BATTLE FishFriender #2 : ILLEX GUNKI | Episode 1 (english subs)

BATTLE FishFriender #2 : ILLEX GUNKI | Episode 1 (english subs)

Find the rules of this Battle in the description below Here we are at the moulin de sauvage as you can see this place is really dedicated to fishing It’s a real pleasure to be here You will see that we have famous guests in this show Let me introduce you the first team I’m now with the first team you might recognize some of theses guys begining with you Fred “Captain Jullian” Thanks for welcoming us It’s an honor We are so pleased to welcome you here It’s an honor for me because i think it’s the first time that we have this kind of show in France It’s so cool to be here Already more than 20.000 subscribers many of you are following and loving what he does It’s our friend Julo Hi How are you ? Very good, little pressure ! We are going to have fun with friends in a very nice place and with pros As you see we have invited Youtubers and we took people who are in the loop for a little time now Be carefull with what you say No i said a LITTLE time As you can see on the picture behind me he has no aged a wrinkle I was old very young Guys i wish you the best for tomorrow Thanks Nice fish and nice results Let me introduce you now with the second team Still live from the shed of the moulin de sauvage (lol) From the freezer !!! (lol) We are not cold you might have recognized theses guys too well know faces Here is the great Gaël Even and my dear Canito Gaël Even, i think everybody knows him Happy to be here, you know the place ? Not at all I only fished here once OK And for Zander It was with a customer who wanted to hurt himself lets say Alright ! So you don’t have your pics on the wall ? I did’nt fish with Vincent so … so maybe you will get it after this week-end ? Let’s hope As i live in the other side from Paris Yes It’s like a gap to cross just for fishing You fish the Seine but .. The Seine after Paris Here it’s more about pike and perch On the Seine you have a lot of dead arms so we will set combos for pike and few for perch What about you ? Some ideas for tomorrow ? No, i will try to adapt to the spot I offer you something, you are going to learn on the boat as i won’t be with you and after, you will teach me Ok i’ll be your teacher ! Well, we are all comming from a long trip to be here so i think the best thing to do is to set the rods and after go to bed to be ready for tomorrow from the sunrise. See you tomorrow ! Can feel the pressure 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. Fish Let’s go First cast First cast Welcome to this new episode of FishFriender Battle for Illex / Gunki All along this competition i will be with Vincent How are you Vincent ? Good and you ? Fine Our mission is to make you feel like this day from the inside and explain you strategies and choices of competitors Vincent will help us on that But i’m please to annonce you that things are moving on the App and we have the first fish ! So we received a push about the first catch from Frédéric Jullian on a Perch so let’s see perch of 28 cm 28 cm perch, let’s see It’s starting Here it is, first fish of the day e are going to follow the competition all day long in real time thanks to the App Let’s have a look on the boat of Frédéric and Julo to see what happened Yeah Bite ? Yeah bite … on the small Tipsy Fish Fish ? First ! Nice one ? Ah .. small perch .. Yeah ! How big ? 28 i think 28 ! Ok ! Go ! First fish ! Yes I forgot (lol) I released it on the spot With the G-Bump We don’t hear them anymore Yes, crazy right ? Crazy how a perch can calm theses guys (lol) Fish ! Oh missed Miiiisssed Oh, fish, you see ? Fish on ! Baby perch ! Not bad (lol) F**k they are hungry ! G-bump is deep inside You see that ? Huge Crazy how it swallowed it Impressive ! For now you fish with 7g and i fish with 10g i think we need to attack them more it seems to excite them it’s only 2 small fish but there are others And you see you are fishing slower with 7g and you lost your fish Exactly ! Maybe the bite is not strong enough and many people when they have few bites they try smaller directly Yes … it’s right But you can maybe have more bites if you go heavier and attack the fish Dont’ be afraid to attack fish right ? You need to try opposite things often All right, they seem to have something there Don’t know what it is Nice ! Back to live now and this time for another catch with Gaël Even and Canito Let’s see what happened To go reaping it’s not bad Ruler is too small Here is my catch Here it is We had 2 follows over ther 2 and 1 missed Oh fish ! Not a perch Don’t need the net ? Be carefull ok ? Small pike Hooked on the border Hey zizi pike go for a walk Let’s sum up the scores after 40 min of fishing We have 2 perch for Julo and
Frédéric Jullian and one pike for Gaël Even and Canito We see the teams behind us fishing quite fast with soft bait quite fast animation as we can see so yes they are looking for perch to start competition We heard they was many perch here so we decided to start on perch cause i don’t like pike fishing too early yes we were agree to wait for the sun We are going to try some glitters now (lol) Hum missed You see ? The glitter ! Fish ! So, pike or perch ? The glitter … you like my glitter ? Oh, it’s a perch ! Adding glitters was a good thing Long live to the glitter !!! Rhythm wave, 4 inch … not afraid It’s 25 ? 25 Lenght … we said ? 