Adjusting Side and Down Imaging Sensitivity & Contrast with Chris Zaldain

Adjusting Side and Down Imaging Sensitivity & Contrast with Chris Zaldain

*music* You know whenever I’m looking for fish, looking for structure on my Side Imaging
or Down Imaging, you know, I’m always playing with sensitivity and contrast. Those are the
first two things I kind of mess with when I’m looking for hard targets, or soft targets,
or individual fish. So, out of the box my SOLIX 12 comes with sensitivity 10, contrast
10, works great. Phenomenal, choose a color palette and just go to work. There are times
tho where I go to a sediment-filled river or crystal clear deep water reservoir. Where
the two different waters are different densities and different sediment contents, so a lot
of times when I launch on Lake A, pull out and go to Lake B, I will kind of mess with
the sensitivity and contrast a little bit and basically what I like to do, basic rule
of thumb whether it’s a SOLIX or a HELIX unit, I grab the sensitivity and back it off just
a hair. A 9 or an 8 from the factory 10, and I’ll bump the contrast up maybe one or two
clicks. And basically, essentially what I’m looking for, whether it be grass or rock or
docks or whatever I’m looking at, when I see that real hard contrast, I like that pink
and yellow color palette, when I see that pink and red to that hard yellow, when I see
that color contrast that tells me that’s a hard return, whether it be a stalk of grass
or a stick in the water, or a log, or a stump or a rock. Those contrasting colors tells
me a it’s a hard return. So i’ll constantly play with it, go one or two clicks at a time,
depending on the body of water I fish. So again, out of the box it’s great at 10 and
10, but I will play with it one, two, three clicks depending on the body of water I’m
fishing. You know, if you’re not getting the picture you want, let’s say you go overboard
on sensitivity and contrast and you want to go back to square one, it’s simple. Just restore
the defaults and you’re right back to ten and ten and everything’s back to normal, right
out of the package, right out of the box and you’re good to go, so again, keep in mind
it depends on the body of water, the depth you’re fishing, the type of fishery it is,
so, just take it one click at a time.

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  1. is there any difference in the Mega Side Imaging between Solix and Helix? Or same technology, just one touch screen?

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