BMP Fishing: The Series | Lake Hartwell Driven by Go RVing

BMP Fishing: The Series | Lake Hartwell Driven by Go RVing

(peaceful piano music) – The difference with this
event compared to other ones is that there’s no points involved, so when you come into this, second place doesn’t matter, third place doesn’t
matter, making a top 10, none of that matters. It’s literally all about winning, ’cause I finished second
in this gig and it sucks. Cliff Pace did what he needed
to do over the three days and beat me by a couple pounds. That’s the closest I’ve been. It was a little hard to
swallow, but what do you do? All you can do is get geared
up and battle for the next one. I had a ton of people ask me, did you prepare for your speech? Did you write it down,
what’d you write down? I didn’t write a single thing down, ’cause I didn’t wanna come
up here and speak to everyone off of a piece of paper. I wanted it to come from the heart. One of my biggest pet peeves, and I know a bunch of you other
anglers have heard this, is I would be a professional
if I had a ton of money and if everybody paid for it. If I had a bunch of money,
I would fish professionally. I’m here to tell you, and
I know a bunch of you are, that doesn’t matter. And this goes out to the
other Federation guys, the Team Championship guys, the college kids that have qualified. You earned your right to be here, right? Every single guy that is fishing this week has earned his right to be
here, whether it’s through the Opens, the Elites, whatever it may be, you’ve earned your right to be here. Thank you and let’s enjoy our night and enjoy the rest of the week. (audience applauding) (upbeat music) ♪ The light ♪ ♪ The light ♪ – This is a behind the scenes look of what the Classic stage
looks like as it’s being built, before it’s completely filled with fans. We’re getting the behind the scenes look. – I’m over here.
– This is what it looks like, right?
– I’m walking through the– – Come on. I don’t even know where we’re at, but
we’re here for the Classic in the arena, whatever
this arena’s called. What’s up, everybody? I’m Brandon Palaniuk, 2017
Bassmaster Angler of the Year here at the 2018 Bassmaster Classic looking for my first win. (upbeat music) ♪ The light ♪ ♪ The light ♪ – [Interviewer] Practice
going good for you? – It’s been a struggle. It’s a lot different than I
think a lot of us expected coming into the event, so it’s
gonna be all about adapting. Coming to this event, I really
felt like a good way to win would be to have a mix of deep fish, shallow fish, and then that’s how a guy would win it. But the way that Mother Nature has kinda played things out this week, I really think that it’s
gonna be a shallow gig. And guys will still compete,
and it still could be won deep. There’ll be plenty of guys up
toward the top that fish deep, but for me and what I’ve found, I’m committed shallow. Now I still have some deep
stuff that if I need to run to, I will, but I’m committing
to the shallow bite, ’cause I think it’s probably
the most risky at this point, but I also think it’s the best way to win. Not even as much about the winning part as it’s just way more fun
to catch ’em (laughs). It sucks to not catch ’em. My favorite part of the morning. If people start talking
to me and I don’t respond. – [Man] Just let ’em talk to you? – Yeah, or at least hit me and be like, hey, someone’s talking to you. Thanks, man. ♪ This guy, eeh, eeh ♪ – Hey, hey, look at you. Bingo. ♪ All come from ♪ ♪ Where do they all come from ♪ – Welcome to the Bassmaster
Classic (laughs). It’s a little crazy. Alright, guys, next time you see us, we’re gonna be blasting off,
heading to our first stop, day one, 2018 Bassmaster Classic, and then shortly after
that, probably a six-pounder jumping in slow motion, insert now. – [Brandon] I don’t know about that. I’m trying to catch me a big old fat bass. – [Brandon] Yeah (laughs), I believe it. Don’t tell me any more. – [Brandon] I’m not
allowed to get any info. – [Brandon] Alright, I
will be out of your way. Thanks for letting me fish it. (upbeat music) There we go. What do I got? A shad, I got a big old gizzard shad. Big one, nasty shad. Gotta find the ones that are eating those. (upbeat music) Big ‘un. Come here, come here, come
