ANGRIEST FISHING EVER | Hand Simulator w/ Bob & Wade

ANGRIEST FISHING EVER | Hand Simulator w/ Bob & Wade

W:OOHH hey! Hey there! B: H-Hey buddy! B: Hey how’s it going? M: Okay, I’m glad you guys are having so much fun there. HA. HA. HEE. HO. W: Oh hey, there’s-there’s Mark. M: Hang on, I’m here… M: Hello, who- who’s that over there? Is that to the right? B: That’s me. That’s me. that’s me to the right. W:That ‘s Bob M: Hellooooooo, W: I’m to your left. M: Helloooooo B: I’m gonna give you a Casey Neistat wave B: This is how he waves to people?! *Words turn to laughter* *Everyone laughs* M: Helloooooo… B: Alright so what are we d- What are we doing here? W: So first we have to press this red button… B: OK W: …And then, it starts the map W: So now we have to open this box, get a grenade out, and throw it at each other M: Alright, easy peasy! B: Oh god W: nrg.. No where are you going, W-where? WHYYY is r- hand that way! M: You know shouting about your own failures is maybe entertaining for some people but for professional gamers like me we don’t care. W:*gibberish* M: No! Its t- What are you talkin’ about? ME? W: That’s all you’ve done for 6 years– M: Noooooooooo! M: I shout about my successes M: And my successes are that I’m gonna blow your ass away B: I- I- Having never played this game before I feel like I’m at a distinct disadvantage M: *laughs* Don’t worry, It’s really… *fades into more laughter* M: Oh you can left click– There goes my frames again! It’s two frames! M: Oh- It’s back, nevermind W: Why- Why’re you having issues? M: It’s two frames!! Aahh! I’ve turned to jello!! Hang on! M: Wait- What the- What?? *wade yelling* W: Oh no, it didn’t go very far M: You actually threw it- Uh *explosion, scream from wade* W- whaaa??? *Mark and Bob laugh* M: I got two frames! Two fra- Two f- Two- Two frames! W: I like how my stats are pretty bad but like Marks, 0 wins, 0 kills, 2 deaths M: Oh please, you have 18 deaths! W: I do- M: You can’t exactly the proportionality is– M: ooouuuyyuooouyouuo W: Hey, 14 of my deaths are *unintelligible* B: Oh no! I c- Fucking close the thing!- God- B: I hate all of you M: what, you hate all- What did I do to you?? M: I’m just tryna play a nice friendly game of grenade! *Bob in background* I… hate… all of you M: Hang on– I’m about.. I’m about to blast your ass from here to Timbuktu B: Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah… M: Right… quickly… FRAMES! FRAMES!! M: Frames! Frames! FrAames! Frames! FRAAAMEZ! B: Is there a more convenient way to raise the *unintelligable* M: FRAAMES! W: One of Mark’s arms is just gone.. *laughter* *Mark yelling frames aggressively* M: There we go, I’m back now.. apparently M: I don’t know why that happens B: uh- u- uh- hang on- W: Mark, where is your left arm?? M: Don’t worry about it, it’s right in front of me M: You don’t need to worry about where my arm is, worry about where your arm is. W: I’m dead M: Yeah, I know, see? Maybe you should- shoulda worried about where your arm was W: I- M: sTuPiD B: Can I not pull the pin once I pick this up? I don’t understand M: You gatta put yer finger in the pin M: FRAMES! frames! FRaAaHaAmES! *laughter* FRAMES!! M: K. We’re back- FFRRAAMMEESS!!! M: Hang on- Wait- No- It’s fine. M: FRAMES- uhuhh- Frames! WHY? FRAME-RATE! M: WHY FRAME-RATE? WHY FRAME-RATE GO BAD? M: WHY DO I HAVE NO FRAMES?? WHAT IS THIS SHIT? *Bob and Wade laughing* M: Oookay M: Well I guess I win! M: Why do I have no frames?! M: Are you tellin’ me they didn’t optimize this game to be high quality- W: Does this look like the kind of game that they would optimize?? M: YESS!!!! I played this game before and it was perfectly fine! M: It’s only when I join YOU assholes!! W: It’s perfectly fine for me!! M: It’s not fine for me! M: Hang on im gonna- Ima restart the game I’m gettin outta here! Screw you guys! Screw each and every one of you guys All of you at the same time Screw You B: Wh- How do we restart the- How do we play it again? W: I do it M *mocking*: Ohhhh Wade does it Oh, okaay. W: Well I hosted the server what do you think– M: Ohh Wade does it Oh, okaay. W: Hey how are your frames? M: They’re better now! I’m- I restarted the game and it’s definitely better W: You don’t wanna yell “FRAMES! FrAaAMeS!” for 10 more minutes? M: What’s wrong with me- m- I’m telling you guys of a problem and you guys- you guys should be like more understanding W: Hey! You didn’t care about my issues! So I don’t care about yours M: I don’t care about your issues! W: I don’t care about yOuRs! M: Well you ShOuLD! W: No I shouldn’t! You having issues