9 thoughts on “Abu Garcia Ambassador 5000C 1975 Excellent Condition

  1. Yours is a beauty. Not used much. I bought my dad one back in the mid 70's just like yours. He is late 80's now and he gave it back to me. In great shape but not perfect like yours. I love this reel. The rod mine is on is "heavy" conpared to modern ones. Lews speed stick Black. early to mid 70's. The brakes on mine seems to backlash too much, do you have any answers? Thank you so much and YES JESUS CHRIST IS THE ONLY NAME UNDER HEAVEN WHEREBY WE MUST BE SAVED!

  2. Iv got a black 6000 probably late 60s early 70 awesome real iv had it 24 years or so my first ambassadeur got it of a friends dad that's dead now still works great now if got mabe 10 or 15 amassadeurs few of them rockets

  3. Had that model with 2 spools I spool special for thin line ,& one for standard capacity .Also in box with leather case ,oil bottle with oil ,reel tool ,& plastic tube with spares in .The anti reverse pawl was not working .I bought the reel at a boot (trunk ) sale U.K. in otherwise mint condition for £40 bargain .I had the reel working properly in 20 mins after I got home .I sold the reel a few years ago ,as I mostly use 6500 CT caged reels with no level wind for beachcasting ,but it was an great sea bass reel for short up to 80 yard casts .Now that ABU ‘s are now made in China ,I regret selling the 5000 c ,Only have I 6500 size Swedish ABU Left ..Yours is a good clean example ,tight lines from the U.K.

  4. The knob next to the handle is the one used to center the spool evenly between the side plate, then use the one on the left side with the numbers to control the free spool drop and backlash. once the spool is centered you shouldn't have to ever touch it again unless after disassemble and cleaning

  5. Have a 1970 reel, replaced the shaft bearings with ceramic ones. Duel bearing idler gear, duel bearing worm gear and ceramic paw. Carbonex drag washers. I like it better than my new pro rocket, with full upgrades. It cast a mile, with less backlash than the newer reels. When upgraded a little, they outperform the newer ones and are stronger. + you have the cool factor! Oh, the original handles are bad! Way to small.

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