Basic Fishing Gear : Attaching Fishing Line Knots to Rods

Basic Fishing Gear : Attaching Fishing Line Knots to Rods

All right, now we’re going to put line on
a conventional reel. Basically, it’s the same knot that we use on a spinning reel, except
we’re going to go through the spool of the reel, and we’re going to tie a nail knot again.
Go around once, twice, three times, and hold hold the end form. You never let your finger
off those loops, otherwise the knot’s going to jump away from you. Now, I’ve got to grasp
this with my other hand, but I’m still retaining all these loops together, and I’m taking the
the tab or the short end of the line, and I’m going through the loops from the outside
in, and I just kind of push that tab in towards me so the loops are about the same size, and
then I just pull them tight. And then, slide this right down to the bottom of the spool,
and then trim the excess off. A pair of nail clippers are convenient for that, cause you
can get right down close to it. And now you’re basically ready to put the line on the reel,
and the the whole idea about this it’s it’s firm and it holds good position so when you
crank the line on, it doesn’t slip on the spool.

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  1. This line is great, especially on spinning rods>>> The timber color is also great in brackish water like the lower St. Johns river.

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