45 thoughts on “A Twitter Troll Tried To Frame Robert Mueller

  1. I haven't seen the video yet, but I have read the title, "A twitter troll tried to frame Robert Mueller."

    Off the top of my head? The troll is Trump. Time to go see if I'm right.

  2. When this is over and trump is in jail and the constant fear making lies are forgotten we'll have a nationwide party and the guests of honor, the heroes who caged the beast so it could be killed. I'm speaking of course of the comics. Colbert, Maher, Jeffries, Noah, Kimmel; and their antecedents Bierce, Twain, Rogers. Comics have always sat at the feet of kings, and more often than not, they got it right.

  3. Anyone who thinks women lie en mass about sexual assault need to pay attention to this. These women had financial incentive to lie and they didn't do it. These women were contacted by men who were okay with illegal and immoral behaviour (and thus these women had reason to be wary of them), and these women still didn't lie!

  4. Colbert's a Mockingbird and Mueller has thrown every terrorism investigation he has been on. I'm still paying off GO bonds for the SF Unified School District because Muller broke off the investigation of Sayeed Karimi and the murder of Kelly Nguyen Trinh as a favor to Willie Brown in exchange for Brown's support of Muller's Senate Confirmation. Does that make me a troll? Kelly's parents loved her very much and Mueller let her die without justice in a ditch in exchange for political favors.

  5. Have we all forgotten he conspired with the Russians right in front of our faces on TV. "RUSSIANS IF YOU ARE LISTENING I HOPE YOU CAN FIND THOSE MISSING EMAILS"

  6. So a mentally challenged kid was all that the gang that couldn't shoot straight could come up with.???? WOW Muller is basically the Reaper and this was all they could do.?

  7. Dear Editor,
    The draconian and brutal actions of Robert Muller's phony Russian Collusion investigation need to be investigated. It's obvious that Muller is running the clock down to use the statues of limitations on the crimes that Hillary Clinton, Obama and Muller, himself were involved in. Specifically Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation. After watching the tortuously slow actions of a compromised Republican majority to get to the bottom of this travesty, it seems that the only Judicial Watch is making progress to get to the truth as to the depth and scope of the DEEP STATE. Juditial Watch is helping Muller's victims to refuse to lie under threats of life imprisonment after Hillary was given several get out of jail free cards. Congress comes and goes but Judicial Watch's legal actions go all the way to the Supreme Court.

  8. Yes, the kid is an idiot, but the really funny part is that this is being presented by even bigger idiots that believe there is a Russia conspiracy and we are all being trolled by Russian bots. Did we ever uncover who these Russians are? Who theyv'e been speaking to?

  9. Actually Stephen, the vast majority of dumbfucks who believe Wohl's bullshit have never been high on anything but religiosity, ignorance, and possibly Oxy.

  10. The sad thing is Wohl’s antics are making him famous – and now the Late Show is helping! The left needs to learn that the best way to deal with ring-wing trolls is to ignore them

  11. Trump was necessary. He provoked a radiography of the society. (Involuntarily) Now I see America differently, the world differently. Now I know that democracy is fragile and we can lose it anytime. And I learned that the GOP has no respect for family values or for justice. Sadly, I couldn't imagine a situation where they accept to serve Russia. I'm astonished, but I still wait for Republicans to wake up. And I really miss a President able to spell a large word and to build a logic discourse (not a narcissistic "word salad").

  12. I came back to this story a year later (not just this clip) and the conclusion is that Mueller did not prosecute Wohl for conspiracy because like the Trump Clan he thought they were all too stupid to know they were taking part in a conspiracy.

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