100 thoughts on “African Rebel HORRIFIES gamers with their REAL LOCATION

  1. BRUH HES USING FUCKING IP TRACKER, oh god as a guy who owns a botnet and knows how to server doxx this makes me absolutely dead🤣🤣🤣🤣 what else did this skid use grabify sksksksksksksksks, it even better, LANC, 😅😅😅🤯☠️ I’m dead

  2. Hey bro, someone is claiming that i am a pedo on instagram and he won’t let me! Can you find out his adress and scare him a lil bit? I want this so bad

  3. If one says they're from Claremont… I assume it's often fallowed with a…
    "Where is that???"

    So they'd tell em' it's near LA… Likely fallowed by a…
    "Whay didn't you just say that???"

    So…it's LA…

  4. I wander how many people ran to the windows and shut the curtains lol probably peeped out of the corners aswel 😂🤣😂🤣

  5. I don't know if anyone will ever respond to this. But I was recently scammed on xbox for my account and I've been trying to get it back. After filing reports and making calls I haven't heard anything back yet fromanyone. But I was wondering if anyone knows what software hes using for this or if anyone knows how to find info like this . I just want to scare the guy for scamming me . If anyone can help me please email me [email protected] . Can someone share this to the man.

  6. I like it when whiteboys are so tough on the internet or on game but when confronted, they got scared really easily lol.

  7. Does he not realize how much money he could make off this channel. Not saying that is the only reason he should return but with almost 1.3 million subs and millions of views on each video he uploaded he must have a great reason to not come back….maybe they won’t let him monetize his videos? Idk but I want more of this, funny to watch

  8. Bro upload your content to Howdoo when it launches Jan 2020. The worlds about to change for the better for all content creator's.

  9. мне кажется что русский чел бы его просто на стрелу позвал и еще на х!й послал хах

  10. There's no better african drug lord/rebel than VirtuallyVain .. that new guy doing the african rebel gigs is whack .. his accent isn't even half as good as VV. SMH..

  11. just discovered the channel subscribed notifications turned on. Had me🤣🤣🤣… you are brilliant my friend. Keep up the good work….

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