is better for me! M: No it’s not I’m pu- It- du- Obviously not! I had a ton of issues and you still died! M: So who- *burps* -‘s fault is this? Did we start? I’m pushin my button. Alright. Get ready Cause you guys Are donezo. By the way I know you guys were concerned but the frames are- BAD- BAD- FRAMES fa- frames! WHYY?? Why- This is not fair! *Bob laughing* M: This is very clearly not fair! M: Why are you guys ruining my frames?! W: Bob and I decided to get together, earlier, and, take away your frames. M: hhah god dammit M: G- I can’t- I can’t– I cAnT- I can’t. I can’t, I can’t. M: Maybe it’s the multistream. Maybe m- maybe- maybe watching the multistream is causing this– Ima turn off the multistream, ima go back in the game It’s still crappy– AAH! NOoOoO! hOw DiD tHaT- bUT i- but! I didn’t even pull the pin! M: But I didn’t pull the pin! whoa W: Where’d bob go? M: Bob? *explosion* M: Well. W: Bob’s muted by the way. I don’t’ know if you know that. B0:Hello B: Hello W&M: Hello M: I- I- I need to- I’ll be right back M: Hang on, I’m turning the graphics quality to very low *Sad piano music plays* W: Did you hear about that guy who had bad frame issues? What a loser B: What an iDiOt M: Ok I’ve got good frames right now but I have a feeling that’s gonna stop *W&B Laughing* W: We’ll find out, I’m sure we’ll hear about it if you do M: Yea Whatever man. I feel like I should be able to share with my friends… The problems that I’m having and you guys are just like nnnnnnnnnnnnnn M: Fr- Oh right when I go for trying to put the pin in… M: It frame drops, everything’s fine until I try to pull the- I pulled the pin M: Hang on wait, I gotta throw it, throw it, throw it M: LET GO M: LEEETTT GGGGOOOOO M&B laugh *Mark’s horror of realizing that he didn’t record the game immediately sets in* M: I didn’t even show the game. I didn’t even show the game to people. I didn’t even show the game. *Wade laughs* *Bob laughs while saying* He, didn’t, even, have, the game, on, screen M: I’m such a bad let’s player, I’m so bad, I’m so bad, I’m just the worst M: I can’t do anything right. I c-, why don’t’ I get any frames hang on I’m looking it up, hang on I’m looking it up. Good bye game, I’m looking it up. Help M: please, somebody help. M: Ok there’s two fixes, I’m gonna do this real quick and then we are gonna play a real good game in heren M: and I’m gonna beat you guys, right? W: Bob you’re muted again, I don’t’ know if you meant to be. B growls: NO *W&M laugh* B: I haven’t- I haven’t done anything yet. *M&W still laughing* B: So I don’t know.. B: What you’re so worked up about Mark M: It’s just funny man, I’m just laughing man, laughing M: HA HA HA HA B: That’s *unintellgible* W: *screaming* OH NO, NOT AGA-HA-hain! *Bob laughs* B: I’m just over here trying to jam it in the hole and Wade’s killing himself for me, I appreciate that W: I’m a master of the pin. But a failure of the throw M: Yea, yea, yea ,yea,yea M: I can’t even get any, get any frames… W: Just FRAMES, FRAMES m: oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ok, alright, ok, alright, ok, alright, ok W: Mark’s master of the FRAMES M: alright, ok, you know what… W: Know what? M: I don’t know man. M: Wait, wait, we’ve got a fix, a start a new one. B: Hang on, I gonna get the pin out! M: Start a new one W: As Soon as Bob lets me I’ll restart it. M: Cut him off. Cut him Off. Start a new one M: Once Bob gets in here. I got another idea. Ok now B: Hello M: Ok now restart it. Apparently that fixes it. W: done M: Ok and now apparently this should be all good. So I should be good to go here. M: Alright, smooth so far, smooth sailing W: I’m ready M: Smooth sailing so far. Oh yea, this is smooth as butter. This is smooth M: Nnaahhhh, goddamn it. There goes my frames. OH W: What happening M: THROW IT! THROW IT! THROW IT! THROW IT! THROW IT! M: Oh W: I DID IT M: oh, goodbye guys W: See ya dude W: How’s your frames *Bob laughs* *Mark laughs* B: How’s your frames you f#$&ing dick *Mark laughs harder* B: You know how my f*%&ing frames are you f$*@ing dick M: You know Wade I*wade tries to interrupt* feel like at some point, at some points we used to be friends… M: who cared about each other and who supported each other when we’re low M: And had problems and know I feel like you are just smacking me when I’m down. W: Oh, bro M: wha, don’t bro me W: Dude, bro. M: what, what, what W: man it’s- B: man, are you dude bro-ing him right now. W: Dude no, bro M: Alright, I’m watching you. My frames are good now. M: I don’t know why. Now that I’m not playing M: Yea Wade, for me your