Americans Eat KOREAN PENIS FISH & LIVE OCTOPUS | Seoul Street Food Market South Korea

Americans Eat KOREAN PENIS FISH & LIVE OCTOPUS | Seoul Street Food Market South Korea

We have octopus that is still squirming and then it’s been topped with sliced penis fish. Penis fish. Penis fish. Ok. OMG. It’s like…… It’s a squirter. What’s up, guys? Welcome back to Vagabrothers. Right now we are in the GwangJang Market in Seoul, South Korea, and it’s dinner time. It’s a traditional street food market, and we’re going to be trying everything from the delicious to the disgusting. So let’s get into it. I’m hungry. I don’t know what to get. We’re going to be meeting up with the girls from “DoStuff” who are locals here, and they’re going to show us exactly what to eat. Hi VagaBuddies and internet fans. I’m Soo Zee. I’m Leigh. What are we getting into tonight? What is on the menu? I think we’re going to start with one of my favorite street foods ever Honestly, the smells that are just taking over my nostrils right now…are so different…never smelled anything like it, but it smells good. My stomach is rumbling, and I’m ready to eat. First time you pay money. First you pay money, dude. Oh, I see. Sorry, sorry. Duh! I got that. He’s speaking English. I know. I’m sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. We’re going to learn how to pour some rice wine. We always hold with two hands first. Also the receiver, also two hands. Ok. Everyone holds two hands. It’s very polite. Sometimes you can do this or this, but never go like this. You do the first one, and I will….[laughter] You’re like a child holding a cup My cup is empty. We’re having an impromptu drinking lesson, a crash course in Korean culture Kombe Look at me. I’m speaking Korean. Wine is good. Oh gnarly It’s carbonated. It’s carbonated. It’s thick. Thanks for the wine. Bye. I hope they have some noodles… you know, like Korean BBQ Pork, regular piece of pork. Alex is such a drama queen. When it comes to eating food, Alex is always like…. but there is some stuff here that will push anyone’s boundaries. Marko is brave with tastebuds. I’ll give you that, Bro, honestly. You are a brave eater. Right here we have Beongdegi, which is fermented silk worm larvae. This lady’s just got it right there boiling in a big vat. I have a cup. It’s full of insect larvae, and here we go…my first big bite. It’s really not that bad. Insects aren’t really that bad. If you get past the creepy, crawly bit, although, I’m not going to lie. When I took that bite, the left side of my face kind of just went numb. What was the name of that movie from the 90s? Starship Troopers. I don’t know if you remember Starship Troopers, but that one big ol’ bug who came out and slurped that guy’s brain. That’s what this is. These are the baby ones. It’s not that bad. Interesting thing,though back in the day, you guys have seen the Marco Polo series on Netflix? Silk worms, super protected technology in China from the silk road, and now here we are eating them. Next on our dinner menu tonight is chicken feet, pig feet, and fermented shrimp and fish. Yummy. This is pig’s ear. This is lung. This is liver. Sometimes they give you heart. I think that’s heart down there. We’re going to be going first on pig trotters, as in pig’s feet. I’m sure the flavor is going to be like pork, but it does look fairly intimidating. I’m kind of speechless This is a lot of food that a lot of people probably wouldn’t want to eat, and we have all of them at one time. Let’s do it. It’s like a corn on the cob except it’s just a pig on a foot. When foreigners see food like this in Korea, what are some of the most common misconceptions? Misconceptions? People actually eat all of these, right? People do eat all of these. Yeah, true. When you’re in America, usually the only time you ever have chicken, it’s a breast, or fish, it’s fillet. Here when you order fish, they give you the whole fish. That’s how it is in a lot of other parts of the world. I feel we’ve been conditioned to think that meat doesn’t come from parts. Meat comes in plastic wrapper from the supermarket. Exactly. A lot of this food actually has to be warm, and it’s not a street food. Now, every time I see a chicken running around with its gnarly claw, I know exactly what it tastes like. Wow. Have you eaten that before? No. Never. It’s the first time you’ve eaten it? You going to try it? No. No. You are? yeah. Good luck. Ready? Ready. OMG. It’s alive. Those are the penis fish. Ladies, I’ve got a cultural question. What is the deal? Why does it have to be alive? Why is it called a penis fish? Why is it still squirming? It’s supposed to be for stamina. You mean for male virility? Male virility. The penis fish or the octopus? The octopus. They’re both squirming together right now. Both, yeah. We have eaten fermented rotten shark. We’ve eaten fermented herring in Sweden. We’ve eaten lamb’s face in Iceland. This to me is the least appealing, most intimidating dish I think we’ve ever seen. I’m not going to lie to you, this fish’s name is not nearly as exciting in Korean. What does it mean? Which means what? The original, factual name of it is because it looks like dog’s penis. A dog penis. A dog dick. It does. OMG Now that you say it, it totally looks like a dog dick. We’re in Seoul, Korea. We’re eating live octopus and penis fish. Welcome to Vagabrothers. Not that bad. The fact that it’s still squirming on the plate. It’s a huge turn- off. Let’s be real. I’d much prefer the octopus to be squirming than the penis fish. If the penis fish were squirming around, I’d be like [say] “Leave that thing alone.” This is like a sea urchin, right? You want to do a sea urchin? Let’s just say like this: when she pulled the penis out of the aquarium and she squeezed on the end, it squirted. It gave a little hello. You just lost your penis. It’s slippery. Slippery when wet. Here we go. 3-2-1. Penis in the mouth. Pretty good. I’d order this again. Before you tell how good it is, let me tell you how bad it is. You might see that we have a bit of a dynamic here. It is so chewy and slimy on top of squirming octopus or look at it inside the shashimi. What is that? Salmon. Oh. Salmon. Thank god. Kombe All the way down the hatch? Yep. Kombe We just filmed a K Pop challenge with the boys from We Fancy, and right now they’re going to show us Korean BBQ done properly. Let’s go. So hungry.

