“American Angler”  Ken Cook at Lake Comedero Mexico

“American Angler” Ken Cook at Lake Comedero Mexico

[music] The world of American Angler you’re up with the sun with a fish on your line your days just begun the world of American Angler On lakes and on streams Now you are living the good live catch the one of your dreams Hi I am Pat Traynor and welcome to the American Angler
if you like to bass fish don’t touch that dial what you’re about to see is as
good as bass fishing gets guarantee this week were the guests of Ron Speed at his
lodge on Lake Comedero the Lake is located about two hours north a beautiful
Mazatlan my guest this week or none other than the Master Classic Champion
himself Mr. Ken Cook and his lovely wife Tammy what you’re about to see is the
truth and nothing but the truth so help me the fish God’s heavy tackle big fish
and a lot of them. Grab a chair hang on we’ll be right back from beautiful lake
Comedero. [music] [music] well I’m gonna have to apologize our
camera crew got rained out yesterday But Ken, Tammy and I didn’t we caught a
lot of fish but we’re going to catch a lot of them for you today to hang on! [music] [rain falling] It’s raining… again! You notice it is raining again. yeah! I did. Laughter] rain should help these fish in this clear water. It da. Normally it cuts down light penetration give them a little bit of a visual. advantage more like shade to bass. Bass like shade
so this kind of like shade to them usually we catch them shallower AAAW! oh man he about kerked the rod out of my hand! really in the last little bit you noticed got they really
got short striking us lately we have had a low move in here. obviously! the pressure Change as far as the low pressure is concerned what should that
make these fish do Ken? It really ot to make them come up and bite. it’s
typical with this rain and all the low-pressure it pulls fish off the
bottom and they’ll normally go to the food shelf which kind of what we’re
trying to find these shallower, flatter banks it’s like typography is dominated by
deep deep shore We have been having our best luck on the points and banks
with a shelves That sloped out fairly flat and then drop off into deeper water. uh-huh and as those are food shelves and that’s
what is this rain and this low pressure should hold fish [Casting] on the point real
good but they don’t have to bite all day long I mean you know there can be times during
the day when a high percentage of the population is not as aggressive as there
is at other times. That’s why The best advice to someone learning to fish is to go early and stay late Sometime during the day they’ll bite really good most days [Laughter] nothing works all the time in fishing. Ken to you think your education as a fisheries biologist has
helped you a lot here in your tournaments? no. no? [Laughter] Well.. [Laughter] oh yeah. what do you think has? [Laughter] just luck just pure luck. just pure luck!..just pure luck. just fish a lot. no anything you can
learn certainly have a unique opportunity as a fisheries biologist to
study bass and and their co-warts and the environment and the things they eat and
how they relate to the environmental factors and most of the competition on
the tournament trail has taken some opportunities to study the bass in some
ways but the unique opportunity that I had helped me certainly to understand
bass in the way they.. interact in their environment did anybody think this year Ken that.. well that hurricane would come up through there that you might not have a classic I am sure somebody worried about it [Laughter] AAAW! he hit right at the boat! Talk about jerk the rod out of your hand! [Splash] [Splashing] Well not.. I do not know, I suppose we could have
a shorted Classic. we di have a shorten practice I only had one day of practice instead of the scheduled two but.. That’s a prtty fish it had pretty colors on it [cast] There’s One! OH! there’s one he has got me in about a thousand bushes that’s a gooden too. Boy that is a good one Good fish! [splashing] He about beat me They are all 5 pounders today they really are! When you get bit it’s a monster! I am glad we are using 20 pound test. he is in a bush again you don’t mind if I keep fishing while you unhook that.. no not really [splash] That way I get my nickels
worth. Boy that is a nice fish! OW! Man! woo! that is a tank! man oh man he is wide look at this wide as my hand There may not be as many
as there was yesterday but they are sure better quality Big nice bass we caught 3 gillion three
