Baitcaster Reel Maintenance ( oil and grease )

How to maintain a bait casting fishing reel. Things you will need. Our First step is taking the side of the fishing reel off. This is usually done with a little screw on the right side. We can now go ahead and tape the line on the spool. If you turn the spool on its side, theres a little bearing there. That’s the first bearing we’re going to degrease and oil. Remember the side we took off? Theres also a bearing in there, so lets go ahead and degrease and oil that. Now lets start taking the handle off the reel. This will help us get to the inner components. If this is your first time taking apart your reel, I really recommend laying the parts out like this. It helps you remember where the parts go. As we unscrew this cap, theres a few parts under there we’re going to want to put a little grease on. Now we can go ahead and start taking the other side of the reel off. Just remember, one of the screws is a little shorter than the rest. It usually goes on the top right. Most fishing reel also have a few screws, or one on the other side where the spool was. The reel should open fairly easily, if it doesn’t go, don’t force it. There might be a screw or something you missed. Inside we’re going to find a roller bearing and another bearing that we can go ahead and degrease and oil. Be careful when removing inner workings. Try not to forget where they go. Now we can begin degreasing and re-greasing our moving inner components. Just make sure you don’t get the drag disk. I recommend watching this video carefully to see exactly what I’m doing and then follow along afterwords. Now that we’re done re-greasing the interior of the reel, let’s go ahead and put it back together. Greasing this part of the drag is only optional. It only comes in certain reels, where the drag clicks. Our next step is to degrease and re-grease the worm gear. This is located on the front exterior. I hope this really improved your reel’s performance. Please comment, rate, and subscribe. And have a great day!

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