Arma 3 ACE3 Sniper Tutorial (very easy & simple guide!)

Arma 3 ACE3 Sniper Tutorial (very easy & simple guide!)

First off, you gotta select the perfect loadout for you to shoot long range with ACE3! Choose your Rifle, Scope, Bipod, Ammo, & other stuffs that fits the type of shooting you’re going to take! in this case, i’m going to demonstrate precision shot that requires “one shot one kill” so i’m gonna choose a loadout that gives me more precision & accuracy! Which is the M40A5 rifle…. you have to choose a Rifle based on its Rate of Fire, Accuracy, Range, Damage, & Mass. you must pick a scope that fits your need. in this case, i’m gonna pick a Leupold Mk4 M3 (10x magnification) scope since my shot ain’t gonna be too long. you always have to attach a bipod to your rifle to increase the accuracy of it. you can also attach suppressor to reduce the noise of your rifle to stay stealthy you must load your rifle with some Match-Grade Ammo which has good ballistics performance! Make sure the ammo has high Ballistics Coefficient, high Muzzle Velocity, and awesome performance! Always bring some AtragMX (Ballistics Calculator) & Kestrel 4500 (Pocket Weather Tracker)!!! Put them inside your vest! Don’t forget to bring Laser Range Finder as well!!! Now set a target at 100 m to zero the gun! Yes your gun has to be perfectly zeroed at 100 m! Always measure the Muzzle Velocity of your loadout by shooting it at a “Chronograph”!!! This “Chronograph” is basically just a steel target. Spawn it right in front of you and shoot it at point black range to find out your gun muzzle velocity! you always have to do this before taking the real shot at the target coz if your MV is wrong, your shot will land off the target 🙁 After getting the actual Muzzle Velocity, plug it into the AtragMX (click “Pause Break” in the keyboard to bring it up) The MV is in the “Gun” tab. Click on it and put the MV you got from the “Chronograph” in the “Muzzle Velocity section in the “Gun” tab. you can see the True Muzzle Velocity from the Shot Statistic that shows up at the right upper corner of your screen! or if you can’t use this “Chronograph, you can calculate the True MV yourself. ACE3 MV Variation is always around 1.5 mps/1°C shift. Plug all the Loadout Ballistics Data in there too! Scope Height Bullet Mass Bullet Diameter Ballistics Coefficient Rifling Twist Rate and the Zero Range! Now Let’s Zero the rifle at 100 m!!! I already spawn a target at 100 m. Let’s shoot it to see if this rifle is already perfectly zeroed at 100 m or not Always Deploy a Bipod before taking a shot!!! Bipod will help you stabilize your aim and reduce the scope sway! Click “C” to deploy it. okay let’s shoot the 100 m target! Baaaamm!!!!! Appearantly the shot is still little bit low! Our 100 m zero is still not perfect! We gotta dial 0.3 Mil up on the adjustment knob to fix the zero! Click “Up & Down Arrow” key to adjust the scope vertically. let’s try to shoot it again Baaaammm!!! Wow it’s spot on now! The 100 m Zero is perfect now! 😀 Now let’s set the new scope adjustment as the new zero. Click and hold “left ctrl+windows” key. While holding those keys, you drag your mouse to the “Equipment”, then to the “Set Zero Adjustment”! it’ll set your New Zero Adjustment. Congrats! Now your 100 m Zero is already perfect and you’re ready to snipe real long range target! ^_^ Now bring up your Kestrel 4500 by clicking “Left Shift + Scroll Lock” key! you’ll see the Atmospheric Condition (Air Pressure, Air Temperature, & Humidity. Plug them all into the AtragMX. Click the Atmosphere tab, then select “TBH”, and then plug them all in correctly! Now we’re gonna find & plug the Target Data. I already spawn a Steel Plate target at 620 m. After finding its range with the Range Finder, you plug all the data into the AtragMX in the “Target” tab. Plug the Target Range, Angle of Firing, Latitude, Azimuth, Wind Speed & Wind Direction! use your compass to see your Azimuth (click “K” to bring up your compass)! use your Protractor to measure the Angle of Firing (click “Left CTRL+Left Shift+K)! you can measure the wind speed & direction by looking at the Wind Arrow at the upper left corner of your screen! The color of the Arrow will change as the wind speed changes. or you can use your Kestrel 4500 to see the actual wind speed. Just click on its down arrow to switch to the “Headwind page”. Then you directly face the direction which the wind comes from. The kestrel will tell you the actual wind speed. you gotta plug them all right in the AtragMX!!! the AtragMX will give you the Firing Solution (Bullet Drop, Wind Drift, & Spin Drift). you’re gonna have to dial the firing solution onto your scope! Always Deploy a Bipod before taking a shot!!!!!!!! Now dial the Firing Solution onto your scope fast! Click the “Up & Down Arrow” for Vertical Adjustment, click “Left & Right Arrow” for Horizontal Adjustment! Only Dial for Bullet Drop & Spin Drift! Never dial for the Wind Drift coz it’s constantly changing. So for Windage, you hold your aim into the direction which wind comes from!!! Prepare yourself to take the shot! Control your breathing and steady your aim! squeeze the trigger real gently! Baaamm!!! Spot On!!! m/ let’s take another shot! Baaaamm!!! Spot On again! 😀 Baaammm!!! Spot On Again! 😉 Baaamm!!! Dead On again! ^_^ Baaammm! Always Spot on, Baby! 🙂 Baaaamm! Solid Hit again! 😀 Now This is how you play ACE3 Sniper like a Real Sniper! #Badass anyway this suit is actually Korean Nanosuit from Crysis m/ ^^ m/ want some? 😀 For More Detailed Instruction & Tutorial, please check out the Video Description!!!

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  1. Amazing video, I was going to ask you to do a ACE 3 Sniper Tutorial, because from your videos I've watched you know exactly what you're doing honestly. You're explaining the importance of a lot of coefficients, and variables, that I've seen "Snipers" for Military Simulation units on ARMA 3 completely dismiss. This should be a helpful tutorial to all Snipers using ACE3, and I do enjoy the fact you leave a full tutorial link as well. Very nice for people wanting to gain more insight and knowledge on the process of being a Sniper, or Overwatch role. Thank you so much for the awesome tutorial.

  2. If this video is confusing and not comprehensible at all, then please check out the written tutorial here in BI Forum:

  3. Forget COD, BF, And these other Military Shooter games! Because Arma 3 has the most realistic sniping.

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