Basic Fishing Gear : Threading Fishing Line Into Rod Eyelets

Basic Fishing Gear : Threading Fishing Line Into Rod Eyelets

Alright let’s talk about mounting the rod
into the reel. Now we already have a mounted rod here. This is a spinning outfit. And if
you’ll notice the spinning outfit always sits below the reel seat. So it’s a nice balance.
It’s easy to cast like that. But once you’ve accomplished it you still have to thread the
line through the guides so with a spinning outfit what you need to do is you need to
open this bale up. This is a line bale. Take your line and basically just thread right
through the guides. Go all the way to the end. Sometimes you’ll drop the line and it’ll come
all the way out. Alright so anyways there we go. Now we simply close this bale up. Reel
up the slack and you’ve threaded the rod. And if you’ll notice the line always goes
through this roller on the top. Because that’s what actually puts the line back on to the
reel when you actually wind this. It actually, this rotates around and puts the line back
onto the spool.

14 thoughts on “Basic Fishing Gear : Threading Fishing Line Into Rod Eyelets

  1. @HHETVSH0W unfortunately i have only fished salt water once. it was in the dominican republic on a paid fishing thing but didnt catch a thing. they also set everything up them selves and didnt speak english so i learned nothing.
    if i had to guess i would use 20 pound test or more, and spider wire always pretty good. best thing for buying stuff is to just not get the absolute cheapest. just cause its chjeap doesnt mean its bad, but the cheapest is prolly the cheapest for a reason.

  2. >>> I got the rod, I immediately used it for testing. It picked up 4lb's stuff, and it didn't break. The quality is very good, I think I will often use it to go fishing, because it is convenient to carry.

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