Basic Fishing Gear : How to Wear Fishing Rod Belts

Basic Fishing Gear : How to Wear Fishing Rod Belts

When choosing a rod belt you might want to
consider a couple of things. One the extra padding in the back side and two the type
of strap used. This particular type of strap is a very fast actioned strap. It is a Velcro
strap. It is wide, it is very easy to put on. This has a gimbal receiver which basically
is a piece of hardware in the rod that is grooved and actually locks in so the rod doesn’t
move around. So it helps you to balance the rod as well as give you relief from the pressure.
All you do is simply put the belt on, somebody can help you and make it a lot easier, pick
up the rod and reel, lock it in to the gimbal as you can see, put your hand on the front
of the rod and the fore grip with your arm straight, balance yourself in case the fish
pulls out and you don’t go flying backwards. And now you can pull as hard as you want without
any pain of the butt pushing into your leg. So this really gives you tremendous advantage
when you are fighting a bigger fish particularly in long duration.

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  1. This item was delivered quick. Just the right size as is the wider belt>>> It worked well and the big bass tasted great too… Now I have to buy a second one so the Captain doesn't have to use mine. LOL Thanks

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