here, come here, come here. Come here, just got one hook in. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, yeah, ooh! Ooh. ♪ Where do they all come from ♪ ♪ Where do they all come ♪ – [Brandon] Ooh, that’s
what I’m talking about. ♪ Where do they all come from ♪ – [Brandon] Get in here, yeah, yeah. Whoo, man. (upbeat music) ♪ Oh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, where do they all come from ♪ ♪ Where do they ♪ – It was interesting (laughs). We started off with a really good bite, caught a 3 1/2-pounder, and I thought we were gonna catch ’em
really good, shallow. I thought they would just
keep coming, and it got tough. I had three fish, I think, with 35 minutes to go. Caught my fourth one, and on the way back, decided to hit one deep brush pile and rolled up first cast,
caught like a two-pound spot. (laughs) And so, I mean, that
two pounds is a big deal, ’cause at least now, at least now we’re in the hunt where if we go catch 20 tomorrow, we can get ourselves back in this thing. – [Announcer] Fishing his
eighth Geico Bassmaster Classic. Your reigning and defending
Bassmaster Angler of the Year, from prodigy to apex predator of professional bass fishing in 2017, South Carolina, get loud, The
Prodigy, Brandon Palaniuk. ♪ It is time to accept this, yeah ♪ – [Announcer] Get loud for
Huk pro Brandon Palaniuk. Five fish for 13 pounds even
and he rounds out our top 12. 13 even, Yamaha, Skeeter
pro Brandon Palaniuk rounding out our top 12. – What’s up, everybody? Brandon Palaniuk here,
just got done weighing in at the 2018 Bassmaster Classic day one, and had 13 pounds. When we weighed in, that
had us in 12th place, probably gonna drop down
somewhere middle of the pack, but I think about 19
1/2’s leading right now, so we’re not way out of it. Go out there tomorrow,
we got a weather change, smash 20 pounds, and we’re
right back in this thing. That’s all you can ask for
going into the final day, to be in contention to
win, and that’s our goal, 20 pounds tomorrow and
then see what happens. Today, ladies and gentlemen,
is Saturday, March, don’t even know the date (laughs), 17th. It’s day two, Bassmaster Classic. Bella, get your nose
out the shot (laughs). Oh, day two, Bassmaster Classic. We’re sitting in 26th place. They only take the top
25 to fish tomorrow, so we need to step it
up a little bit today. I may actually start things off a little bit different today. I may start on some spotted bass and just hit a few brush piles real quick, see if we can’t pick off two or three and then go largemouth
fishing this afternoon. Got a little bit different
weather, some rain, little bit of clouds and stuff
that should change things, so hopefully we can slide in, fish Sunday, catch 20 pounds, getting back in contention to
still try to win this thing. (dramatic music) Oh, they’re scattered all over the place. There we go. Oh, he’s little, I think. Yeah, tiny, tiny, tiny little fella. Oh, my goodness, he measures, that’s sad. Huh, whole bunch of ’em streaking down. Oh, and you’re gonna come back up? If you’re gonna come back up, I’m gonna drop something on you. Got him. No (groans and laughs). Gosh dang it, felt like a decent one, too. Oh, man. Bummer. We’re already ahead of where
we were yesterday, though, ’cause I don’t think I caught my first one until like nine, 9:30. And we’ve got one that is bigger than the smallest one I weighed
yesterday, so we’re ahead. Just need to go get those big bites again. (upbeat music) ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ – [Brandon] Big ‘un, big ‘un. Oh, gosh, stay on there. (upbeat music) ♪ Yeah ♪ – [Brandon] Ooh. ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Yeah, oh ♪ ♪ Oh ♪ ♪ Yeah, oh ♪ ♪ Yeah, oh ♪ (upbeat music) – [Man] Good. – Well, I’d say it was better than yesterday. Probably made better decisions. (spectator cheering) But we don’t have a lot more weight. I didn’t get as many big bites. I got two good ones, two of the right ones and then three just decent ones, where yesterday I had
four pretty good ones and then I just had one little 12-incher, so fingers crossed that we
get a fish again tomorrow. If you’re fishing tomorrow,
who knows what happens, alright, so that’s all we can hope for. – [Interviewer] So is this desk gonna get a little wet tomorrow, too? – Oh, I do believe so. – [Interviewer] Uh-oh. – Oh, I do believe so.