left hand just isn’t, your whole left arm is gone B: I feel like my pin is not… My pin does not want to do the thing M: I found like shaking the grenade around, the pin just naturally falls out. W: Oh damn it. that was my secret W: I wasn’t gonna tell you guys. I just grab the grenade, shake it like crazy till the pin falls out then I just launch it. Like that B: OH FUCK *W&M laugh* B: Nailed it *More Laughing* M: Yea, pretty good, pretty good, pretty good M: I’m already dead, *pausing to contemplate whether he wants to say Wade or not* BOB! M: You don’t need to blow my ass up anymore. W: I read online that blowing Mark up once he’s dead will fix his frames M: No, I’ve got even worse frames B: This is really not a good game to play for the first time on stream *Mark laughs* B: Ok, got it W: Why is this… B: Let me get this into a throwing position W: *Says “shut up” in Wadese* B: And then violently shake it, and then… W: yes B: HUH M: Wow B: Where did it go? Where’d it go M: Well it didn’t go near B: Oh NO *everyone laughs* M: you guys are gonna go down. My frames are good W: We’re gonna go down just like your frames. M: No I think it’s you shaking your grenade, I think that’s what’s doing it M: Cause I kept getting low frames everytime someone was shaking your grenade W: You got low frames before I even got a grenade M: No, no, are you shaking? W: No, I don’t have a grenade yet M: yo, did you grab a grenade? W: No I don’t have a grenade M: See that’s the problem, you cant’ grab a grenade. My frames. My frames *Wade laughs and mutter incomprehensibly* M: MY FRAMES! M: Oh the pin’s out! Go! I choose you grenade!!! M: I choose you! I CHOOSE YOU! (GRENADE uses BLOW UP on MARKIPLIER!) M: Duh W: are you gotta be kidding me? *Bob swears alot* W: YES YES YES M: wait, wait how’d you kill me? M: How’d you kill me? W: I threw a grenade at you, you dumb shit M: No, you, you, you… M: You sabotaged my game B:I- I- I can’t make my grenades throw to save my goddamn life M: I can’t make frames to save My damn life M: Maybe it’s just the gren- no it was the surgery one too M: I don’t know what’s going on. I have perfectly fine fram- right now everyone wave their arms as hard as you can W: Heeyyy *Bob makes cartoonish noises* M: I’ve got great frames, great frames, great frames all day, great frames, all day great frames baby Mark: great frames, great frames, great frames, great frames, W: grape frames, okay, very good- very good- that’s good M: great frames, great frames, M: Grape frames. *Mark groans* M: Everytime you grab a grenade!!! *wade laughs M: It’s a god damn- it’s YOU M: It’s you!!! Everytime you grab the grenade, everytime I… W: Oh NO M: Oh I hope you dye *Wade scream* B: Oh god WHAT M: Ah, oh, oh, oh, look a the guys with no frames M: Look a the good winning guy with no frames B: Seriously, how do you throw anything W: that’s cause you can’t grab anything B: I don’t understand M: I GRABBED, I have a grenade, I have- oh, shit M: I can’t make it frames. B: I can’t, Oh No OnE cAreS M: EVERYONE CARES M: I can’t, why’s my button, why’s my lid op- what? My lids already open B: Oh wow wow, Marks fucking cheating. hang on W: Yea I agree M: My lid, my lid is very open *Bob talks indecipherable* W: No frames hack B: cheating M: Ok, I just gotta get the grenade, I just gotta get a grenade out before the frames get bad M: Come on I can’t, oh the one time my lid is open I can’t grab a fucking grenade before you assholes… M: GOD, THERE GOES MY FRAMEZ! *Mark utters randomly while Bob and Wade laugh* M: Duh my god, where’s it going? Not far enough. *Wade continues laughing* B: Oh *explosion* M: Imma lose, Imma lose my mind. Imma gonna lose my fucking mind M: Where is hand simulator headquarters? M: Cause I wanna have a word with the developers of this game M: because I need to have a conversation with them B: Mark, Mark, Mark M: WHAT B: We should try a different map, ok. M: NO sh- alright fine let’s do, yea M: Yes, I agree M: That is a sound argument B: NOOO W: I got it, let’s go fishing. M: let’s go fishing, that sounds great W: Nice calm fishing M; That sounds peaceful B: Oh sweet jesus M: Oh, what is this? B: God, jeez, fuck M: What iS tHIs? W: Hey I see you Bob B: Hi W:where’s Mark M: I’m right here, I can’t even grab my pole, I’m here B: I see you Mark, he’s behind you, he’s behind you M: I’m behind you W: Oh, I can’t face him, oh hand on, hand on, hand on, we’re gonna restarts, we’re gonna restart W: Fix it for Mark B: Right, right, right. That’ll fix it, that’ll fix it M: it’s just a nice relaxing fishing adventure