Get the Brand-new Dennis Backpack now available at Dennis daily.com There we go. This is incredibly wow that is scary how my goodness look at that face eww Hey, everybody look another Roblox adventure today What are we doing today? We’re in an, we’re in an obby We’re in a roblox, obby, but not just any roblox, obby check this out. Well actually first off check this out What is that right there that that doesn’t look like any other normal face does it Kinda looks old? But like I remind you of a troll face doesn’t it well that is because we are playing the troll Obby, where you it’s not quite as it seems So I don’t know there’s The thing about this obby is that like I played a troll obby before and and you think that you’re just doing like a normal obby B-but Okay, well you know what there’s a great example right there You need to be very care what no how am I supposed to know what I fall? Did that that work, but I don’t oh yeah. Oh, you can kinda tell actually where the oh The color is so ever so slightly timely different. Just a little bit well anyways, so You’re going to want to do things on this, obby that you think are right? But you’re wrong because they’re always doing the office I don’t know how far they go with the trolling like right here this probably gonna probably Gonna know what those? Most completely normal, I’ll wait a second the red just doesn’t Mmm. Yeah okay, okay. That’s a that’s kind of a subtle troll You know is like people would just be trying to jump it, but in the end. It’s actually totally funny Just walk over it. You know nothing too infuriating there. Which is good why does Batman have a ray gun what it would? Okay, alright. I can’t even stand on that platform. What is this all about? What is whoa? Where am I supposed to go in here? What the whoop? Wait, oh Well hold on. It’s like like bit. What what just happened? This is the weirdest thing ever also let me turn down Roblox because every time I touch a checkpoint It pierce’s my ears there we go alright. What now I’m going to assume that I can just walk through the note Alright. There’s just an invisible path. Maybe this way No Well, how am I going to make it over there then oh, it’s on the right? Okay, very good. I suppose. I could have tested that with my camera. No it actually just goes right through what the Huh interesting so I have a feeling yeah, not all of those again up, okay? So we want to do the ones that are actually you you wouldn’t think what like maybe this one no, no? Wow, you know what this reminds me of is. You know how like an obvious they will have? Wait a second no no No, I’m really trying to do what I don’t want to do. I’m trying to do what I would have normally Specifically avoided then I just missed the normal jump okay this reminds me of an I Can’t I can’t do that jump now for some reason, wha? Good okay this reminds me of an when when and obviously have the guessing doors or like the guessing Platforms I feel like there’s going to be a lot of times in this ah beware I’m going to be running into stuff like that Oh, actually, here’s an idea What if I’m supposed? To walk on the ones that my camera goes through to say like that one is you know solid? That one’s solid oh never mind. They’re all solid how is this a troll done what the These ones solid these are all solid can I just Just keep walking Is that the troll is that you don’t have to okay again another another Subtle troll? But you can just hop on any of them. How is that really it’s not really like You know it’s not really unexpected. It’s just kind of I mean it is unexpected don’t get me wrong what is how is How is that a troll there? That was just a completely normal lobby what the oh? There’s the troll so you can’t even this is almost like a nice troll. It’s like They’re they’re being really nice to us. It’s like we don’t actually Usually you think that intro lobbies there? They’re trying to like mess you up But they’re actually just like like I fooled you you actually did it lose you’re doing great. You know okay? Here. We go So then we just slide into and then there’s you can see the troll face Did you guys see that as you as you? Oh wait actually one can I go down like this no? I can’t I like as you’re falling you can see the troll face looking at you, okay? We have to come up here then this is so okay. This is a troll right here infuriating okay. Come on Come on Yeah, oh This is the real troll here geez I just can’t make it up there come on Yeah, no we got this uh-uh I feel like I’m gonna be here for a while ah No, okay. Come on jump. No that’s then died down dead I died. Huh okay, how am I supposed to do this fun? I just go I go like sideways. Maybe I see a stand here if I can nope all right I did it I already did it like the first time And come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. That was close I think this is the strategy right here, though. Come on. Now. You can do it. You knew it dude Just a little bit more come on know what I don’t know how I’m gonna do this oh, I I Did it the first time super easy and now this this is like actually impossible? I’m having an extremely hard time I don’t know guys. I don’t know I think I’m stuck what like I know it’s not impossible If I didn’t get it, so easily the first time I would have actually probably thought that this was just impossible there we go Why did that work and now like did this checkpoint didn’t work either because look I’m on the checkpoint You can hear it over and over again here. Maybe I’m not supposed to slide okay? Well it still pushed me off come on And it still puts me down here even though okay hold on and now this is really good. Is it doing it again? It’s doing it again So the one that I have the most trouble with is the one that I’m going to have to redo the most great We can just it’s so infuriating because I’m so close No, this is just cruel come on go duh so close just Little no, it’s not happening. It’s just no, okay. You know. What nope nope. Nope. Nope nope Nope before I actually start