Braided Fishing Line vs Monofilament – Which is better?

Braided Fishing Line vs Monofilament – Which is better?

it is Captain Chris Myers Central
Florida sight fishing charters and I’m constantly amazed at the number of
people these days that still do not use braided fishing line if you’re one of
those folks this video’s for you and I’m here to tell you why you should use it
and why it’s a lot better for years i’ve been using nothing but
braid and I couldn’t imagine going back to monofilament this monofilament has a
ton of stretching it that a lot of times you don’t even realize until you finish
with braids here’s the down sides that are mono you
have a lot of stretch so when you set the hook it doesn’t set
the hook is good it boils up easily so if you’re real against the drag or if
you have a lower that spins it will tangle free line when you open up your
bail or go to cast you get a big knot of spaghetti it doesn’t take much to put a nick in it
will cause your line to break son will break it down so it won’t last as long
overall to fish with braided line and i braided lines there’s a lot of different
kinds of them probably my favorite one to use this suffix line it’s the 832 superline Brent kind that
they have super slick last a long time another popular brand you know this is
greg your power pro there’s a lot of different brands of
braids they’re basically all the same so we have a lot smoother coating so the
cast a little better than others and you know you’ll find that you’ll pack on the
spool little better but any of the braided lines are better than any of the
monofilament for one with these great lines i have no stretch or very very
little stretched as much as you can tell it’s a lot thinner so this stuff is a
six-pound braided line it’s the size of two pound mono I have
some twenty pound braided line here it’s the size of six pound monitor so i get a lot more line on my school
and since it’s thinner it goes through the guides easier it will cast farther
it’ll cast light lures better when you’re filling up your school’s a simple
way to accomplish set I like to fill mine off all the way up
to the edge cats a lot easier because there’s less friction on the top of the
edge of this school but if you’re feeling up with a small school such as
this one some of these this one has a hundred
fifty someone will have a hundred you always want to put some monofilament
backing on your school first it will keep the braid from spinning on the
Arbor but you know you don’t need all that
braid so fill it up with much cheaper mono at least a third of the way then
top it off with braids well if you’re feeling up with a little school like
that and you don’t guess exactly how much mono you need you’re
going to end up with a problem you’re not going to fill up your school or
you’re going to have you know 30 40 yards left over that you can’t put on
another school you’re filling it up with the big real
punch like this it doesn’t quite matter but here’s a trick up your real has an
extra empty spool take the MP school put it on put your entire school braid how
much you want 200 250 yards under 50 is usually system sufficient put the
hundred fifty on there then top it off with mono take this pool off put your
other school on thi this line which we have the mono on top on to your other
school take it off here put it onto here now
it’s filled up exactly right just like you need it another way you can do is
just go to your local tackle store have them put it on it’s basically the
same cost you get exactly how much you need you don’t have to throw away any
extra and it’s packed on there nicely because they’re doing it with the
machines let’s put on there perfectly cradle cast farther last longer doesn’t break down son doesn’t twist up
since the hook better and you get a cool sound when you hook
up fishes goes to these islets much much better overall the biggest complaint I
hear about braid as people get with knots in it perfectly squeeze out here
right now I guarantee i could create one of those knots it’s not from the wind it’s from not
knowing how to operate the school and keeping tension on your line you can check out some of my casting
videos I’m going to show you how those knots are created how not to get them put some braids on
your reel and put the appropriate size on you know if I’m fishing for bass I don’t find catching five ten pound
bass I really don’t need 20 pound line this
10-pound line will catch 30 pound fish I catch 30 pound red fish on this 10 pound line over
and over and over don’t overdo your line you’ll be able to
cast a lot lighter lures a lot farther when you need it it’s just more fun to use so for Central
Florida Sight Fishing Charters this is Captain Chris Myers

100 thoughts on “Braided Fishing Line vs Monofilament – Which is better?

  1. good video….its all I use on spinners….I use a shock leader of heavier braid for beach casting could never get a small enough knot to cleanly flow through the duel rung guides on my poles….with mono… is more expensive, but lasts longer..Robert, the only downside at the beach is, you have to use a glove, it will cut your finger off………never had an issue with it …..with conventional surf casting reels…I wouldn't use braid…..Chris, do you think a braid leader will spook a fish?…I'm reading your older posts, you mention using a floro leader?…..

  2. If my reel says I can only go up to 14 pounds does that mean I can use higher poundage braided line because it's thinner…great video!

  3. I want to get this medium action spinning combo. I will probably only use it for freshwater. It says for line weight 6-12 lbs. What kind of line should i put on it and what weight?

  4. U nail it every time I use 10lb mono beginning of my spool then 40lb braid then 25lb fluro leader for my swimbait I cast the river2sea 120 168 and 200 n never have a issue I use the Mitchell 300 reel on my rhino Med action rod

  5. I find braid doesn't cast as good as mono on spinning reels but I find braid works better on bait casters it's probably just me tho

  6. Thanks for posting Captain; what I did not see covered was one complaint that is important: when you switch to braid, if you don't have rod guides that are built to take the braid, it can wear a groove in the guide.  Most new rods are equipped for braid, and say so, but older ones, not always.  Also, some of us have had trouble getting as many bites, fishing for example, live baits—I see guides using braid a lot–but with flouro leaders.  A short mono or flouro leader will not offer enough stretch to worry about.

  7. I fish in the aqueduct and usually we bring up fish from the gates over a barb wire fence so i use 20lb spiderwire braided but the fish are usually small about a pound but the pole aint gona pick up a 5 pounder over a 6ft fence lol

  8. I use trilene smooth casting mono and never had those problems but i do use braid on  spinning reels but a leader really helps especially in public lakes , pressured fsh , etc

  9. So I just got the Shakespeare crusader rod reel combo and right now I have 8lb mono spooled on what lb braid should I use my max test on the rod is 8lb so what lb braid should i use?

