Best of #5 with Jessie : free win or troll?

Best of #5 with Jessie : free win or troll?

I have a bit scammed everyone that subscribed yesterday to see the 7 hours stream per day but hey, it’s life… I think it’s a sign that I shouldn’t stream 7 hours today because I’m sick. Oh no no no, please no! No, no way, this is too much! It can not start like this, it can’t! Why!? Oh la la la how is it possible?! Why me?! Yes it’s true it’s the warm up game It’s true guys Ok let’s go, let’s go. We’re going straight for it for this one There’s 0 point to win in the match I’ve got, it’s incredible. But well, let’s focus I swear guys… This is for you guys! It worked! I dedicate this goal to all the viewers guys! I have always liked fluid games etc you know, it’s going to be only free wins guys! Let’s get some points back because right now it’s woah woah woah Thank you Flakes for not following! Can you imagine if you were Milo at that moment! But why?! Oooooh that’s nice! It’s impossible! I have the best graphic card since a while now. There’s no defect on the computer. – “How much did you pay?”
– I didn’t pay much because the graphic card was a gift. Oh I’m so happy not to lose this match! 900 P yes! Yes!! What a boss, what a boss!! Oh la la la, what do I do? How can I fix problems so easily? 10 minutes of stream and its quality is like the Rocket League’s stream, even it could have this quality. It feels like I have no stream on Basically, every time I would start a stream it felt like I was bugging, you don’t believe me you thought I was kidding but mate right now I feel like playing with no stream on. So I think that this stream will be 0 lose! I call it right now! 0 lose. Chaussette made me doubt yesterday when he said that it could be a computer issue but not at all! You need to know that it’s Chaussette that adviced me to use StreamLabs OBS I don’t like it! Not Chaussette, StreamLabs OBS. It’s back then when he was streaming I guess he didn’t want any competition! He was like ” man it’s crazy you’ll see very useful everyone is using it, it’s crazy” Ah ah what a troll, I’ll never listen to him again. But then he had pity on me so he gave me his settings it got a little better, but still not that good. Chaussette I’ll remember! That’s too bad, it was a free win but it’s the first game that’s ok. “So I think this stream will be 0 lose” – “So what about the 7h stream?”
– Man there’s no more 1000 sub so it’s not… it’s not happening I got lucky, really otherwise I should have done it, but there’re not 1000 sub – “this scam”
– Man I said it if we stay above the 1000 subscribers I’ll do 7h per day. The sub number went down so it kinda saved me “rogue”! No no I had said it! Oh I’m with Jessie! Why don’t you shoot Jessie?! But it’s open! Oh no he’s trolling! He is such a troll Damn, it was a free win… But he can’t…ohhh…. And me, the game is too fluid and I can’t do my flip reset I swear guys, I didn’t do my flip reset because it was too smooth. I swear it’s true. Oh boy, the fluidity!! Yes! Oh la la, I will make you dream guys! Ok I team up with Jessie! We’re going to win all the matchs. I’m motivating him! He must be so motivated now, a crazy motivation! Oh la la la, nice one! I’ve read him! That’s an insane one!
– “lucky” No no you can’t say that man Oh la la la insane!! Oh la la, this cooperation with Jessie, this is crazy! We’ve never seen this guys! A move like that and yet I have the flip reset but I know he’s coming so I’m waiting for him. Is the new pokemon good guys? I’m hesitating to buy it for my little 6 years old cousin, it would be cool for him. Is it any good guys ? I love this game! At what moment did he tell himself ” I’m playing with Kaydop, we’re on a win strike he told me to try hard I’ll use my merc” He making fun of me! He is trolling me!! He has no boost. But what’s he doing?! What a move! What a move! I didn’t even see it coming! Don’t troll Jessie please, don’t troll! I have 1000 points You’ve 146 points, you didn’t do anything the whole game, please don’t troll now! No, no no, I can’t take it anymore! Why doesn’t he see the fake! He’s not doing anything and now he doesn’t see the fake… Jessie MVP no no way. Ok I’ll jump for it. Why!? Noo! Let’s go Jessie, make me dream! Oh no, no, this is too much! This is too much! He went into the wall! He went into the wall… This is just some trolling… How can he make such bad moves! Look, now, why don’t you flip now!? He’s doing the worst flip in the world… I’m tired of it… Nooo! I don’t have it here?! Like I don’t have it… It’s too late, he’s not playing wisely I’m tired of it, it’s too much guys. This is the kick now, I’ll just tell him that I have a saxophone class. He’s believing it now! Just saying, I’ll not lose against Jessie now! If I’ve left the game it’s to win, so I’ll not lose against him, that’s for sure. But…what’s he doing?! I have told you I told you, it was obvious! Calm down… not but seriously… He had the easiest move to do and he failed… Seriously, I’m going to lose against Jessie even though I deserve to win DAY TWO! Oh I’m playing with Jessie guys Worst game… No when I’m playing with Jessie it’s winnable games! What a shoot! Very nice shoot! We give it all, that’s crazy Teamwork! We can see that Alpha still struggles Oh Jessie is inviting me! I’ll give him a chance guys I’ll also tell him no merc! Because yesterday he took the merc, and let’s say that it was the best move! Let’s go Jessie! Nice shoot man! We understand each other so well with Jessie! He knows I’m going to bum here He’s telling himself “he’s going to bum” and yes! Basically Jessie means free win! Go Jessie! Oh too bad! The combination that almost worked! Insane! It’s just insane! I didn’t see that one coming! What just… oh don’t stop playing! Why did he stop playing?! Why!? This is ridiculous, why did he stop!? Nice, nice, nice! He doesn’t miss anything! Well, when he saves us from a goal nicely he stops playing, but other than that Teamwork? Yes yes! We can not lose, this is crazy. Look! That’s a goal! We have a teamplay with Jessie! Amazing pass, amazing pass! I want to encourage him guys! If he can send it to me in the middle, it could work. Am I forcing it? Yes a little bit guys! Ohhh yes! Yes! I wanted to shoot This is crazy man!

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  1. Je comprend pas pourquoi le monteur cache le pseudo des gens qui parle dans son chat , on s'enfou genre tant mieux pour le mec qui passe sur la video nan ? fin jsp

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