Blood Flesh Supply 1.9.5 Small Bug Reel (Enable Subtitles for explanations)

Blood Flesh Supply 1.9.5 Small Bug Reel (Enable Subtitles for explanations)

Crushers still kill the player while moving up Flare DOT doesn’t prevent gargoyles from landing melee strikes GDX as example. Gargoyles won’t hurt you EVER “Portal” effects still broken in user maps. (HHILL2.ZIP) Working one under GDX Windows still block explosive projectiles The way it should be In multiplayer, lag still makes players take outrageous amounts of damage on safe jumps LAG in MP also makes players be pushed dangerously in elevators The right amount of lag + elevator speed will kill players, and make “jump pads” in user maps deadly traps. Here is it withou lag. Notice how the player doesn’t reach the ground when going up. And this is a jump pad in a map of mine, which is just a fast elev with short travel distance that propels the player

13 thoughts on “Blood Flesh Supply 1.9.5 Small Bug Reel (Enable Subtitles for explanations)

  1. y en español no hay subtitulo? =(
    bueno a lo que entendí, es que los errores siguen tras actualizaciones?

  2. Si vas a comparar, hazlo con DOSBox, no con GDX. El bug de las gárgolas no es tal; haz la prueba con DOSBox y lo verás.
    Editado: sí, el error está ahí. Lo he comprobado jaja

  3. Sucks… I wanna buy and support this. But I don't like giving my money to companies that rush out their games without testing them first.

  4. Still some bugs I see. Still better than the original launch and more importantly still better than modern COD.

  5. I think you're being a bit too biased. At least these guys are committed to fixing the bugs. Plus these are all multiplayer related which Im sure they'll fix soon as their focusing on single player rn. I understand they could have waited a bit more before releasing it but theres no need to be so overly negative about the port.

  6. I mentioned all these bugs to the guys at Nightdive Studios, and I gave them the link to this video for analysis. They should be able to fix it very soon… 🙂

  7. this thing is a total pile of garbage and a month later they still have not fixed the graphical issues that you see when you go to my page. what a disgrace.

  8. I just tested the last update. The game crashed 3 times trying to quick load in the first level… Quick saving still takes 2 seconds, they improved (it used to be 5-6 seconds) but in BuildGDX quick saving is instant so I don't understand why it takes so much time here. ALSO when the game crashes during quick loads it completely fucks my quick saves making them unusable… is super sad this didn't have proper Q&A and Night Dive decided to use their customers as beta testers.

  9. I never understood the logic behind pitchforking gargoyles. Some gargoyles will just allow me to pitchwork them to death while standing still while others just won't let the trick work at all, it's as if it depends on the level, and I'm saying that without the flare gun. And does pitchforking them with a flare make a difference in their behavior in the normal game?

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