We started from lisbon… we are on the flight to Sao Vicente, now 4 hours and we arrive on the island We have just arrived in Sao Vicente the problem is that there are many people to do the visa We’re in Mindelo, starting the first day we arrived yesterday, we are in Sao Vicente, the city is Mindelo and we’re here to catch the Marlin All the best crews in the world are here now because it is the best place in the world for Blue Marlin fishing Hey Luca, is the sea rough this morning? Yes this morning is a little rough the problem that usually is always calmer in the morning, in the afternoon it usually gets worse! finally we left we put 4 rods in fishing, 2 external mounted on the divergent, approx 30 m and 2 closer to 5/7 meters they’re all surface lures, Kona we are going at 8 knots of speed we also lowered a tesar that simulates a small branch of fish, right under the boat Now we just have to wait! warn Luca if the wire loses tension the shock leader is coming unhooked it went well anyway, the important is the fight! what a pity, he freed himself under the boat it was probably badly attacked and when Ivan forced it it came off life is made up of simple things: 4 rods, 4 friends, a massage, biscuit and you’re on top! We have just left, we are fishing! Now we hope in the Strike! Yesterday was still good because we took a Marlin. Unfortunately he freed himself under the boat but in this fishing, if you can take the Shock Leader in hand the fish is considered caught … today let’s see if we can get another one, this time seeing the fish! now we are in San Pedro, the sea is quite rough … Let’s wait! it’s very powerful! what a power! recover 2 meters but he takes you 10 Nooooo F***K! we’ve seen it! Nooo, I wanted to touch it! How big was it? Like yesterday’s more or less like yesterday’s? It was double, though! My first Marlin, monstrous effort seems to have attacked a train amazing! when you see it with that giant eye it is a unique emotion! the ocean is fantastic! we are still in Mindelo, we have just greeted Luca who has been with us very little and now we are leaving for Santo Antao which is the island nearby and on which we will stay for a few days. Then based on the conditions we will decide what to do OK let’s go! we arrived in Santo Antao, now the boys give us a ride to the shore we took a limousinne to take us to the hotel These guys are accompanying us to our boat I’ve never seen a place like this in my life, there’s a black sand made of lava we realized how fantastic marlin fishing was when we started making a new technique called Pitch or Switch Bait. practically consists in putting 2 central teasers without hook that will be connected to 2 reels in the console when the Marlin arrives and attacks one of these 2 teasers, we are warned by the clutch that leaves, we recover them immediately and in their place we throw a dead bait that we go to animate with the rod all this is absurd, when you see the fish in the wake of the bait you literally feel yourself in danger and chased because you have an animal that can reach over 600 kg that eats the bait afloat on sight. It’s a crazy thing that you can’t try with other peaches we are in the midst of a swarm of dolphins and gulls that hunt flying fish on the left Tony look who jumps broke the Shock Leader! broke the Crimp this adventure has literally bewitched me, the regret is that of not being able to touch any fish because of problems that have happened to us and a little to our inexperience but anyway it’s ok. however this thing charges us even more and makes us come back next year to try to capture the Monster of the Atlantic!

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