– What you got? You gonna show us a little something? – I do believe so. Got a couple of them.
– Oh, yeah, that’ll work, ooh. As we like to say out
there, that dog’ll hunt. ♪ Dominator ♪ ♪ Guts with the guns
and the giant slayers ♪ ♪ Giant slayer ♪ ♪ Boneshaker, dominator ♪ ♪ Freight train, wrecking
ball, I’m the gladiator ♪ – Former B.A.S.S. Nation National Champion. (crowd cheering drowns out announcer) You are having the most
consistent tournament of any angler in this field, back to back 13 pound bags. – Yeah, they just need to
be consistent 23 pound bags is the only problem. Had a blast today, I
fished some new water, thought I got onto something. I’m just hoping I’m
gonna go again tomorrow. As long as you’re fishing
tomorrow, anything can happen. Today I switched things up. I actually started deep just
to get a few bites early to get the confidence going, and left and went largemouth
fishing with three spots and pulled into a creek that I
hadn’t had a bite in all week and got in there and
there were fish schooling, and I ended up catching
’em on a bladed jig, a spinner bait, flipping jig. I caught ’em doing a
bunch of different things, so I’m probably gonna
make it ’til tomorrow. I had a better average
today, but I still weighed exactly 13 pounds again,
so I’ve got 26 even and should be fishing again tomorrow. We’ll get out there and hopefully, who knows what could happen, catch 25 pounds and make
a run at this thing. – [Camera Man] Thank you, sir. – You’re welcome. – Good luck tomorrow.
– Yeah, thank you. Officially made it in the cut. Lived to fight another day. – [Woman] Out here. – Head back to the camper. All our tackle’s done, so just hang out, relax. – [Man] How many pounds today, Tiff? – Thirty.
– Ooh. – Still waiting for my 30-pound day. – [Man] Only 30? – I think 30’s getting kinda
greedy, isn’t it? (laughs) – How’s this sound? (gas pump rattling) That way I got gas fumes
on it, so when I’m on fire later today, there’ll be a big explosion. We gone. Oh, we’re bringing out the big dogs. (people chattering faintly) I can’t show you this. – [Man] Oh. – This is top secret. (soft country music) Top secret, not allowed to see it. ♪ Da da da dow, da da da da dow ♪ There’s what we pretty
much caught all our fish on this week, Molix Venator spinnerbait, DT6 brown craw, a 3/8 black Molix Kento jig, and the old Chatter wagon. We’re fishing, see you guys out there. (upbeat music) Is that a beaver or a 10-pounder? Oh, I see one. Look on that far side. Turn, turn, turn. And he swam the other way. (laughs) Literally swam away from it. That was like a four-pounder. Oh, no, think I just frickin’ had him. I think he frickin’ ate it. Somehow I managed to screw it up. Swim jig bite. Oh, my gosh, a giant,
frickin’ almost five-pounder. Gosh, I got a hook in him, though, oh. It’s there again. There is a mega, mega one under this dock. It’s frickin’ massive, I saw
it swim back up under there. It’s sitting right in the
middle, the two middle floats. (laughs) It went, shwoof. Oh, that was a giant one. (laughs) Cannot make a frickin’ good cast. Look at that thing, man. Thing’s a mega. Hustle mode, going for the win. (upbeat music) Get on up in here. That sucker choked it. (upbeat music) That was a little better size. (upbeat music) This one’s gonna bother me for a while, just because I feel like I
didn’t make the best decisions and possibly coulda had
a shot at this thing. So we only got three bass, three decent ones, but we’re not going to win this year. – [Announcer] From Hayden,
Idaho, Brandon Palaniuk. (crowd cheering)
♪ Gladiator ♪ ♪ Gladiator, gladiator ♪ ♪ Picked a fight with the
