100 thoughts on “Best XP Stealing TROLL ever in MOPE.IO

  1. Lol right now I was in mope.io and a eagle called me “nerd” and my name was loody fan and his was loody. I asked him “real?” Then he was like “of course nerd” then I said “well loody doesn’t call his fans nerds” and then he got salty and killed me lol

  2. Loody how long does it take u to get to an apex animal?
    Here's a vid to help u get better and level up faster; its a little outdated but you can adjust what u do so that u will still get monster in about half an hour. Also, in this new age, always choose trex as ur apex animal

  3. heya, Loody, it's me, the "Your Friend" that Kraken from mope.io,

    you are too professional, lol, u won another subscriber 😀

  4. I love your video, and I want to make mope videos but my mom disagree.. Can you make blue whale trolling video? It will be much more fun than other youtubers if you make that I guess. Because your videos are always great! Blue whales are overpowered so it wouldn't be much hard 😉

  5. I challenge u for a 1v1. If i win u post a video on youtube and write i'm noob in the description, if u win i give u my xp everytime I see you., (don't ignore me)

  6. Loody, can u ploz add me in discord if you have it? Me really want to be friendz ploz. My username is Tore09#4190 me would really appreciate it ^^

  7. I was blue whale and I was called loody fan and this king crab called loody tried to kill me I got away and became crab then killed him in 1v1 he came back and asked why I would kill him cause I'm real and I was like srsly lmao

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