47 thoughts on “BMP Fishing: The Series | Lake Dardanelle

  1. My man BP! Hell of a derby last week on the river awesome to see the turn around from day one! Go get em this week on Champlain sucks they didn't let you guys go out today but I'm sure many tanks will be caught tommorow. All the best bro -PHSC

  2. Love these videos, Keep up the good work, hope to see you holding the AOY trophy at the end of the season!

  3. haha just when you think your life sucks, you could be a shad…great quote BP!!  Good luck on Champlain!!

  4. Sweet Video series!    Are marshals allowed to film with a gopro?  The marshal rules say no I think but I see enough videos to think otherwise…  ??????????????

  5. As a fairly new college angler these have been an incredible source of inspiration. I kept up with your channel throughout my time fishing at the high school level and the videos are even better now than they were. Your channel really conveys the "why we do it" better than anyone else out there!

  6. Hilarious Day 2 experience with the Marshal. I've been a Marshal multiple times and been just as excited for the anglers before. 🙂

  7. Another great video B thanks for all this great content from the series I really appreciate it… bro I dropped everything for this I played D1 basketball and didn't go overseas to make it in this sport bc it's what I love…. your videos motivate me and I know I can make it and one day hopefully fish against you 🙏🏼 one question what is your key to always making checks bro?!

  8. So do you prefer a marshal that doesn't talk at all or like the one you had on the video. I guess if I ever do marshal, I will just play it by ear. I have fished with guys in the bfl that do not say a word all day and then fished with guys that wanted to talk and make the day go by. Just curious on your opinion?

  9. After seeing you on Bassmaster Live with a few Go-pros,i thought you might of had a youtube channel. And here I am. Love it. Best of luck on St.Clair

  10. BP Thank you for the Cameo! What an awesome day on the water! I am pretty sure from start to finish we had a good time! For those of you who have not had the pleasure of Marshalling an event, please sign up! Hopefully, you are lucky enough to draw BMP Fishing! This was my first time marshaling and I couldn't help but feel like I was fishing a team tourney. I am glad to see you enjoyed my enthusiasm. Good luck at the St. Clair!

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