B: Oh fuck, do you have to bait the hook? W: You sure do. B: everything is- oh no, oh boy, M: What if I can’t grab my pole? It just rolled off my lap M: What I can’t reach my pole M: It rolled off my lap W: Just keep on going, you’re good M: Guys I di- din- No I can’t reach it, it’s not reachable B: You’ll get it, you’ll get it. Relax M: No I’m not gonna reach it. Hong on, o wait here we go, here we go W: Yea you’re good, man, you’re good M: This doesn’t make any sense. Guys you don’t understand it not grabbing it. W: Oh yea M: Wait don’t oh yea me M: It’s not grabbing it B: You’ll get it, you’ll get it, just keep doing it M: It’s not, I’m clipping right through the thing… It just went further M: It just went further, how did… W: You’ll get it. M: No I’m not gonna get it, it’s not getting it. B: it’s not, you’re not doing it right M: I’m doing it exactly right, I’m going B: Keep trying it, keep trying it M: I AM TRYING IT M: I am trying it. It’s not going. There’s no way M: I can’t It’s not physically grabbing it. M: It’s too far. W: Oh GOD OH GOD W: Ok guys we gotta restart I lost my pole M: No What Oh- you lost your pole. *meanwhile Bob laughs* M: Oh we have to restart because you lost your pole W: A yea the boat ate my pole. I didn’t just drop it M: NO I- B: Yea I think out of fairness Mark- I think we should restart M: I DIDN’T DROP MY POL- *Bob and Wade laugh* M: Thank you, thank you, ya know what I’m gonna assume you did this for me. M: cause my pole was clear- got it. Ok, I got it. M: My pole is- B: Don’t loss the pole bud M: I would never B: Wade was having real trouble with that last time M: No, I don’t lose poles W: Out of fairness, if we lose our poles, we should probably restart M: No, No, No, No, cause of what I had to endure. If you lose a pole it’s your own dumb fault M: THAT YOU’RE DUMB W: Maybe if you wanted to make the rules you should have hosted the server M: I Would have, I probably would have had good frames W: B-but with your frames I don’t wanna risk Bob and I have some bad quality. *Mark sighs* B: That’s true, that’s true W: Just trying to think of the greater good hear M: Why did we agree to do this? This whole thing, this whole day. M: This whole streaming thing, Why’d we agree? M: Everything was perfectly fine in my life W: …My frames are good M: Why am I dabbing? M: Why does the hand drift? It should be staying still. M: Right, that’s a logical thing? W: Yea, my hand drifts too, I don’t- why does only two of the fingies work M: Got a fucking thing. Whatever this is W: this is a larva? B: Did you really get a bait? What the fuck, how? M: yes I got a bait- NO, no, no, no, no, no, no, please M: Don’t wanna drop my pole B: How do you grab the fucking thing?! M: No, no, no, no B: ♪no, no, no, no♪ B: ♪no no no♪ M: don’t make fun of me M: Don’t make fun of me M: No. no, no, no, M: No. NO, it’s on the precipice of DESTRUCTION W: I don’t know how you bait , how do you bait? M: Oh I dropped a larva W: How do you master this? *Bob laughs* M: gu, gu M: guys… B; You having some kind of trouble Mark? M: My camera just locked into place M: I can’t move my head anymore W: Oh wait… B: Why is my arm drifting?! W: We have a rando, we have a rando M: I know we have a rando- (A wild Rando appears!) R: Oh shish! Wait is that Mark? M: Oh fuck off B: All my fucking progress I made, Noooo W: Now it’s up, I’m in M: I’m in. B: It’s surgery you fucker! B: What? W: You didn’t change yours M: What what? W: You’ll have to change it on your end *groan* M: All right B: Fucking damn it W: Hey don’t you blame me for your guys frames M: I- my frames are fine now M: They got all better. M: THEY WENT TO FRAME HOSPITAL TO GET SOME FRAME MEDICINE W: Drugz?!?! M: Oh W: Drugs? W: Frame drugs? B: Who is that? I see Mark to my left, where’s Wade? W: Wait, Wade W: I’m to your far left M: Wade for my frames, restart the game B: Oh no fishing pole! B: I lost my fishing pole, restart the gam-ok
W: alright M: Ok, I got an idea
W: Oh wait I see… M: No, what the hell? M: No x5 M: Ah Wade, my frames are still bad. Can you give it a little good old restart? W: Ah, not for frames, I think, I think… M: My- Wade come on. Don’t you want everyone to have a good experience? M: Just please give it a really good ol’ resdardt?!?! W: All right. Last one though M: Ok *Mark laughs*
