I was a rapist I like raping children I like raping all the children. Oh my God. I like raping Nazi children. Hey guys what’s going on Master of luck and today I’m bringing in part three of these kids now if you haven’t seen part 1 in 2 I highly highly highly Recommend to go watch that I will put the links in description below so basically these kids just go back at [it] against their argue With each other and then the one threatens to call the cops on me [ends]. I’m calling Microsoft over granite I don’t know if it’s true or not it was hilarious as hell So if you guys do enjoy this video go ahead and smack a like button guys let’s go for a hundred likes that’s right I’m gonna hit the three digits today because we had a bunch of greedy comments. It’s kind of peeing me off So we’re gonna go for a hundred likes guys [alright]. Let’s get that going also for the video So if you want me to troll someone if someone’s been picking on you or bullying or something like that And you just want revenge on them I put a trolling request form in the description below you just click on it [and] then you just go there and submit all the info there and bam you’re done and maybe I’ll troll them one [day] But yeah, that’s all I got for you guys. So of course. I hope you enjoyed the video and have a fantastic thanksgiving Vengeful what? Do you like it on the [bunking] [deck] you have kids vengeful? Yeah five and a half one Huh five and a half to do things did you fuck your girlfriend a million times, but what’s up? But I don’t think he [even] has a girlfriend because he’s ugly as fuck [oh] Guys come on Going to be too nice to me dude. I’m sorry you’re always welcome here here your this body right here. Haha Your this body right here. You want to see look look over here. What rachel? [you’re] this body right here [oh], okay, and you’re dead I’d rather be that body than be done. You look [Imani] [douchebag] oh yeah game on it. Looks like you’re really trying Look you’ve been full do you ever suck dick for a living? [I] don’t know thank you. Yes thankful Do you ever look like something else’s fucking Canteen [especially] and people shitting out of that ass [goulding] and shove it [down] in your milk choking That’s get the shit out of me [choki] on shit. That’s what you’re a terrible beauty half-hour But you just being called it because I’m not good at fucking snipers. That’s why Yeah, the snipers in this game are pretty bad except that one sniper and you kept lee It’s because you guys aren’t old enough to appreciate Old man warfare um I would appreciate if you could shut your mouth because you’re probably bad bad I call of duty Sir, shut the fuck up. Oh What could I do say it are you screaming at your grandpa? No Dude, don’t talk about my grandpa actually [he’s] dead. He died a year ago from Falling down stairs My grandpa died from finally stop cuz that I nam about no seriously stop talking about my grandpa No, my cripple done for my grandpa. I [can] check actually I’m not even kidding Thankful did your grandpa died yep? Oh? All right, so the gay gay, I shouldn’t be laughing good, okay Fuck, how do you have five your we suppose [f] – you don’t know? Are you a Jew oh? You’re so [grateful], [so] because they so because I have five grandpa’s that makes me a jew I Know him in real life his name is Robin, and he knows yeah. My name’s matthew your your real name is Ramen like ramen noodles Okay, shy, ho get into that talk. Why did you tell him my [name] like? Ramen noodles the top ramen noodles just shut the fuck up shut the fuck up dude stop saying Ramen noodles so basically you’re cheap then just [alright]. No, no let [me] see your name. Well, okay, well cool Welcome name is will. Yeah. I see from his payment [are] like Kaiser Kaiser Do you know what Kaiser means in German? Tommy, what’s your mom? It actually means leader So why’d you call me? Will you look sure your your your [gym]. I don’t know You’re not see if [he’s] not good if he was a goddamn nazi he’d be dead by now no, because they would [hesitate] [you] lyin What know there’s tons of knots you still alive to this day? Dude, shut up No, they weren’t because if they found out that you [are] a nazi that you would be executed immediately I don’t think that’s how that Works [I] Think [that] it that it’s how it works my friend. I’m telling