Best Fortnite TROLL Compilation! #2

Best Fortnite TROLL Compilation! #2

First victim Piper is back question mark question. This is do not Any fear here I’m gonna make that I’m gonna make this plain and simple, bro You give me that star back or I’m gonna beat you up at twitchcon. All right Oh How’s that ride brothers look got beat up down there in the ground over to the thirsty gonna be real sad He’s cool ghost a she’s on a TV show Do you agree on this on this on this? Yeah, yes Right there Yo, dude my controller just fucking died, dude Oh Yeah There’s two guys left, will you give me the ball You didn’t say please no toxic he didn’t say please Ninja Actually Goods up here. What one guy is Li’s I Think Nope I’m definitely dead mix Hey spaz jump a door RPG I mean, I mean, I have two launches already. Maybe one more launch. I have a green palm Okay Blades boys encourage you want to play a game? But it no, I don’t want to play a game buddy Okay, Touche Touche Touche well played House cute, oh my bed Okay, what do you talk about this Uh, what do you you see something that I don’t see do you not see this floating in the sky? No You don’t see this Well, I just pick accident now. It’s what the hell bro. What’s happening instead? The health is like rapidly going down that they are you telling me. No, I swear to God about trilogy Boo-ki stop don’t move my boss. Stop. What are you still hopeful? Stop? What? Why didn’t you actually just break my ball Vinny? Oh my god, they actually are I’m dead. I’m it’s not I am dead. I got killed by a teammate It’s dick not dick dick, it’s not it’s dead. It’s not eggs first. It’s dick. My first dude is not being It’s not just my first name is dick say that one more time talking See how we didn’t spawn while I said Tyler can you see you? Oh my god, dude, and so that one more time dick Good job getting me and dick up. It’s record

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  2. All these people say they want to be ninja, all you need to do is suck, report everyone who kills you, team kill, and just be a jerk to your squadmates

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  4. All highsky is saying is YEET its annoying when he launches them off old squeaker highsky sounded like a high pitched guitar

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