B: God damn it M: It was my frames. My frames were so bad. I just couldn’t… M: Couldn’t do that W: Give me your worms W: That sounds weird M: No it doesn’t B: Give me your worms M: That’s perfectly normal W: I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, M: I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, no I can’t, M: I just can’t do it guys W: Yea know what? Ya know with that mockery, whenever you start to make progress… W: I can see you, if I see you starting to make progress I’m restarting M: Oh yea whatever. Yea know what. I’m never gonna make progress, jokes on you M: stupid, *phew*, idiot. What were you thinking? M: DuMmY M: It’s just- Why- It’s like these bait, they just don’t grab M; there’s no grabbing them. they, they, they’re impossible B: Is it physically possible to grab these fucking things? I don’t understand W: Why is the hook stuck on my oar? W: Why’s the hook stuck on my oar? M: Why- I don’t care why, I don’t care why frankly. I don’t where… R: Hi guys, it’s me again! M: OH FUCK OFF! *rando nonsense* M: OH GO AWAY NO ONE CARES W: All right we’re leaving *Mark groans* M: Good God W: how? W: Is this game like hacked? Cause how’d they get in there? B: Probably M: Oh I don’t know W: All right well that was cool, do you guys wanna play a different game? M: NO! I WANNA CATCH A FISH M: I’M GONNA CATCH A FISH M: And we’re gonna, and I have, that’s a game I have good frames M: Alright, just cause, every time I grab for a bait… M: I grab for a bait my frame drops. If I get it, and I cast it, I’ll be good. Lets try it again B: Mark left the name out, says my chat
M: It’ll be fine M: I showed the name? I did show the name. I did show the name. that was me M: That was me, I showed the name completely. M: That was me, that was all on me. M: And I take full responsibility for that M; But listen, when I showed that name, I did it, I did it in full confidence that I could trust my fan base M: Turns out that my fan base is full of… M: A BUNCHA DOUCHEBAGS. W: Alright so let’s try not showing the secret game name. *Mark laughs* M: Wait is there a new name? W: YES W: Would you like to say it out loud for you? M: Yes B: No, Wade, I think we need to restart for Marks frames M: Wait I’m not even in, hang on. *Bob laughs* M: I just got in. B: Marks fishing pole is clipping through the boat M: Is it? B: YES M: Not on my end M: Maybe your is loser W: Oh I can’t see Mark B: I think we need to restart for the frames * evryone muttering in agreement* M; All right B: Restart for his frames W: Frames M: Restart for my frames specifically W: Frames got it. M: That didn’t count as me calling for restart for my frames W: Alright mark can’t call for another restart M: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no B: Bob called a restart and, and, and his frames were very bad, I kmow W: Well I wasn’t going to restart for Bob yet but you said I needed to restart M: No, no, no, no, no, M: I- I- I didn’t say that M; You, you’re a liar W: Oh, well too bad the liar is the host W: Cause I think Mark already used up B: ah I need to restart for my frames M: That’s his framesX3 W: Alright now that both restart are done M: No x10. No he called for his frames M: And he called for my frames M: I can still call for your frames, for Bobs frames *Bob shouts* M: and my own frames still B: God fucking fuck. W: I need to restart for my frames *Mark laughs* B: goddamn it B: Seriously though. Is there some kind of trick to like grabbing a bait? B: Cause I’m literally just tossing them around M: I can not figure it out for the life of me W: Me either, I don’t know how- half my fingers don’t work M: Woh! I got locked in head mode again M: I don’t know how it happened. W: Shift gets you out of it. M: No I’m doing that, no I’m going that. W; Click the middle mouse button and it goes to head mode M: No, I know, I didn’t do it. I was grabbing a bait and suddenly I’m in head mode M: And if I click middle mouse button… W: You messed up M: I didn’t’, Can I call a restart for my frames… B: God no, not like this M: Ok, wait, no hang on, I’ll figure it out M: I’ll figure W: Ok we need to restart frames. Mark, you asked for it. B: Oh no *Mark laughs* B: Man if you don’t get the fishing pole you’re fucking, you’re fully boned M: That’s what I keep saying W: Oh shit on a shitter fuckers I got one M: Shit on a shitter. B: Please don’t talk to me like that W: Oh, oh Daddy Papa I’ve got something- NO, MY POLE! *Mark laughs* B: No more frame restarts. No more frame restarts. M: Ok W: Fine, fine M: Ok W: I got it. I got my pole. I managed to recover my pole W: WHY IS MY ARM GOING THROUGH MY BODY!?!! W: WHY THE FUCK!??! