Angler auf Schatzsuche 2

Angler auf Schatzsuche 2

What happened here? A treasure map! And it leads directly to Sidney’s super silly fiesta three But before we begin our treasure hunt we have to warmp up OK that should be enough Ok guys, we arrived at the math-forest and now I’ll climb this tree to get a better view This seems familiar Wait. Haven’t we done this joke before? So. Our next obstacle is the wormhole that brings us into another dimension Where did I end up here? Well, it’s not that bad. I think I could get used to it Wakeshimuwababababiwu- Attack Oh god. But I haven’t done anything to you If you take another look Maybe i should return Ok. Next obstacle Ok. Our next obstacle is the lake But… I can’t find it here I have no idea guys Can you find it somewhere here? Because I don’t see it. Guys, can you find the lake? Ok, we finally found our last obstacle: The lake and this is the final obstacle before Sidney’s Super Silly Fiesta 3 And yeah, there’s no way around it: we have to get straight through the lake A small step… for me but a giant leap to Sidney’s Super Silly Fiesta 3 ok guys I’m almost there Oh god. I finally made it! And why didn’t you just go around it? It’s time for Sidney’s Super Silly Fiesta 3 Ok, we finally arrived at the Sidney’s house for Sidney’s Super Silly Fiesta 3 and we’re going to ring Sidney’s Super Silly Fiesta 3? More like Sidneys Super Silly Siesta 2

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  1. Habe mir dieses Oskarreife Kunstwerk gerade mit einem solchen Atomrausch angeschaut da muss ich echt kontern bald… 0.25 beste Stelle. Ps. Größter Fan

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