Basic Fishing Gear : How to Cast Spinning Fishing Reels

Basic Fishing Gear : How to Cast Spinning Fishing Reels

All right. We’re going to show you how to
properly throw or cast a spinning outfit. And you’re going to find really how easy this
thing is really to cast. It’s probably the easiest of all rods and reels to cast. But
to do it properly, this line roller, which is attached to this bale wire, needs to be
straight underneath the foregrip, so you got my hand straddled right here with my finger
to accept the line. So the first thing you want to do is grab the line and then open
the bale up. Now this supports the line, keeps the line from just coming off the spool. And
once you’ve accomplished that, what I like to do is have about, oh anywhere from a foot
or a foot and a half of my lure or my bait hanging off the end of the rod so there’s
not so much where it’s cumbersome. Then you take your bottom, which is this called the
butt of the rod, take your hand at the bottom of the rod and just cock it and let her go
and the line just flies right off the spool. And the more you do it, the more accurate
you’ll get with it. At first, you’ll be lucky to hit the water but after that you’ll actually
be able to hit a target.

24 thoughts on “Basic Fishing Gear : How to Cast Spinning Fishing Reels

  1. At 1.00, as soon as you release your finger, do you flip the bale arm back instantly. Is that the correct way of casting? I've been told to cast vertically (above your head)?

  2. OK! I just that feeling as soon as you let go of your finger, the line is going to come off the spool and get tangled. So I take it when you reel in, the bale arm will catch the line? The first time I tried it was a complete disaster session! What is the best hook knot to use?

  3. The bale arm wont catch the line but your line will get on the line guide or what ever. and i suggest the glinch knot. its a great hook knot. tell me if it works out for ya.

  4. Thanks! I'm going abroad to Mauritius and at the same I'm going to try some off shore fishing.
    My actual first time I tried was fresh water on the river which was a nightmare for me, line was coming off the reel when casting, line was breaking etc.. The experience did put me off for a few months but I'm going to try again with new faith !! I've been trying to find if there is step by step guide DVD on fishing for beginners and I thought I would try You Tube.

  5. no, cause if u do then the line wont go anywhere… And i find casting sidearm a lot easier instead of above your head (you could hook your ear that way) just bring the pole to about waist high, bring it bake and cast….it goes farther and is a lot more controllable

  6. @clargdorp *This technique requires some basic motor functions of the human body* You MUST be able to A) Move your arm a bit and B) Have some sort of control over this movement. Now this may take a while but eventually you WILL hit the water with an object dropped directly over the water. Now the people who aren't hitting the water are the ones that should make the really interesting video as they demonstrate how their line dissapears into another dimension.

  7. @clargdorp I wasn't really being serious, just losing the plot a little bit cos i'd been working for too long. I was making a joke about how some people might actually have to be shown how to do this. Like the guy is basically just dropping his weight into the water but says you might not hit the water 1st time. I find that hard to believe as you're dropping it directly over the water in the 1st place anyway. But obviously i apreciate the idea behind the video.

  8. @clargdorp I thought your original comment was saying that if you have to watch this video to understand how to do this, then fishing may be too hard for you.

  9. I have a different rod now and will get a rod designed for spin casting. I have this new Abu Garcia spin cast reel and can't wait to use it. Thanks so much for this tip on casting.

  10. To be honest i found this very helpful there should be more videos like this on youtube and less bitching people too . Life is about learning and no matter how old you are while theres sites like this there will always be people learning .I didnt have to have a guy teach me by standing with me at the lake i just looked on here and only practice will make perfect .So who cares how or which way other people cast out this is the basic so everyone then finds there own way to fish from there . T You

  11. This is a great spinning reel>>>     I did not get the opportunity to fish it much on my trip due to all of the grass in the surf.

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