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING B: I feel better about what’s happening in my life M: Yea I’m pretty good, I’m I’m- OH M: OH, guess who got bait on his hook *Wade screams in agony in the background* M: Oh god B: No, no, no B: Oh no, oh no, W: Alright ah, frames M: yes x5 M: No restarting for frames, No restarting for frames! M: No frames are fine W: No I gotta restart for frames M: Frames are fine. B: Oh Fuck M: Frames are fine W: I lost my frames, I lost my pole M; FRAMES ARE FINE M: I’VE NEVER HAD BETTER FRAMES M: I’VE NEVER HAD BETTER FRAMES m: fRAMES ARE THE BEST THEY’VE EVER BEEN B: I swear to god I just can’t- fuck it M: Such good frames B: Every time I get it into a position where I can grab it- B: It flies away W: Mark your bait is gone M; No it’s not it’s there. What No. M: Where’d I go? x4 M: I have no frames. Frames are bad. Where’s my? where did it go? M: Everything’s bad? You got it buddy! M: Where’s it- What do you mean? WHAT?! *Dramatic music plays* M: NNOOOOOOO W: Alright everyone heard Mark say his frames were bad M: NOOOOO *Bob laughs* B: You asshole M: NOOOO NNNOOOOO M: NNNNOOOOOOOOO M:NNOOOO W: First of all you’d already lost your bait W: It was not on your hook M; No, it was fine, it was there W: Both of your arms were gone M: Don’t trust your screen of what my situation is W: You called for frames M: I- W: Just wanted to help you as quickly as possible… M: I DID NOT. M: YOU. BETRAYED ME! M: I was fine. I was so happy B: Wow, what the fuck? B: I got that thing that happened to Mark where my head got locked again M: Yea it happened to me too. I think M: I think Wade’s doing something B: I can’t do anything. I think Wade’s cheating M: Yea I can’t do anything either W: Oh wait B: I can’t move W: Mine just did that too M: Yea I think this game is broken W: Alright let’s call for a restart for frames B: Oh god *Mark laughs* M: It’s just- It’s when people grab too aggressively in the bait jar for some reason I think M: Like for some reason… W: you can’t bait too aggressively inthis boat M: You gotta bait real tenderly -like M: I just gotta, ooh B: Oh Mark M: Oh x3 *Bob laughs* M: I’ve got it. W: Yes! M: Got it M; It’s – it’s in the water B: No, Mark, your bait fell off M: No it did not. No, it did not. B: It did. It did I saw it M; I saw it B; I watched it M: I saw- It’s still there. It’s still there B: Ok, it’s just- I can’t see the bait on my end then. B: Cause you have a naked hook on my end M: I’ve got it. It’s good. It’s fine. Don’t restart W: Oh I’m not. I’ve got a bait, on a hook… B: I hate all of you W: We’re just gonna calm the fuck down everybody M: I’m calm M: I’m calm W: Stay calm W: Stay fucking calm,. M: I am calm W: stay fucking calm! M: I’m calm W: Yes B: You’re cum? W: come on, come on, come on, M: I’m cum. I’m cum M: I’m cum B: You’re cum? W; Oh- bite that shit, god damn it B: Wade, ah, what you do in your bedroom is really none of our business B: Ok, calm down M: Oh, yea, bite that shit M: Oh bite it off M: Oh yea get it, swallow it whole W: Bite that shit while I bait M: oh frame M: oh yea frames W: The bobber, I think, goes completely under. Mine’s bouncing right now, mine’s
bouncen B: naaahhh M: Mine’s bouncing. Mine’s bouncing. Mine’s bouncing. M: Mine;s bounc- oh Fish: o hai goodbye lol M: Oh, oh, wait M: NNOOOOOOOO!!! It was there!!! I saw the fish!! M: NNNOOOOOOOOOOO W: It stole my bait!! It stole my bait!!!! W: Fuck everything!!!! M: OOOHHHHHHH W: Fuck you! Fuck this, pole! Goddammit M:OOHHHHHH *Bob laugh* W: Fuck you pole!! W: Fuck everything B: That was the worst throw ever *Wade growls* W: Alright Bob… B: I think I feel- ha *Mark and Bob laugh* B: I think I feel better about my position in all of that M: Hang on, it’s like, it’s fine M: It’s- listen, Bob. You were doing real good M: Ah, restart for frames. *Mark laughs* B: Oh for god- M: Oh god if you- W: Alright I’ve got one baited M: If you explode your bait… M: It just locks you in this position of being in looky mode B: Oh, are you locked again? M: yup M: I am so locked W: Fuck it, alright fine M: Frames?? I dropped my- M: Is that a- B: NNOOOOOO! God damn you!! *Mark laughs* M: Yes I- *inserted applause M: Good job Wade, good call, good call, good call M: When you need frames, you frame it up. W: I never said the word frames M: oh, Wade frames, Wade frames please. M: Wade frames please. Frames please M; Frames please W: Oh my god B: No, no, no B: No, no fishing pole calm down, well M: Frames M: Ok that’s the last frames W: Oh ok o you can call it five times in a row B: God fu- B: would you just fucking W: five time in a row B: I hate you. Frames *Mark laughs* B: Frames, I get frames. If Mark Gets Frames I Get Frames B: *Gasp* Oh! Oh! It’s Gone! B: