A Simple Fly Rod Box With Hand Tools | A “How To Make” video

A Simple Fly Rod Box With Hand Tools | A “How To Make” video

welcome back is clean Phil wanted one thing that I do enjoy doing a lot is
fly-fishing gosh I probably have four or five five whites pretty much every
single one of them is broken I had learned a long time ago to always have a
backup rod this is his bag and this is all yeah this is pretty much all I ever
had but it’s in a st. Croix box bag it needs a better home than this to keep it
safe finally so we are going to try to make a box it’s not going to be the
prettiest box in the world but it’s gonna work and I hope if I make the
sizes right because we all know I’m not necessarily good at doing that I don’t
have a curfew plane to set a curve here and I could I started to mark it out
with a marking case but I’m going to try to do something I’ve not really done
before I’m going to make a kerf with an eighth inch blade on my stanley 45 that’s a good one that’s a good one
I’m gonna go ahead and do something that’s probably annoys everybody at this
point but I’m gonna antique this the same way I do with everything else or
vinegar steel wool mixture just because that’s what I do I should take the
hardware off because that stuff oxidizes I’m not gonna worry about it you may
worry about that if you want to take them off them off
it’s not gonna be a dramatic effect but a little bit of oxidation hurts most
metals this is still drying and two rods in here this is the tenkara rod I didn’t
know I couldn’t use in New Zealand when I brought it over and a st. Croix rod
which is not really a st. Croix but there you go we made a box to
protect really this guy yeah even though he doesn’t necessarily need it anymore
but he certainly deserves it Kraus pinned
with molding nails so that will hopefully never come apart we’ll find
out what’s up yeah probably put the semi gloss spray with the HVLP sprayer on
this leader I’m not going to worry about it right now this all needs to dry out
first this is nice that’s a winner I’m enjoying making boxes I think we’re
gonna make a few more for now subscribe like and comment
catch you later Cheers did you happen to take my coffee
I don’t think so well this one was on the counter I
thought I filled it up that was mine where’s the other one I need a desk oh
I’ll trade you okay sorry that’s okay I was just thought eyes done crazy sorry

20 thoughts on “A Simple Fly Rod Box With Hand Tools | A “How To Make” video

  1. that looks great! did you nail through on both sides of the mitres to strengthen that butt joint or just the one?

  2. I loved the extra scene at the end. I've been there. 🙂

    Why can you not use the one in New Zealand? I've been fishing since I was really young, but I don't know much about fly fishing. That said, a friend just got into it and I'd like to try it out sometime.

  3. Lovely box 🙂 Simple but stunning 🙂
    But before building more boxes – make a kerfing plane, a lot less cleanup after resawing 🙂 Trust me, it is worth its own weight in gold
    Keep up the good work!

  4. There's big money to be made for making bamboo fly rods $2k-6k. It's all in the jigs gentleman from China buy him up like candy

  5. No handle? Looks like it needs a handle. Do you mark your projects with any kind of 'maker's mark' or chop? Just curious. In the US, a hot metal stamp starts at about $60. Not going there yet. For now, I just stamp my initials on the wood with plain, all capital letters.

  6. Hello,

    Your contributions are very interesting.
    Also the kind … calm and well explained.

    I am always happy when there is something for me because I am a beginner.

    Many thanks

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