pounds off the bank yesterday we did not catch a single one that big How about that one right there? what about this one? oh! i missed it. Dad gum! this is not real.. real big thou we almost had a double there but I will get him before you get he landed See there! he came right back and got it didn’t he Oh that’s another good one a jumper [splashing] [Splash] [Splashing] that’s a four-pounder hello! I wonder if there’s another back there. oah! Boy it hurts
when I do that [splash] SFX they just get plum hateful about it
don’t they. [Laughter] man he bite my spinner bait [hook set] not very big but it’s a bass boy even the little ones are strong Boy when you get to be 10 pounds
you’re gonna be more than somebody can handle. [splash] that last one I caught.. what’s
give these fish such a hateful attitude [Laughter] probably a hook in their lip [laughter] Lookie there! just hit the water. I think we just found a wad of them there [heavy breathing and reeling] He is bond and determined to go down isn’t he. He is a twin to that last one! [Splash] get him out for there Tambo you got him [Laughter] She got him! oh that’s a gooden there’s boarding house full of them
in there, isn’t there? They are all coming out of the same spot I’ll take it you sure i got my nose probably
couple more right in there [Splash] [Splashing] there is probably a couple more right in there. [setting the hook] uh-huh uh-huh you didn’t get it ah! galee!!! you are right at the boat! [Laughter] he came out of there and A…ttacted it! you can go back [Splashing] You can’t let them go back down in the bush [Splashing] another 4 pounder [Splash] [Splashing] come here you. Ouch! aah! You just can’t I can’t think of anymore
adjectives to think how nest this is. [Splash] [mucis] it’s gonna be hard leave The American Angler returns in a moment [Music] [Laughter] ooooh! Gee’s Get him up Cook! get him up, get him up. he is down in the bush fish look what a nice one. look how he ate that Bait! [Splash] He got the whole thing didn’t he he took the whole thing but the Blade now [Splash] they do that when you slow rolling
almost mm! That’s the third cast but I caught another one already. [Laughter] it’s smaller he is just showing off Boy that is a nice.. you just can’t say enough about how
pretty those fish.. are, Gee! unbelievable yeah we changed areas it took two,
second cast and I catch one. {hook set] AW man! there’s another one I will hold your place He’s not real big [Splash] [Laughter] But he is real gone thou he is real gone! [Laughter] that will teach you to hot dog for the camera. well I was trying to get him up were he could show out a little bit. make a star out of him Galee!!! did you see him hit that! There’s another good one. A toad! fish too. Man! I can’t get him to come up. There he comes another five pounder [Splashing] These fish have growth on this bank sense yesterday [splashing] Ah! They just come out of nowhere out here and hit that thing yeah! Gaaa! boy that is a tank Like it! ]Hook set] oooh! here we go Oh! high jump jump up there! [Splash] [small laugh] that quite as big this is a nice fish your turn Tammy. I might have to start taking them off with my other hand [Laughter] that might be one out there. [Splash] not a bad fish. oh just a little old 3 pounder average fish [lot of splashing] just a real nice bass one of the things you notice when we are jerking these fish in the boat we are not letting them hit the carpet because we are releasing all these fish. That’s important if a fish hits the carpet it wipes the slime off of his body and decreases odds for
surviving hum mm that’s that’s important handle those fish gently because that’s the future of fishing were ever you are fishing mm! Fsih! there’s a fish yeah oh they are shout! [Splash] oh that’s a good fish they are all good some just better than others [splash] [big splashing] Alright! he ate it right there were you can see him splash didn’t have 4 foot of line out and he nailed that one Maybe 4 and a half what you see is what he had. what you got. look how fat this sucker is I have done lost the back end of my trailer These fish will eat them off Fat fish [splash] He was setting right on top of one of them bushes. and just.. up there and… in the bush
right there [hook set!] There’s a real! a real one and good one too. a real good one Man! A for real one. another 5 pounder! Boy that is a good one Yeah! Gosh are these fish shout! OH! [Splash] Alright! MMM! That is a good sign of catch and release.
