Beach Fishing for Mysterious Creatures in the Night.

Beach Fishing for Mysterious Creatures in the Night.

Oh, I got a bite. Oh–On!!! I’m on! We’re cutting up the Super Salty Squid to put on the sabiki rig and basically, I’m cutting it into strips so that it’ll fit nicely on this-on this hook and this is the nice part about the the salty strips is that you can cut it to whatever shape you want I’m going to cut longer strips like this thin strips so now each one of these flies has a strip of squid that will be fluttering in the surf now I’ve got one, two, three, four, five, five hooks baited up see if I can catch bait. [grunting] Ohh! What the heck? My reel came off again [Erin] Again? [Brendon] Ohh! Ooh. Actually, I don’t know. Oh man. I don’t want to touch that thing. Woah. Alright, guys. Jeremy, MastCasters, what kind of fish is this? Specifically, what kind of blow fish is this? Or if it’s a puffer? Let me know.
[Erin] Do you see it’s gill? That’s crazy. Okay, okay, let’s go back in the water, boy. Look at that. [Erin] What? [Brendon] That’s a crazy looking fish! [Erin] Big?
[Brendon] It’s a nice one. Whew! It’s a skate! No–what is that? Oh, it’s another white grunt. It’s a white grunt… No, it’s not, what the heck is this? [Rodell] That’s not a grunt.
[Brendon] That’s bait. [Erin laughing]
[Brendon] That’s bait! Yes!! That’s why I got the sabiki rig out, to catch bait! [Erin] Watch your other line. [Brendon] It’s got stripes. Wow. You ever seen this before? I have no idea, man.
[Rodel] The mouth? [Brendon] What kind of diet do you think it has? [burps] Excuse me.
[Rodell] I have no idea. [Rodell] I’ve seen it before but I don’t even know what that is. [Brendon] Oh! Whoo! [Brendon] Pompano!
[Erin] Nice! [Brendon] This is good. This is good… It felt much bigger than it actually was… [Erin] Haha, really? [Brendon] Yeah, I think pompanos are just very strong fighters, or maybe it’s this rod… Man, this was really pulling me. Imma keep him for bait, too. [Erin] Let’s see a close up. [Brendon] Look at that hookset, too. See, many ways to use a sabiki rig you can move it, bring it back slow, you can leave it in one spot and wait, and we chose to leave it in one spot and wait look at that pompano. The classic bait rig right here. It’s a hi-low rig with five to six hooks tied on oops… That’s the problem though, it gets tangled a lot… anyways, look at the problem right there… as long as you can keep it untangled, you’re good… Not all fish hit and run with it, some fish will peck, peck, peck, peck and they’re not big enough to move the sinker so if you see your line moving pick up your rod and feel for it. I don’t feel anything currently. I’m on! [Erin] Oh wow, you hooked it three times… [Brendon] I don’t want to lose it. It’s good bait. Oh, I think it’s gone–no, or maybe it’s swimming towards me, it’s swimming towards me. What is it? What is it? What is it? Pompano! Bait. [Erin] Sorry.
[Brendon] I’m on. [Erin] I’m going to get behind you. It’s swimming towards me. Another pompano, huh? Nice! It’s going to be good bait! We don’t need to buy bait anymore. This is a specific kind of pompano, Can anybody name it for us? Oh, I got a bite… Oh–On!!! I’m on! What the heck? Oh, nice, this is a– I bet you another pompano. and like I said, just leaving it there it works pretty well. Another big puffer. Took my cutbait. [Erin] They’re so kawaii… [Brendon] Huh?
[Erin They’re so kawaii… [Brendon] They’re so kawaii? [Erin] Yeah… [Brendon] I think I’m just going to cut the line and let it go if I tried to get it out, I would have gutted it. But leaving the hook in, it might rust out. [Erin] Alright, let’s go to bed, you look very tired, my love.
[Brendon] I’m so tired… I’ve been up all day long [Erin] Look at him, he’s like– [giggling] you’re on the beach, sleeping, with a rod.
[Brendon] I pretty much could fall asleep just like this. [Erin] Alright. [Brendon] I’m going to fall asleep now. [Erin] Goodnight, everyone. [Brendon] Hey, guys! Thanks for watching, that was a crazy day of fishing, I’d been fishing all day long this was actually filmed about a month and a half ago in Cabo San Lucas, um, but some updates for today, what’s going on right now, uh, we still have that giveaway, it’s still going on, live, right now, and if you’ve already entered, you can enter every single day, don’t forget, you can get yourself a lot of extra entries by entering every day. Anyways, we have been posting every single… Anyways, you might have noticed, that we have been posting a lot more often now, sometimes 3-4 times a week, uh, that’s because we’re trying to post a lot of different kind of content to see what you guys are interested in, uh, but I need your help, you guys need to comment below, what kind of episodes do you like best? If you see something you don’t like, let us know that you don’t like this kind of episode. We need to know. Alright, anyways, see ya, guys!

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  1. Hey everyone! Erin here. Brendon and I are here to answer comments! Did you like the episode? What was your favorite episode of ours that you have seen so far? 😁

  2. Hey guys I watched your episode to tie a high low rig and just got back from Myrtle Beach. Got some nice fish. Thank you and I really enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work. And picked up trash and line off of the pier we were fishing on.

  3. Erin more of you fishing ! You two need to switch off. Girls who fish rule ! More girls need to see other girls fish !

