38 thoughts on “BMP Fishing: The Series | Toledo Bend Reservoir

  1. love your vids, awesome how you have a trail boat and talk to the camera while fishing the derby. thanks man ur the best

  2. integrity is what it's all about. maybe you didn't get that one, but I'd say it paid off at rayburn. congrats on 2 great tournaments.

  3. I don't want to he that guy but theres a m in champion hahah. Just joking man! Great tournament and video loved it

  4. Love the video Brandon!  Congrats on the HUGE WIN last week at Texas Fest and clinch a Classic Berth!!!!  Cant wait to see the video for that one!  now its time to see if you can chase down Jason for the AOY.

  5. Brandon, great video as always. Congratulations on the WIN at Sam Rayburn. Your the best. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS. …

  6. Loving it, another great video. Excited to hopefully see some Ross Barnett and Sam Rayburn footage in the future!

  7. One thing that would have made the results better was if CZ would have been in the top 12 with you. Really enjoyed the video. You guys are the best for a reason. Toledo was not at it's best but y'all made it interesting.

  8. this series is awesome love seeing you grow in the sport. We need more people like you keep up the good work , God Bless

  9. thats me at the 2:00 mark in the boat with BP. Thanks for letting me come along on the last day of practice.

  10. Blessed to meet Brandon few days ago. Staying in same rv park while he prepares for tournament. Everyone trying give him space and let him relax n prepare but very excited that he's here!

  11. Lol, Brandon was so mad that he made that mistake. Later did he know he will win (I also like the quote "Last time I did that I won.". Awesome vid, huge fan Brandon. I am starting to get into tournaments and hope to fish for a living. Looking up to you and rooting for ya! Thanks for inspiring me

  12. Damn,what a rollercoaster ride this vid was. I couldn't sit still. I was watching on BassLive on Sunday,but didn't realize what happened earlier in the tourney. Love watching the vids man,thanks for sharing.

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