1. I have a 36 inch by 18 inch 40g aquarium. I want it to be low tech. Would a Twinstar E series or C series better?

  2. i love aquascaping as much as the next person, but i find it hard to get materials or specific plants etc a lot of shops i try have a few but all of these materials you used must have cost $$ to get i want to try aquascaping though

  3. Hi Green Aqua! I love your videos 🙂 I was wondering what you put in the gaps between the tank wall and the rocks to keep the betta out?

  4. Love your channel! Always so inspiring. I feel like setting up a tank like this right now! Could you also provide a video demonstration on how to clean and maintain this non CO2 tank?

  5. What glue can I use to stick rocks together? Which is safe for aquatic species, and won't affect any water parameters.
    An answer would be highly appreciated. 😀

  6. WOW 🤩😃🌿🌱
    This is Amazing Aqvarium 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🧝‍♀️💖🏆🎋Thanks for thes 🎶🎬🌿

  7. I want to scape my tanks but im to young, have no money and there is no pet shop that sells plants in my place btw love your videos good work

  8. I new to this fish keeping hobby. What about the Co2 part of your video title? What is Co2? Why is Co2 used in a fish tank anyway? And why did you make the aqua scape non-Co2, what are the differences between Co2 and non Co2? Thanks

  9. If I make black water of almond leaf for Betta fish, Rotala Hra which are planted in my background would be okay or not..?
    Do black water stunt the growth of plants?

  10. Great video and beautiful aquascaping. I've got one question though, how do you don to prevent the moss wall from blocking the filtre suction?

  11. Thank you for this awesome video. Unbelievable relation between aquascape and the betta. What kind of livestock buddies you recommend to live with him??? Shrimps are possible???

  12. Боже мой зачем вы это делаете Betta не нужен фильтр и такой аквариум лучше бы креветок запутили или расбор мелких…

  13. My God why do you do this Betta does not need a filter and such an aquarium would be better to confuse the shrimp…

  14. Another good, informative, entertaining build bro. I'd have set the filter up to be more maintainence friendly but I love how much purigen you used, enough for a 1000 litres 😂😂 it's great stuff, I've recently been converted.

  15. I see, your filtration system is wrong, clearly wrong ! The first seperation class has a wrong position. The water has to run through filtration in a S flow!

  16. Hi Balazs and Tommy, I am Aaron. Been following your channel for about a years. Today I have just subscribed to your channel because your videos are amazing and they inspire me to start my own channel as well. I just started a relax music video with shrimps channel.
    Film my shrimps with the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max and video edit them using the iPad Pro 2018. Although my videos is a little different niche from yours, I hope you can help support a YouTube starter like myself by giving me a like or subscribe if you do like them. Here is the link to my video. https://youtu.be/HxCMYQT1qZA

  17. Its always a pleasure to watch your videos. Informative and stylish🙌
    One question: If I want to use Co2 for my betta tank, how do I do that? The Co2 will stay at the watersurface, so the betta can‘t get enough oxygen. How do I avoid it? Use a grid cover instead of a glass cover? Thanx for your time in advance!!

  18. Hello. Another great video. It looked great. You put valisnerie to the left – 17.48 I think there is a microsorium there?

  19. Hi, we watch you from Iraq. Thank you for your creativity. We make use of your information. We support you. Like you.💓💓💓💓

  20. God it would be nice to have access to so many rocks and plants to be able to pick the perfect ones for a scape. Im forced to do a rough plan, then buy as little as possible to make it happen and am stuck with those choices 😂

  21. Muy bonito todos los videos las herramientas que tienen en mi país es muy difícil conseguir la única observación es que el filtro que tiene está mal diseñado es de tres secciones la primera sección por donde entra el agua Tendría que ir por debajo a la segunda sección la segunda sección ir por arriba hacia el filtro la bomba la toma de abajo hacia arriba meter material filtrante en la parte de arriba de la bomba con guata con eso pasaría de la primera sección a la segunda por debajo y darle segunda a la tercera por arriba y la bomba se encargaría de volverla a regresar al acuario

  22. You used the Amazonia light powder pretty deep toward the back but your website says to keep the powder no deeper than 1cm to not inhibit circulation. Is using 'powder only' a viable option?

  23. as you say, he only thought of an environment of visual impact, which has nothing to do with the true habitat of the betta which is notoriously typical of rice fields.too much light, no cover, poor betta … aquariums must be functional to fish, not just to our eyes.

  24. Dang bro! 115,000 views in 3 days. You are going to crush Tommy's video. Beautiful set up, Truly a betta paradise!

  25. How much did that whole setup cost? And would you be interested in building and shipping one to me? Name your price.

  26. Just 2 pygmy cories? DX
    Needa get them some buddies so they can all appreciate the beautiful work you've done!

  27. Siz harikasınız türkçe dil desteği gelmiş🎊🎉🇹🇷 teşekkürler 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😎

  28. Просто потрясающе! Но на сколько практичны такие аквариумы? Чистить, убирать грунт, это же целая проблема с таким грунтом или песком. А что за клей вы используете для крепления растений?

  29. I love the way you say betta. Your tank setup is beautiful, but your poor betta won't have any room to swim around. I have a bunch of bettas that I rescued and they all have a lot of open space to swim. They will swim really fast playing and exercising. And for any viewers that read comments, bettas love to chase laser lights just like a cat. And you can train them to do tricks. They also love attention and they will show off when you are watching.

  30. What is your recommended flow for a betta tank, my pump blows away my betta, so I had to reduced the flow, after reducing the flow … bammm algae exploded 🤦‍♂️

  31. Please make a nano tank with turly stone from indonesia ..
    And invite a herry rasio the winner CIAC nano tank ☺
    i hope you read this

  32. I apologize for the unrelated topic. I haven’t found a good answer. Can I use a GH+ for plants and safely keep and grow Caridina shrimp? There are additives for shrimp specifically but I have a GH+ for plants. I use RO water then I increase the tds to 120.

  33. I have a fresh Water tank and I have Cichlids in it. Should I start a planted Aquarium ? And how difficult would it be? And where can I find These Plants? BTW Love you Green Aqua ❤️💚

  34. OK I have a question for you.
    Using an active soil without co2, how you deal with the algae? The soil could kill my low tech tank and turn into a disaster? ???

  35. Beautiful Beta tank!! I like the use of the Impa ancora. I’m wondering since I can’t get that in the states. Would Bondo work in its place?

  36. Great tank and another great video! The filter though… something about the way that setup flows just doesn't seem right (mechanically)
    Also, if you pur your bio media in bags, future maintenance will be so much easier and the purigen can just go underneath it in the second chamber and it will always be right in the water current.

  37. Very inspirational video! I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of glue I can use for the rocks, because in my country It's not available the one that you used in the video. Which elements the glue should have? And which not?

  38. Great work guys! Can you tell me what was that cotton-like product you used to fill the space between rocks and glass? And also, can you share a link to the black wrap you used on sides at the end? Thanks !

  39. Do you or anyone know what this dandelion looking thing in my tank, I read it was Hydra but I'm unsure. I don't know how to remove it and if it's deadly to my mollies, Molly fry, African dwarf frog, and yoyo loach? I need help please!

  40. Your videos are awesome and you are the best, sad you don't live in spain…. hope someday i could make aquariums like yours.

  41. Matrix placed loosely behind the filter foam would be a pain in the @$$ for maintenance. They should be in a bag!

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