Basic Fishing Gear : Spooling Monofilament Line on Spinning Fishing Reels

Basic Fishing Gear : Spooling Monofilament Line on Spinning Fishing Reels

Alright we’re going to take a spinning outfit;
we’re going to put line on here, now unfortunately a spinning outfit is kind of what it says,
it spins the line a little bit. So a couple little tricks other than not having the advantage
of putting the spool on a machine at a shop; we’re going to try to keep the line twist
down to a minimum and what you’re going to do is you’re going to take a spool of line,
and you’re going to put it like it’s kind of counter rotating or; or counter clockwise.
Because the reel itself is going to be spinning clockwise, so there’s always a natural twist
in line on a spool. As you can kind of see this spool memory right here, generally speaking
the larger the spool; the larger diameter of spool the less spool memory it has, that’s
what I like to work off of; a larger spool. But anyways we tied the knot; we’ve close
our bail, our line is secured firmly onto the spool. And now we’re going to have to
make sure that we’ve got tension; you hold the line right here, we got tension on the
line and we’re going to simply crank the line onto the spool. And it’s very important to
keep tension on here, doesn’t have to be a ton but you want this line to be firm so there’s
no soft spots in here and you just kind of crank it up until you get to about oh maybe
an inch or so from the lip of the spool, and then; then you stop, cut your line. The line
continues to flow off; let it flow off until it stops and then cut it, and then you’ll
be at the right distance.

6 thoughts on “Basic Fishing Gear : Spooling Monofilament Line on Spinning Fishing Reels

  1. When I get massive tangles coming off my reels, I head out in the boat, open the bail, let the line run out down to the spool, then slowly reel it back in. This puts tension on the line and also gets any line twist out.

  2. It doesn't matter where you tie the knot. When the reel begins to spool it will wind it the same way regardless of knot placement. Checkout my video on spooling spinning reels.
    – chris

  3. All fishing tackle stores wind the line from the from the supply spool directly to the reel spool without that spool being mounted on the reel.  This allows the line to be wound onto the reel spool without introducing twist which is one major cause of bird's nests. I have found no reasonably priced alternative to the professional line winder for the private fisherman.  Does anyone know of such a winder?
    However, the type of line you use can also greatly influence the bird's nest problems.  I have found that a low memory copolymer line that is supple, but strong and has little memory will work best for spinning reels.

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