gods, I’m a giant slayer ♪ ♪ Boneshaker ♪ – [Announcer] Champion and a three-time Elite Series champion. (crowd cheering drowns out announcer) ♪ Gladiator ♪ ♪ Picked a fight with the
gods, I’m a giant slayer ♪ ♪ Boneshaker, dominator ♪ ♪ Freight train, wrecking
ball, I’m the gladiator ♪ – Three fish today,
nine pounds, four ounces gives him 35 pounds and four ounces, and The Prodigy moves into
sixth place currently. Get loud for Brandon Palaniuk. (crowd cheering)
♪ Gladiator ♪ ♪ Picked a fight with the
gods, I’m a giant slayer ♪ ♪ Boneshaker, dominator ♪ – And we are literally a week away, or not even maybe a week, maybe two days. What I saw today, crazy
things coulda happened. I thought, knowing what I know now, I would’ve made different decisions and that’s gonna haunt me for a while. If you guys are anywhere near Hartwell, you guys need to be
fishing this next week, ’cause it’s about to go gangbusters. I mean, all these fish have
been waiting and waiting. They’re about to pull up
and it’s about to be crazy. Just like this weigh-in. – This weigh-in’s gonna be a lot of fun. Let’s hear for our Angler
of the Year, Brandon. – Alright, they’re about halfway through the Super Six right now. Ehrler already weighed in. He had a little bit more than
he thought he had, over 16. That’s got him in the lead
right now before they weigh the Super Six.
– From Talala, Oklahoma, Edwin Evers.
– I think it’s gonna be between Jordan and between Brent. The crazy part is it was
between those two guys last year at the Classic. Ehrler ended up finishing third but he went out in the
lead on the last day and Jordan ended up
winning, so it’s gonna be an exciting weigh-in,
man, makes me emotional. – 16 pounds. (cheering drowns out announcer) 16 pounds. (cheering drowns out announcer) Well, let’s see how
it’s all gonna work out. Ladies and gentlemen, one
of the most feared names in professional bass fishing,
five-time Bassmaster winner from Park Hill, Oklahoma, Jason Christie. Started the day with
37 pounds, four ounces. Looking for 9, 14. Eight pounds 11 ounces, and Jordan Lee is back to back Geico
Bassmaster Classic champion. (crowd cheering) For the rest of your
life, people will say, Jordan Lee, two-time Geico
Bassmaster Classic champion. (crowd cheering) You are the man, let’s hear it
for him, come on, give it up. (upbeat music) – We’re back at the Hilton, pretty much where our week started. We’re going into the champion’s toast, which is pretty much like
a rerun of last year, because frickin’ Jordan Lee won again, back-to-back Classics. Kid’s an animal, super cool to see, but at the same time, hard to see my buddies like Jason and
Brent lose, so bittersweet, but we’re gonna go in,
celebrate with Jordan. Super cool, congrats to
Jordan, unbelievable, man. ♪ That didn’t get the message ♪ ♪ Back to back like I’m on
the cover of Lethal Weapon ♪ ♪ Back to back like I’m Jordan ’96, ’97 ♪ – Hey, I got a song for you. – (laughs) Hey. – [Brandon] You know that song? – Back to Back, we going back to back. I know that song, I know my rap. – You’re dirty. – That was just–
– Didn’t see that one coming, did ya? – No, did you? – No, not until,
– No! – not until I loaded up my
boat and looked at BASSTrakk and went, ho.
– Me, too. – [Man] One more. – Let’s see, what would I like to say? We will end this one
with congrats to Jordan, proof that anything can happen
at the Bassmaster Classic or anything can happen in this crazy sport that we all love called bass fishing. Subscribe to the channel. Keep a look out for the
Sabine River coming up next. ♪ Where do they all come from ♪ ♪ Where do they all come ♪

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