25 35 i’m too far Like in the south ! She was 42 ! Sized like this, from here to here … so 42 is not cheating Strange thing Fish, there ! And there, there was ointment huh! Perch Here it is Good Yes Gaël Even, fish perch … 27 we keep the point Ohh .. fish This bite buddy Cut .. cut pike Oh shit Sure it was a pike With us we have Vincent de Bruyne who is a local fishing guide so you operate from moulin de sauvage ? Yes exactly that’s the basecamp you saw previously So from there what kind of biotope can we fish ? Mainly Seine river or other spots ? That’s it I mainly operate on the mill river because we have a private river where i do canoë fishing and beside this i do boat fishing on the Seine in dead arms of the Seine like we are now like today and also is the Orient forest lakes We are on the Seine river so it’s a spot open to anyone ? Yes anyone can fish here We are on a 25 km portion with dead arms and main river breaks, bridges, grass, dead woods a lot of different spots many different species pikes, wels, perch, zander, also chub on lure I remind that today the competitors choosed to fish for pike, perch and zander only theses 3 species will count if there is another one like wels, chub, it won’t give any points for the Battle just bonus for fun Yes, always fun to catch more fish Thanks Vincent ! So Anthony what about scores ? Easy for lenght Gaël & Jérém have leading so they have the daily point and for big fish Fred leads with 28 so he has the point Fred leas from 1cm he has 28 and Gaël 27 And as Fred’s team don’t have any pike Gaël & Jérém also have the big pike we hope it will go bigger yes, it’s a small big fish but it’s the bigger one for now Let’s join the other boat with Fred Jullian & Julo There is a pike there A pike here ? Go You saw it here ? Fish ? He saw it ! He announced ! Oh the monster ! monster ! Don’t need the net I’t not the one i saw but … How much ? 34 .. Definitly not the one you saw (lol) He was about that size Ok, validated We seems to have found the weight and color they like so definitly we keep trying this way Small pike Well done Back to life, perfect Good Go ! Here it is Like we said ? Comfort zone Micro fish buddy Fish nice .. small pike Maybe bigger than others Yes like what … this color is crazy this lure is incredible ! Oh f**k, no way ! Oh eh ooooh ! No wayyyy ! You don’t make any effort You are right, i’m bad And now ? You will see Not big but it’s on The beast ! The monster ! When you go out of the sun, under clouds Color is going to change a little It’s something i often do even if i caught some fish, i change color i keep changing, looking to adapt The more attractive one ? Yes, now we don’t have any feedback we have one or two fish but small pike, small perch i think there is something else to find out so we continue and if the sun is back, we put red ghost color now, no more sun, we change Yeah fish ! *#! Yes Yours is nice ? It’s a nice perch ! You see, additive ? yes the additive made the difference Incredible Improving score … for the quota 25 ? 24 ? 25 ? Well 24 ! I put some additive Have to be fast When sinking ? Fish again ! Incredible ! The school is here… They are bitting super Only the head is out .. incredible 24 on the livewell Well now the scores are clear : captain Jullian and Julo have the longest size of the day
the biggest pike and the biggest perch it’s moving a little more on the 12h30 we are in december so days are shorter we will fish until 4h30 so we have 3:30 lasting so everything can change slowly pike The beeeaaast ! Have you been over there ? No, no, we are going now Only fish around 40 and 40 is a maximum 40 is the good side lol The plan is to take a big one from now then another one and then a 5th one Look how it is here you see at 3m, schools are here we will keep it for later on linear fishing Full of baits buddy the shad swims like : sorry .. excuse-me ..sotty You make a loop ? No, just a 8knot on a spinner, no choice if you make a loop, it’s going to … So now you target bigger pike ? yes we will try we are going to change the zone I’m going to try the new Tipsy the G bump, classic and for hard lures small jerks like Otachi or Gamera slim We’ll see Ok and what about the size ? max 14 cm As you previously saw both teams are changing strategy changing spot too we are on a dead arm wich is much more larger than previously ones Yes a very nice pike spot you definitly want to fish here Both teams are now looking for pike yes, if we refer to size of lures looking fo a bigger one than all pikes we saw before In any case, teams will try it’s close to the end of the day because our daylight is very short sun is already falling Must keep trying Fish ! Missed ! It was a pike he cam on the break Fish on Yeah, nice ! yes yes Make some space on the ruler cause now it’s not baby time anymore good size nice fish 62 … top Yes, very nice perfect .. it’s in the box Shatter bait .. Boomer shatter is a real weapon .. and few french people use it Think about it ! My dear Vincent, what about ranking now Things have changed Fred & Julo have now a lenght of 2,39m and on the other side Gaël & Canito have a lenght of 1,57m About big fish, it’s still Fred et Julo for the big perch and the big pike wich is now longer (62) There is still a point remaining with Zander, will they try it tomorrow will they try it now ? with their pike and perch quota i would go for zander it would be a real bonus and could give advantage for tomorrow it’s almost the end keep finger crossed for both teams we hope to see nice fish I go to the bridge, trying some zander 30 minutes remaining nothing new on the app yes, very calm Now, teams are on their way back i think they will try to improve their perch score where they had bites in the morning We are going to make some vertical on the delta and if nothing bite, we will go back where we were this morning trying to make 1 or 2 perch And if nothing happens, we will find a tree to hang ourselves Yes this would be the last option Squid chips is the best Oh a perch She was here Fish on ! Got it Ahhh finally got it after a long fight and long time waiting i have my 18 perch 21 thanks quota Your name will be quota Here it is, first day is over on this battle On the Seine with teams Illex et Gunki, with Fred Jullian & Gaël Even and our friends Julo & Canito Let’s have a look on rankings quite difficult on fish size yes the fish are definitly not so big, even if we saw a bigger pike 62 not big but fair enough Despite all, lot of bites, we heard it on the App some points for both teams Only 5 minutes remaining and as you can see behind us they keep trying to make a last bigger pech Other team with Gaël Even & Canito are further in the dead arm trying to make more fish to win some points before tomorrow We still don’t know were we will fish tomorrow we will decide it this evening at the moulin de sauvage Let’s take the road and see you there !

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    Tourné en Décembre sur le domaine public.

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