it’s been catch before. Yeah it’s been caught and released before There hasn’t been many people here. Pretty nice bass not many people here before but somebody
caught that one before Maybe we caught it yesterday as a matter of fact. well they’ve been fishing it’s like Ron
said for the last…. [hook set] Hun! Boy! that didn’t did long to recapture that deal again did it. is that fish or a bush? that’s a fish! but he had.. had two or three bushes between me and him he had to go vist Thank you very much Boy I am getting good at that quick release. I’ll say! [Laughter] Ther he comes! Oh Whoa! look at the size of that..She is so fat she can’t get out of the water. Man, there are some growing fish on this point Aw I will get this one [Splash] don’t get off. I really don’t mind That’s terrible, if I don’t mind if this 5, 6 pounder gets off here because I will catch another one like you said ooh! Man [Laughter] They are something that’s criminal Boy she was barely hooked. she could have got off man That’s what you call.. in fishery Biologist terms..a quality fish! A quality.. [Laughter] in anybodies terms watch she will jump again [Laughter] You got to like this! Fishing doesn’t get a whole lot better than this. I have never seen it better than this at least..I have not I have never experienced even this good for this size this many 4 and 5 pound fish I don’t believe there’s any place
anywhere you can beat it. I have not experienced it hope to someday maybe this place is liable to be that.. something special in a long time well in a couple a more years It could be This plus 8, 9 pounders to go with them and that is one of the things today that is not here is the ten-pounders But.. give them a couple of more years and with this isolated as this lake is as far as it is
back from civilization it won’t get the man pressure that even the
net pressure the other pressure things that cause the populations to get
out of balance i’m often said the best thing this time and fishing is
the time between you know you’ve got a bite and when you see how big it is! Yeah! [Laughter] that’s shot of adrenaline right there is that what it’s about that’s a pretty good shot of adrenaline see the swirl or.. feel the trump on the jig or worm or something and before you know it’s a
10-pounder or.. there’s a little guy [Splash] that ain’t a little guy well he’s not quite as little as I
thought aw it is amazing he’s got this rod bowed up a little [Splash] Alright! t show-off their sweetheart cut up like a show dog [Splas] ooh! How’s the thumb? I do not have a Thumb! [Laughter[] I’am using the other fingers now.I being very gentle with this thumb it’ll never be the same i don’t think
and I don’t care Comedero purple hearts. Yeah! Comedero
purple hearts. we should get a meda. All we will do is piant a spinner blade
it’s not just my thumb it’s my whole hand. Both thumbs. more fun is coming up, so you stay tuned [music stinger] It seams to have changed a little bit from yesterday yeah but that’s one thing about a spinner bait you can you can find them with it if you just.. I’ve been doing that
all along kind of changing up to retrieve sometimes we’re burning that
real fast in the water here and sometimes you just kind of a loaf it a
long and i caught fish both ways [hookste and splash] That fish right there just.. made my line just like it did If you were flipping a jig, just poped it bye bye [hook set] [splash] there’s one! Galll!!!! this is a horse now! This is a big fish! and he has got me.. me tied up. he has got you bushes big time. yeah hang on to him We will try and get in there and get’em out of there he is ten from there! he is ten foot from there! [Laughter] He is ten foot from were your line goes into the bush There he is right there. there he comes back up Oh! big bass He has got me wraped. he is going around it Oh! there he comes. Lookie here! [Splash] [Laughter] Boy he crashed on that bait didn’t he. oh! he just exploded on it!. Alright! my hand are so sore. look at the size of that fish It toke about five casts to get that one to come up. Oh! Tammy has a big one. [Laughter and excitement ] ALRIGHT!! What a fish! Thant fish is 7 pounds or better. Whoa! Who wee! look at that. Hold on to him Tam! Help her Ken. [excitement] Look at the size of that fish! Ga-lee! just bring him around here I will get him. [Splash] [Splash] [splashing] YES!! Alright! [Laughter and excitement] watch your thrumb he going to eat your Thrumb that’s the size
of the fish were here yesterday right there Hey Hey! all right. Comedero fishing mine is bigger! Yeah it is Aw I got you! [Laughter] what about mine? [Laugherter] Is this something else or what? Huh. [laughter] this is great! it pulled you around the back side of the point man! That’s not to bad that will work Whooo! he didn’t wreck your spinner bait real bad. [Laughter] I think that may be the biggest fish you ever caught Tammy Lou I do not what to tell any of your secrets but.. that fish is well over 6 [Laughter] hurry up! [Music]

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