raging I am skipping takes 40 robots to skip the stage Yeah, that is savage. You can see right there. That’s a little savage sight that’s incredibly savage How dare they I don’t even know what the troll is here? I don’t know how you’re supposed to get there like is the Is the slide supposed to somehow launch you all the way over here? Is there more invisible? Paths, I don’t think so I Don’t know I doubt that part with okay, so I’m not this isn’t a ladder what how what what I? Just jump around That almost worked might just do that Once I going through this side, how does this work? Hey? Okay, that didn’t work at a time though. Why is that? Why didn’t that work okay? What am I am? I not supposed to be able to do that? Yeah, I’m definitely not there’s definitely a wall there an invisible wall, and what am I supposed to do? Hey? You got to figure it out. You know slowly, but surely Just might be able to get it. Can I fit through anywhere here? Anywhere. Maybe if I’m jumping up and through it. I’ll go through somehow. Maybe no What am I supposed to do I fall down oh? So when you look down, you can see the oh So it’s an invisible path How do I get there though how do I get to that? Invisible path see like there it is I see that I think that’s where you’re supposed to go from the end bit there Because like whenever I look down Yeah, see it shows it shows right there I think he’s supposed to drop down from there, but what am I supposed to do from here this just doesn’t seem right? This seems awfully wrong yeah, nope see I like h I Really feels like I should be able to just jump around it. It’s like I’m supposed to go back and around or something so weird, but the thing is is from there That’s whenever I’m probably doing that path is once I make it to the end of this stage, but I don’t know how to make it to the end of this stage I have no idea. I don’t think I’ll ever know because it doesn’t make any sense What is this supposed to be red Green Red blue cool? What’s what do I do with that? What do I do with that information? I think I’m just gonna have to skip stage on this one guys is the whole like do they make you Want to skip the stage? Why? What is this? What the hey dude? Why am I why am I holding a chicken like this or a little a little chick, so a little Ninja’d chick Can I kind do we think I make it go wang? I mean, I guess it’s not really a duck is it okay, so I’m just supposed to drop down here. Yeah, there we go so like this Yeah Yeah, there. We go. This is incredibly wow that is scary how my goodness look at that face. Oh Yes, the largest forehead I’ve ever seen lee oh Man that is scary all right by troll man, and then we go over here Not yet. We want to make it to the octave there, okay there we go. Just like this Oh my goodness these faces, and then I need to do a jump. Oh Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. I jumped way too early great. So I I’m here Oh, I missed that as well these are Infuriating I why am I putting myself through this so I do this and then? There we go like this Disgusting creepy face and then I make it over here Scary there we go, okay? then whenever I reach the jump which would be Right here anymore Like that oh no, what how How large is my job? How large of a jump do they expect us to make if we can’t even see the obstacle come on? That is just too much that is too harsh and that I start done. Just visit where am I supposed to fall off right here? That no where do I fall off? Right here. I’m supposed to go back in like that. Okay there we go I would really like to get past this maybe I need to hold this little chicken there We go and then we make it to the Crossroad Okay, we’re still good Except for this stupid part right here. I don’t know what I’m like way, what am I supposed to do like this? so Okay, we made the jump. We made the jump guys. I think we’re still good, okay Hold on hold on these these corners man, okay? How close am I I’m kind of close? Slightly I’d really like to make it to the end of this aw be because it is very infuriating being a part of it Having doing this ah be just gives me anxiety and rage invisible ladder there We go actually is it even like slightly visible the path no It’s not okay, and now it’s doing those it’s doing the water thing again. I hate that. I hate it. I hate it I hate it so much There’s one thing that I absolutely despised About this auggie. It’s the the tops of these stupid ladders I can’t I just can’t get over how infuriating this is there we go. Oh my goodness Perfect, and now we can just coat the head Well is there going to be a troll yep there there it is hello as I should have expected that Wait a second does that mean there’s no way to get to the end to the fun bits That is so cruel It’s just that whole part there, isn’t it I can’t even do. Oh. Oh never mind. You can still make it Oh, we could even get the path blue path as a usual boob It’s not oh no the paths are broken that paths are broken what what am I supposed to do put on a dominus hat hey? How do I do this there we go? Yeah? That’s what I’m talking about right there speed 200 whoo? Yeah, well you know then this is whatever just here your classic typical RB ending with a little twist that it trolls You before you even want to get moving before you even managed to enter oh my goodness This is wow this speed okay too much do too much well anyways guys there you go I wonder if you ended up being as infuriated as I was that was I Was a stressful lobby oh my goodness, but anyways guys on that note I would like to thank you so much for joining me for another Roblox Adventure if you enjoyed please remember to leave the video a like maybe even Subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already don’t forget to check out sir meows a lot brand new Channel He posts his own videos now There’s a link in the description below to check that out show them some love and subscribe other than that though guys I will see you in the next one

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