Basic Fishing Gear : Spinning Fishing Reel Types

Basic Fishing Gear : Spinning Fishing Reel Types

Now, let’s talk about some of the differences
in spinning reels. Now, spinning reels are probably the most versatile fishing tackle
that really exists. You can use anywhere from a little mini cast to a little mini spinning
like this, maybe two to four pound test line, use it for crappie fishing or, you know, your
smaller stuff, makes a small fishing to a brawny fighter. Lot of fun. Generally use
about a four and half, five foot rod. Makes a nice balance. Then you go into a normal
flex rod which is this right here, this is a seven foot, with a 4,000 size stratic reel,
ten, twelve pound test line. Good for intermediate type fishing and shore fishing. And then,
if you need heavier spinning gear, they have it where it’s suited to go up to 30, 40 pound
test line. This is a big pen spinning outfit that we actually catch 100 pound tarpon with.
But, with the combination, you need a rod too that can stand that kind of pressure as
well. Big range, they all work the same way. They cast the same way. They all have a bale
the same way. Most all of them have a front drag. It’s just that some are bigger, some
are smaller and they’re used for different types of fishing.

9 thoughts on “Basic Fishing Gear : Spinning Fishing Reel Types

  1. 00:58 – your presentations are very interesting.
    are you using store displays as your
    demo rod / reel's as the plastic wire
    ties indicate on the reel seat?

    also: please explain the more basic reel
    sizing lingo you use to describe
    reel size and capacity.

  2. I love that large rod you showed. It looks great and have to get one of those. I'm viewing these videos because I am new to using a spin reel and rod. I have had trouble out of the Zebco reels lately with the line not reeling back in. One of them is new, and the other one is a Zebco 33.

  3. @real4version4videos i just dont like the fact that most bait casters only have the crank on the right side of the reel and they have 2 much backlash

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