  4. My favourite vid was your Dock Demon strength test, such an entertaining video!
    Product tests are cool.
    But you cant beat a good fishing video 🙂

    Ps: I like it when you give a good view of the fish you catch.
    So many videos makers on yt forget to show the fish???

  5. I would like to see you try fishing for really big fish (use big cut bait/small live bait) from the beach or a fishing pier. I enjoy all your videos. Good work folks!

  6. Hey Erin I would love to see a food chain challenge in which you start from the bottom of the food chain(sand fleas etc.) and then keep moving up throughout the food chain. Also I love how unique your channel is as in you listen and care about your viewers Much love from SATX

  7. Its late but yeah i did 5ft blacktip and a 30lb stingray and now im headed to a charter boat sorry i didnt reply soon i keft my phone in the car

  8. Those are palmado not pompano and they are not a bait fish but a prized eating fish and if you don't know what a fish is release it

  9. yea, as many are saying the first fish is a porcupine puffer, the third fish is a palometa and the second fish with the yellow lateral stripes is a big eye snapper, or a yellow snapper.

  10. What going on brothers of planet earth.yeah i think to much of one thing is not good because at one point you were posting every thursday nigh and i was like Man i cant wait to thursday night see your video but than it was like mexico again ,so i was like getting bored but that been said mmm i think you guys are great and i love following you in name is luis and im from williantic ct .I like more tautog videos

  11. I would like to see u Targeting Fish species,more than baiting a hook for whatever Bites,you know like show us,im always open to learn more.

  12. Why aren’t you eating those pompano? 😭 They’re so good.

    I can’t pick a favorite episode, I enjoy them all! I know that’s not helpful for your experiment, lol…

  13. i noticed you post much more. kudos to that!

    some comments then (even if i repeat myself)
    – add more catch & cook
    – kayakfishing
    – pierfishing
    – let your dad speak a little more – a veteran fisherman like that surely has some useful tips or interesting stories!
    – add some "educational content" like you sometimes do – that animation your added on how to cast and reel in the bait (on top, top to bottom, slowly up from bottom)

    as a bloody amateur myself i would for you to show some very basic stuff and build up from there (in a playlist?) – like: how to cast (do i throw from my arm, my shouler, or rotation of the hip?) – which is bettery, live bait or artificial bait? – what rod to use as a beginner? which one for shore-, pier-, boat-fishing? why? how much should you spend?

    many questions like these when you start out. maybe make a list for top 10 "things to consider when starting fishing" – or something like that.

    example: i am living in istanbul – we have a lot of sea around us, but the fishing possibilities are pretty limited inside the city – so most anglers have cheap telescopic rods, standing on the bosphorus shore and fishing for ridiculously small fish. your catch is very dependant on if you stand on the right spot, have the right gear and if the season for fish is good. however its not even remotely compareable to what you can fish in the US/America.
    however if you move outside of istanbul, like the marmara, black or aegean seas, you can get some decent fish – trout and bass -even tuna – if you´ve got a boat and a fish finder.

    how do you plan your trips? how much in advance? wrote a little to much.

    thanks again for great content

  14. I was wondering if you were able to add me for me if not that's ok can I get a shout-out plz love the vids try beach fishing a place with bigger waves not small ones

  15. Mario rodriguez from Ontario California I love the videos catching and cooking ones I would love to see Erin & Brandon fishing more together that Erin would come out more on the videos

  16. I haven't tried braided line yet because I heard that it's more abrasive on your equipment and you have to learn new knots. Is that true?

  17. I have watched and enjoyed all of them. One of many that stands out. Loved the dishes that came from that strpier by your favorite restaraunt, amazing. Far from just basic fried, or baked that I've done. Then there are the many faces, the one that got away. Erins big hook up. When you used your dads reel, againt the vintage…. All Great

  18. Enjoy watching your videos but I’ve got to be honest. If you’re going to post videos about fishing you should really learn how to correctly identify the fish you’re catching.
    Those were gafftopsail pompano which like most all pompano species are excellent to eat.
    Check out the Fish Rules app. It would help you a lot in correctly identify fish.
    It has pictures of fish, the names of fish, info on edibility and the regulations on each species.
    Best of all whenever you open the app it uses your location and updates all the current regulations as well the species of fish based where you’re fishing at.
    Keep the videos coming !

  19. dude you used a palmetto as bait related to pompano those arent legal sized and they are the best eating just to let you know.

  20. Porcupine puffer fish. Has the same poison as the puffer fish a.k.a FUGU
    By the way, porcupinefish has VERY strong teeth. They crush corals, just imagine what it would do to your finger

  21. Hi sir love from India.
    U making good video's
    I need some help..
    Please give me one good rode & reel..
    Please don't forget to reply me

  22. U caught a spotting porcupine puffer although poisonous inside to eat to touch not poisonous 100% safe the spikes just might prick u

  23. The yellow striped fish we call striped grunt, similar and i think related to snapper, the fish you call pompano we call that type zel-one, notice it does not have the meaty forehead of a real pompano. What is "kawaii"? I love all your vids bro.

  24. Porcupine puffer 🙂 I had 2 oof them in my acquarium! they are adorable! They also have the best personalities!

  25. The two puffers you caught were a spiny puffy (extremely common) and a map puffer (also very common). They are good aquarium fish but no real live corals if you do get one in the tank.

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