A very cliche fishing video

A very cliche fishing video

Hey everybody, how’s it going? It’s C.J.! It’s been awhile since I made a video, so I feel bad about that, but life happens. I’m finally going to go fishing today, I have a couple things on the agenda, The first is, I’ve got an unboxing This company Plusinno has been hooking me up with some free stuff here and there. The just ask me that I use it. I don’t have to give you guys a biased review or anything But I thought you might be interested to see it. Alright Wow this thing is, this thing is armored in plastic. So, they sent me this little fly fishing net. It’s nice. I don’t have to, like, sell it to you or anything, That’s not what the deal was, they just want an Amazon review. So we’re not gonna really spend too much time talking about it. But the goal today is just to catch a fish and put it in this net so that I can take a picture and upload it to Amazon. Basically that’s the goal, I haven’t been fly fishing in a couple months so it’s going to be pretty hard I think. But yeah, let’s just do it! As you can clearly see, the river is frozen. But there’s a couple spots in here that we can probably fish. So I’m just going to do my best, I’m going to use little nymphs. under an indicator, of course. And just try some different patterns that people recommend for the winter. Nothing yet but there’s a really good spot over there that I haven’t tried yet. So let’s go do it now. (crashing and water swirling) The video . . . Sure looks like it’s going to, damn. (clicking) Wow, unbelievable. The camera still works, so that’s good news! It took me literally, It’s 1:00 AM now so I’ve been working at this for six hours And a lot of it was, A lot of it was blow drying I spent hours blow drying the camera. I took it apart more than once because I didn’t, do the job right the first time. I got all the water out of that camera. and cleaned it up and it’s working. Maybe it’s a little bit smudgier than it used to be There’s nothing I can do about that. Looking at it, it looks like it’s doing pretty good So we’ll see. (laughs) Needless to say, I didn’t really get to do the fishing that I wanted to do. Man I’m exhausted, I’m gonna sleep it off and try again tomorrow. See you then. Alright Finally got one. Hard work payed off. He’s doing good, he’s happy. He’s just a baby but that’s okay. Little rainbow. Doing good doing good Alright let’s release him, ready? You can do it See ya buddy! That was great! This was the first time that I’ve gone fly fishing since June or July I don’t remember. It’s cold as all hell my toes are very cold but it was successful, and I’m happy to catch one fish Like I said, I kind of just needed to do product placement for Amazon, part of the job. But yeah, we got the video that we wanted, I did dunk my camera in the river (laughs) so let’s talk about that a little bit. So obviously I was able to save this camera you’re watching it right now. It took a swim yesterday which is not what I expected to do. But the camera fell in the water it was completely my fault, I’m a moron I was over, I was over confident in my tripod. and I had the tripod out there sort of on the rocks and ice kind of thing. And just a gust of wind blew it over. So I learned my lesson I was very lucky to be able to save the camera Like I said, I spent maybe six, maybe eight hours cleaning it and drying it. I had to take the lens completely apart, I had to take the sensor out, because there was water on those glass pieces and if I would have just let that water dry, then there would have been kind of water stains. So I actually had to dry it, and then repolish those glass elements. So I was literally inside this lense and inside the camera, completely to the heart of the camera It was very scary, very nerve wracking but I was sort of confident in my abilities and I’m glad we got it done. And I’m glad that I came out and caught a fish. I realize that this is one of the most cliche fishing videos ever You see this type of video all over the place on YouTube, and the title is always like “I made a $2000 mistake” or whatever. And everybody drops their camera in the water that films fishing. I’m not going to make it a click bait title or anything. That’s just not how I roll. I’m also very proud of myself for being self reliant I guess, and fixing it all on my own, saving money there. So it was really a great experience to be honest. I learned a lot, Learned some lessons the hard way but it could have been worse Alright I’m not going to do too much more fly fishing this year because it is sort of miserable and most of the river is frozen. It’s hard to find places to fish. but it is ice fishing season now. and ice fishing season is great because I can just set the camera down and just sit, You know, you know how it goes. So that’s all, join me next time I’ll probably be ice fishing or doing something else. Thanks for watching, see ya later.

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  1. Good to see you upload something again. Glad you got the camera fixed. That could've been bad. You got a fish in the net. That was the point, eh? Booyah! Water stains on the inside of the lens of my cannon is what did it in when I flipped the kayak in 2017. It couldn't be broken down far enough to get to the inside lens to clean it unfortunately.

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