6 Yellowtail Fishing Tips

6 Yellowtail Fishing Tips

Hey guys, we’re down here in the Florida Keys today and we’re going for yellowtail in these next couple of trips Last year, we did a lot of yellowtail fishing and we learned a lot of cool stuff So we wanted to take what we learned from last year implement it this year and have an even better time catching the yellowtail. We go out there head out You know first day down there I go grab some sand to mix in with my chum So we get a good little mix of oats, chum, and sand in my bucket, so it’s looking good We get to the spot and unfortunately the current is kicking it. It’s just blasting by I think it’s because the Gulf Stream was in really close. So the Gulf Stream, you know combined with the current And just the other conditions coming into play that that current was kicking it And you could see our chum just blasting like straight back. I don’t know It was probably like a mile before it got to bottom. Yeah, I don’t know exactly a mile, but it wasn’t getting to the fish No fish were coming up and it’s normally a good area. It’s funny we even tried diving it later in the week. And that current was ridiculous I mean with my scuba gear at the top, I couldn’t swim against it, you know the bottom it’s not so bad Yeah We went down the anchor line But coming up on the anchor line on the safety stop I actually turned to look through the side and it about like ripped my mask off So what do you do when the currents that bad? Well, if you go in shallower, the currents usually not so bad That’s what we did. We went from about 85 90 feet and we tried 50 feet some other spots I had on my report Dang he really was a ways back there And I dunno maybe something about that 50 foot water being in shallower you see more diversity We ended up catching somehow in houndfish or giant needle nose We caught a cero mackerel. My dad had a nice cero mackerel on See him? You got a net? Look at him he’s a big cero. Grab the net right there, right there! Coming up It a wonder all those fish didn’t get him I would drop a kind of a yellowtail setup, but I’ve put a weight on it. Kind of just a quick thing I would do is I just make a loop in the line slide it through a bank sinker. Nothing fancy You can quickly put it on and off And I will drop it down. I guess all the all the baby ones are down deep. Last year dropping it down help catch mangroves And when we dove this spot, we actually saw mangroves and shot some so they were down there Oftentimes I would also catch brunts and stuff like that and I didn’t do as good as the mangrove out there as when I did it in the deeper water last year But we still caught a few and it’s so good to vary where you put your line at in the water column just to see what’s down there You might look out and get a you know mutton kuvera, or grouper give yourself plenty of options and opportunities to catch good fish Like way back there So the next day we’re out there and we put our chum out good recipe and it’s working We actually have fish coming up not as quick is is you would think you know, it’s kind of one of the things but with these trips is The fish didn’t come up immediately typically. I’ve had trips where they do it before but a lot of times it took 20-30 minutes or so for the fish actually come up, you know, it makes you sit there and you doubt yourself and you’re like there just aren’t any fish here. Let’s move but you know, we were patient and then all sudden you would see those yellowtail They kind of come up to the boat and then they kind of disappear and they come back It’s kind of bouncing back and forth, I guess There we go, that’s a big one we’ve been waiting awhile to get these guys chummed up. That’s a fat on too. Here take care this There we go These #8 Gamakatsu hooks I struggled with that in the last video trying to say that name anyways, we’re using these #8 hooks and we actually use some #8 Mustad hooks on some of our other trips because at one point, you know, we ran out of those and like let’s grab some other. We grabbed some others thinking they would be the same and they’re not a A Mustad #8 hook is much smaller And you know, there’s so many different styles to0 but the style of Mustad we got which I’ll put in the description It was just really small and we had a terrible hook up ratio with that The Gamakatsu #8 was like an octopus kind of circle hook that did much better. We like that one I use a lot of Mustad hooks for other things, but those hooks for yellowtail did not work for me so I’m gonna stick with the Gamakatsu hooks We had some difficulty with our bait when we were yellowtail fishing staying on the hook sometimes that stuff gets real mushy and You know just not brine good so it tends to want to come off so This is like mush. Sometimes you might want to take, you know, like a some little bait fishy catch and cut them up while they’re fresh So the hook will stay in them better, you know Maybe some good cut bait or something like that or if you have live bait live baits a good option to we’ve got to use that on some of our fish and generally, you know, why bait will get eaten pretty quick. One of the days in that last day we were really catching some some better fish on live bait and they’re also getting mangroves and some yellowtail. Mangroves seemed to be a little deeper, but that live bait helps overall The trips are a lot of fun. We got some good yellowtail and we had fun and we learn more stuff We learned new areas, you know, we were forced to go to new areas, and we actually found some really nice looking spots So, you know what seems like a bad thing at first can sometimes lead to new areas and learning new stuff. So don’t let it get you down. Thanks for watching the video. We got more videos to come Subscribe for more updates follow us on facebook, Instagram, twitter and you can even subscribe on our website and find cool stuff Thanks for watching and we’ll see you next time

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  1. The Gulfstream is nowhere near the depth you were fishing. The Gulfstream is about 1500-2000’ depth. That just a normal high tide or low tide current.

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