NO, EVERYONE SHUT UP, I’M THINKING *Marks laughs* B: Ha W: Is this frames? M: no no B: No no, DON’T you FUCKING DARE! *Wade laughs* B: I Will- NOOOOOOOOO B: It’s fine B; Everything’s fine W: was that frames? M: No, no frame call! M: Who’s calling for frames?! M: Who’s doing it? Nobody W: Oh frames, frames~ M: No no no frames! M: No frames B: No No No No M: Don’t you dare W: Oh no I got head locked W: Frames XD B: No No No M: don’t frames, don’t frames no M&B: No W: Frames! M: Don’t! M: Frames W: FRAAMEZ! M: No! B: No W: Frames! B: You assholes made me watch! You Assholes Made Me Watch! M: My bait! (almost cries) M: I’m fine. No frames, no frames, no frames W: FRAMES M: NO DON’T FRAMES W: That’s two people yelling frames. Bob frames. M: I was yelling mames B: NO M: I was yelling splames W: I broke it M: So? B: No one cares! B: It’s your own fault W: I’m the server host so I care. I have powers B: God made you this way *mark laughs* M: I have become one with this bait M: It is entered my han- and it’s fallin out B: Come on, W: Is that- Is that- is that frames? B: NO M: No B: I will destroy your entire family *Mark uses baby talk* M: Mr pole, who wants a delicious… W: come here M: maggot B: come here and be friends W: Frames B: NO God M: No don’t do it! W: I’ve not gotten a frames yet! M: No you- B: You guys made me watch for like five minutes! W: It’s been five minutes M: yea well, B: No it has not M: Yea well SHUDDAP W: Frames M: No no B: God fuck it M: No it’s pirouetting. It’s pirouetting! M: the bait is pirouetting! M: How’s it doing that!? B: I can’t tickle it anymore W: Because it’s a frames M: NO it’s not a frames! M: It’s going in glorious 60FPS M: It’s no frames M: it’s – I don’t M: No it’s – W: No frames! Mark said no frames M: I have plenty of frames M: I need frames *laughs* B: No, nooo- W: Bob that’s’ two votes frames *Bob laugh* M: Noooo B: Alright fine *mark groans* B: fine W: Alright frames M: Oh W: I’ve got frames M: Bait has been achieved *Bob mutters vigorously with anger* W: You ok Bob B: No No No no no no B: you stay over here M: you’ve become an old southern man in your age *In a gruff southern accent* B: Come on bait, come on ou worm fuckers… B: Just a please a come on… B: No not like this baby… listen B: She didn’t mean anything… B: Ugh it’s always been about you *Wade laughs* B: Come on please… M: I’m not sure I li- B: I don’t wanna divorce… B: nah ple- what about the children?… B: A come on we can work it out. We can go to couples therapy… W: Bob are you ok? B: It’s fine… B: it’s fine… M: I have bait on rod *suddenly not southern, just crazy* B: all the voice, all the voices M: I have achieved rod bait B: In your head- everything’s fine… M: Ok it’s in the water, it’s in the water *back to normal I think* B: I Hate This. I Hate This! B: how are you guys doing? M: I almost- I need utter concentration M: I don’t care about your divorce proceeding W: Frames? M: No, no frames B: did he say frames? M: No one said anything about frames M: Please just let me have this one. M: I got I gOt – I GOT A FISH *victory soundeffects* M: I GOT A FISH B: No M: I GOT A FISH! I caught a fish B: Holy fuck M: It’s it- do I have to grab it? Do I have to grab it? W: Yes W: You’ve got to get the fish off the hook M: Oh God No! M: Ok ok I got- *Music swells* M: My hand, my hand is in. Oh it’s too far B: oh no M: No, no, no, no, no, no OHHHHH *W&B laugh* M: JUST LET ME HAVE THIS ONE. IT’S A BIG BOY *Bob laughing* M: It’s such a big boy W; get it M: It’s such a big boy. I’m gonna get it M: I’m gonna get it M: I’m going for the grab M: hu, I almost had it that time *B&W laughing* M: Ho, come on. Peak a boo M: Peak a boo. Peak a boo. Peak a boo. M: ok catch it on the SWING M: OHH come on M: Give me you. YES! I have it M: What do I do with it!?!? W: alright, frames, frames M: I have it. What do I do?! M: what do I do with it?! Do I put it in my box? M: How do I get it off the hook? W: I don’t know, I’ve never made it that far. B: You should definitely let go of your pole M: Ok I’m gonna- *Super Mario World level complete jingle plays* *Mark screams* W: Mark got it. B: God damn it W: Mark got a fish *Bob snickers* W: I was so close to restarting it M: If you would have restarted I would have flown to Cincinnati to slap you M: I would have flown. I would have done it M: My whole chats just like restart M: Oh, oh my god W: Well we never had to play this game again, now do we? *outro fades in* M: NO B: Yea are we done with this now M: Yea M: Yea I think we’re done W: thank god *♪outro♪* (Subscribe to caption authors!)