you I think I think I think that’s hot [I’ve] been doing more soy studies than you I thank you oh He’s hiding in his grandma’s. I think he’s hiding his grippers basement. Yeah, I probably dirty Selfish please hey won’t liam. What’s up? Fuck you. [oh] Yes, you smell like horse shit and donkey shit together and monkey shit and company What is called you smell excuse me? You smell like semen? What is that smell like? Your mom what is that smelling what he was doing your father last night? My mom was yeah I’ve been I’ve been dating your mom She feels really good in my bubble. [tummy] and your bomb you know [that’s] so you’re so she’s put my strata hold So she’s putting a strap-on and doing you Yep, bra. She’s twerking for me Get on fucking vegetable you suck I got owned How did I get all nice and ready to get I guess by a woman with a strap-on? Vengeful I get I get laid with millions of women You probably lay with prostitutes [when] you can leave with nobody I’m a pimp Not like him. He needs to pay girls that have La quinta You guys are you guys [are] unbelievable? This is good So you were just hitting on prostitutes for that yeah, but yet you’re a pimp Yeah, I’ve been I don’t want to sound so you plan [to] open your baby suck my dick I Honest did you say me suck yourself? Feel good. Good. Whose dog is that? Shut the fuck up s my dog butch. [I] wasn’t watch this man there goes my dad Know his name. I read it the advances of Ramen Dad friends Pimper it rains not [pants] and my sister [name] yeah, I was I was your sister’s name [is] [prance] [know] my [Keesha] name is Jessica At least someone’s got a I never said a movie had named jess. He liked it followed it I was named after my dad pimp my sister said you’re an asshole and shut the fuck up Put her [on] the mic. I don’t believe you. I don’t believe you have a sister. No fuck you I’m not putting her on the mic naomi yep. Yeah. Yeah, you stop cooker your stalker Player he’s a petty scientist with a pedophile I’m Gonna call the babies on your call. I’m Corey I’m calling microsoft rapist rapist. Oh request rapist written Haitian I’m calling Listen. I’m calling Microsoft. Hello missing Hello is this Microsoft yeah? Yeah? I have a rape. I’m gonna shot right now. [oh] my gosh is too good It’s this Microsoft support Yes, all right making fun of my dog’s name [and] my sister’s name [is] my name, and I don’t appreciate it He was she was also being arraigned on XbOx on um What is it? caught for remastered His name is Vengeful Spawn for you Didn’t end Just being a rapist. Yeah, it’s up he and he was saying put my sister on the mic And he saying I want to rape her and everything was either Why did I was? Me and the micro [and] guy and the Microsoft people are supposed to deal with this ready to go And you guys don’t do anything. I got bad for telling my friend He’s a piece of shit [it] puts their pedophiles on this game in the docks. Oh my gosh Yes, I pre-shave you would ban him for 24 hours. Yes His name is Vengeful School letting Fear die die Okay, thank you. I appreciate it because this didn’t it’s ridiculous. Why is he said, haha He sounds like a team dog my friends my friends are acting crazy right now and not Lisa V style he’s high on drugs right now. So okay. Okay. Thank you I appreciate he’s got high on drugs up. Oh hit Hey, take notes chill my cocaine okay, okay. Thank you. Bye chill on the Coke Aidan Less than 24 hours you are getting banned. You’re getting an enforcement action [alright], man. I believe when I see it I Was a rapist I like raping [children] [I] like raping all the homes and my God I like raping Nazi Children I like raping grass I like What I like raping little kids, I like raping soldiers, okay? I think you should go to Jail I Don’t know what to say after that you’ll never take me alive Use me I don’t want to just sit on my butt and do nothing Yeah, you’ll [be] talking unless make your dad put his eighth dick in and run us Okay, you know what if you guys don’t want me play a game? Let me just sit here on my [pecker] and by God no no no no no I got some something look bend over Make is not awesome. Dad. No astrid Dad kiner. Can you rape me daddy Daddy? Hey Daddy? And then after after after is your dad saying yes, you bend over she takes off your pants you

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