.

  21. Best ice fishing video I’ve seen in a while maybe ever 😃👍🏻 from the shots and transitions it was perfect I wasn’t board at all!!! I’ve always wanted to fish there and hopefully that will happen soon. My dream to fish with you hopefully will come a reality one day🤞

  22. Thanks for another killer video! Gotta ask: do you upsize the trebles on the dinner bell spoons? Just got some of the smallest size to slay some European fish. The trebles are micro sized 😀

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