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  1. So happy to see Suzie and Lee out there doing so many awesome things!😄😄😄 Great collab with you guys👍🏻

  2. Daaaaaamn.The cinematography and the colors look amazing! Your production quality in your Korea series is so amazing!

    Not that your past ones weren't good, I do love them too!

  3. I'm Korean, but I am not that fan of the penis fish though lol
    Oh btw we call it Gaebul which means Dog's penis.

  4. This isn't worst than cutting off alive fish and frying it in the frying pan. Seriously guys chopping off the Octopus legs and serving you fresh is not something that is bad because its like sashimi. I don't know why Americans think this is a bizarre food… I know you guys eat something in trend like Insects and rotten sharks and cheese with maggots I have seen it, Those are more worst than any Korean food in the world as well as these countries like in China, Vietnam, Taipei and Japan… Korea has only few and UK eats blood puddings like Koreans do but we basically use that for soup serving….You AMERICANS have so many misconception about South Korea…… The way you think of us as weird, we think of you as weird too…Also, International Olympic Committee you want to mock Korea with lots of misconception that Koreans 1 out of 5 do plastic Surgery and guys put make ups you guys are fucking idiots…. These days you can't talk about that shit because guys in other countries do put make ups.. Japan also do make ups even more than Korean guys do… Stop with the misconception if you don't know shit about Korea..But I love those who comes to Korea and gives the right information out.

  5. dunno about you but watching the crawling octopuses on the plate was doing something to my skin, can't describe it but I felt it from here. yikes! I'll eat anything but if it's alive, nah I'm good!

  6. Nothing annoys me more than someone who makes obnoxious faces or mimicking of vomiting before trying a food. If you can't maturely try others' cuisine then don't try it at all. The guy in the gray plaid scarf is ignorant and obnoxious. No one is making you try the food. Next time you enter someone else's country, have some respect and don't be so judgmental. You call yourself adventurous yet act like a wimp.

  7. You should have eaten Kalguksu for dinner in Gwangjang market, those foods in the video are also good but it's too 'unique' dishes for dinner, they're just for 'anju' which is snack for alcohol, not a main dishes, in Korean's opinion.

  8. OMG i was just thinking how cool it would be if you ran into wefancy and you actually ran into them! Love this series so far!

  9. What they didn’t show was the explosion of guts from the “penis fish” that happens when you cut it open 🤢but if that’s your thing all power to you. More penis fish for you lol 😉

  10. Although the name of the food is live octopus, it's not actually alive. If you think chopped legs are alive than I think you have IQ of a fish.

  11. mum: What ya watching- U WATCHING PORN!?
    me: no mum. Stop. I’m watching 2 men eating a fishes Dic- ok yeah continue what you were saying…

  12. I totally not gonna eat all these weird and disgusting food… But its their culture.. I'll just have to respect it even though i dont eat it😂

  13. U.S. FDA urges removal of Korean seafood products. 

    Korean food not the cleanest. Please, take care of yourself!!

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