100 thoughts on “ANGRIEST FISHING EVER | Hand Simulator w/ Bob & Wade

  1. Wade snuck into Marks room and poured his whole glass of water all over Mark’s pc, causing his frames. Just like he spilt his beer all over Marks keyboard in that one episode of drunk minecraft.

  2. Total jerk move that kid did. A fan don't need to interrupt marks gaming and recordings especially twice. Noob move

  3. 1. the kid isn't a jerk he just wanted to play with his favorite youtube
    2. mark isn't a jerk for saying fuck off

    3. just enjoy the video and leave this topic behind you fucks

  4. I feel bad that the kid couldn't talk2 Mark but dude, its a private server and wasn't invited. The fist time I understand he got excited and was random but the second was just rude, he clearly didn't want him there because of the private recording session. What Mark did was perfectly fine.

    Btw LOOOOOOVVEE your content Markimoo <3

  5. My opinion: Mark had a right to be upset but he could have worded it better. Both sides need to take each other’s feelings into consideration.

  6. bob: "i have never played this before so i feel like i am at a disadvantage."
    don't worrry bob. if playing against "idiots" like mark and wade who don't know how to effectively use a grenade in this game, that is actually an advantage since they will likely kill themselves.

  7. It was understandable that mark yelled @ the kid, the kid joined the server on accident then he joined a 2nd time but on purpose, and it was a private server

  8. The first time the kid joined, it was an accident, which is fine. But the fact he joined a private server is just rude. I wonder how the kid felt though

  9. People are debating about how mark reacted to the kid, yall are a bunch of morons. Two words: game chat. The dumb kid didn't even hear him.

  10. Oh my god. I swear people use children as an excuse for anything.
    Mark was frustrated at that time and he swears a lot. I'm pretty sure it was just instinct. Also, if Mark was in a calmer state like Bob or Wade, I'm certain he would've been more polite. Besides, the kid couldn't even hear them because they are in a proper call while the kid used the game chat. Mark is smart enough to know that the kid couldn't even hear them.
    This kid is young, yes, but he sounds old enough to know not to go into a private server.
    Stop making a big deal and act as if Mark needs to be nice all the time. He's a human who gets annoyed. Deal with it instead of defending a child who you are making up shitty excuses for.
    STFU and click off instead of watching this video if it annoys you THAT much.

  11. Mark: Shows name on the stream to everyone
    Little kid: Joins the server and is too younge to really even have braincells to know that what he's doing aint cool
    Mark: Still at fault for showing the name then curses and says fuck off to a little kid twice when the kid with no braincells to really think for himself starts saying subscribe
    Comments: Ehm Mark… like we love you but bit harsh when you showed the name and you cursed out a little kid? still love you though
    Comments: …. Calm down

  12. Who else watched this video at a volume which one would watch a Jacksepticeye video?

    I friggin love you guys :3

  13. Honestly, Mark, Bob and Wade's reactions to the kid joining the server were understandable. It was supposed to be a private server between friends, and some rando joining said server not just once, but TWICE, is kind of a dick move.

  14. random kid joins game
    mark,wade, and bob have left the chat.
    restarts game
    kid joins
    Dont be this kid. It is supposed to be a private chat dont ruin marks respect and trust in his fans

  15. That's right, Mark. You're a professional gentalman who never raises his voice or bitches about wierd game controls. You remind me of Ben Stien, and that's what I like about you.~

  16. 188 frames
    Sure, Mark could have been nicer about it, but honestly, the kid rejoined a private server after being told to leave. That was pretty disrespectful. I would have reacted the same way.

  17. If you're going to do a private recording session then maybe don't give out your password to the public so others can join? Seriously just change the password occasionally and you wouldn't have a problem. Or choose a different time to play the game later. Yeah, kid got what he was asking for the second time he joined but at the same time I think he was just a really big fan and wanted to say hi, but didn't realize his actions

  18. Kinda bs that someone joined and was a fan of Mark and somehow he told them to F off kinda a big low from a famous YouTuber telling their own fan to f off and probably leading to them unsubscribing and forgetting about that youtuber

  19. I've seen a few comments saying that the kid is a brat. So I've decided to comment and share my opinion. Granted the kid was doing something rude but think about this. You're in your room you've had a bad day and you see one of your favorite youtubers online in a game that your able to join. Once in a lifetime opportunity.

    He most likely just wanted to talk to mark and he just completely shuts him out. Not to mention talking about your entire fanbase like that on top of shutting the kid out.

    Think about what this kids reaction is going to be after watching this video. Hes gonna be super sad. He may have done something wrong but that's no reason to completely shut him off. I'm commenting about this because I myself am currently going through major depression.

  20. I love the fact everyone is like Mark did nothing wrong about the kid when no-one said that he did anything wrong lmao

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