Art Projects for Kids : How to Make Fishing Poles

Art Projects for Kids : How to Make Fishing Poles

Hi, I’m Pam on behalf of Expert Village and
today I’m going to show you different art projects for kids. Okay, we’re going to learn
how to make a fishing pole. Kids love to imitate their parents and most dads like to fish.
First thing you’re going to do is you’re going to take a craft stick, it can be any length,
you can even use a popsicle stick if you don’t have these, and let the kid decorate it, any
way they want, like I said before, paint pens are great. They can take it, they can paint
it, they can color it with a marker, any way they want. Then one good thing to use is molding
clay. If you don’t have molding clay you can use construction paper but the good thing
about molding clay is that when you leave it out in the oxygen it hardens and becomes
really stiff. So you use this to form your worm that you’re going to hang. Now if you’re
making it out of construction paper, you can have any color worm that you want and you
just have them color it and decorate it and then cut it out. Then you take your yarn and
you tie it onto the fishing pole and then you tie your yarn to the worm or if you made
it out of construction paper, you can punch a hole into the worm for like and eye and
stick the yarn through the eye. Either way, however you get it to hold, it really doesn’t
matter. And you hold it on, like I said, as the clay sits out in the air and gets the
oxygen it will become stiffer but you have your very own little fishing pole and their
little worm that they can go and play with.

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  1. mmm im not sure if its gonna work pamala, but i did watch it right to the end. ok im gonna get the kids onto it right away!! what should i rrp these at? lol

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