  10. i am so confused.. use braid cause its stronger then hook up a floro leader? wouldn't just the floro snap then when hooked up to a fish?

  11. I know in terms of all the above mentioned facts braid is superior but…. the reason I don't use braid is that it cuts into my fingers. Even with callouses it still can cut into me at times. I sometimes use my pointer finger above the reel to stop the line during  a cast and the line causes a nasty paper cut. Perhaps its just cheap braid. I'm curious if I'm the only one that has this problem. I also don't like the noise it makes when casting. I know others do but I just don't. Also Mono is just so cheap. I just use higher pound test and bigger reels. It cost like $2 to $3 to have mono put on your reel and I always just let the stores do it. Its so cheap that almost any time I go buy tackle I just go ahead and put new mono on my reel.

  12. Hi Capt. Meyers. Since I am a beginner and am afraid to plop down $37 for 300 yards of braid, is there any reason why I can't go cheap just to try it out? I've heard KastKing is of good quality without the price tag. Have you tried this stuff?

  13. What braid are you using these days?
    Also having a debate with a friend that you can settle. The argument is that if flouro basically disappears under water why not just use 30# flouro for everything inshore unless you're after larger tarpon? Thanks.

  14. Was gonna get some 10 pound braid it's equivalent to line 2 lb mono should I go any bigger so I don't have to use nearly as much braid? Not sure how I should go about that

  15. Different lines for different fish, places and conditions, there is no perfect line, same as no perfect rod, reel, bait, boat… etc. mono for stretch and clear water trolling, braid for murky waters and casting as a rule.

  16. I'd say mono is better for river and estuary fishing whereas braid is what you'd want to be using for most ocean fishing

  17. Please let me know if I understand this correctly. You fill about a third of the spool with mono that is the same lb test as your braid, then you fill the rest of the spool with braid, and then finally you top it all off with a fluorocarbon leader? And if so, how long should your fluoro leader be? And what knot should I use to connect the mono to the braid, and then the braid to the mono?

  18. from my own experinced i do alot of fishing in the thailand farmers way mono is good against those sharp tooth snakehead fish i"ll run a line of about 100+ hooks and there is old fashion white string good for all sorts of fish i herd braid is very good never tried it before

  19. Power Pro 15 to 25 in Georgia and 65 for when i am in Louisiana. Machine cant tighten the braided line too well. I tried them. I get them to do it for me, then when I get home, I dump i all off and then put it all back on my line using my fingers to get it very tight and straight. but when you hook up an big alligator gar in Louisiana, you better have an steel leader… (lol)

  20. Im from new york and ive actually been on large charter boats that wouldn't let you use braid. There reasoning if you get tangled with someone else with mono the braid will cut there line. I couldnt believe it…

  21. Hi capt, i have 30 lbs braided line what pound of leader line do you recommend? I'm fishing in saltwater in pier. Thank you

  22. I still use monofilament line. Have no problems with it catch many fish. Saltwater and freshwater. Will not change unless it is unavailable anymore.

  23. Hi Chris, great video. I was wondering if you could answer this beginner question for me.

    I'm using a Penn Battle 2 with an Ugly Stik Bigwater Two-Piece Spinning Rod 11'0 Heavy.
    Rod has a line rating of 12-40 and the reel has a 340/20, 310/25 and 230/30 for Mono and 475/50, 390/65 and 345/80 for Braid.

    I am fishing from piers and beaches mainly. For Flounder, Spanish Mackerel, Maybe Drum and alike species. Sometimes Sharks are caught too. I usually use Shrimps, Squids, Got-Cha Plugs and Silver Shiny Spoons.

    Can I put a 30lb Braid and a 20lb Mono leader for fishing effectively for my purpose?
    Does the above line setup mean I'll lose my fish if it's 25lbs due to a weaker leader?

    What line test and leader test would you recommend?
    Anyone else reading please feel free to leave feedback.

    I hope you read this Chris! Cheers and Tight Lines, Sir!

  24. there's no excuse anymore. 10lbs braided spiderwire stealth braid is like 12 $. you can get even cheaper braids.

  25. ok ok so i use really small crankbaits and squarebills but im not sure of the size of braid to use and that can throw it

  26. Yea buddy. Fishing a fluke, try that with a 5/0 wide gap worm hook, Texas rig style. It's my go to Big Bass rig. walk the dog, jerk it, or do nothing. It does it all.

  27. Also the braid does not have memory twist like filament line can get if stored over time. I would suggest using a Ball bearing swivel near the gear in either case.
    Shimano Ultegra 10000 XSC, Power Pro 40 X 500 Yd Green, Lamiglas LIS 11 MHC. That's my Gear for Surf Fishing.

  28. I would rather used braided line on higher priced lures like livingston just so It does break as easy and so I don't waste money

  29. Then you have pro fishermen saying use mono on top of braid. Braid wears your eyes on your rod down a heck of a lot faster.

  30. I do not use braided line for bass on my lake. Mono is clear and low vis, braid is high vis. The fish in my lake won't touch a lure with braided line, they see it, and it spooks them. Where as low vis mono in 8 lb test, I catch fish all day … just saying.

  31. i might seem dumb but my setup works for me, 12lb mono on my baitcaster. why? because it casts farther that with braid. i use spiderwire 30lb braid on my spinning reel. why? my spinning reel is my dual species for bass and catfishing. i used both mono and braid on both reels, i just prefer braid on my spinning and mono on my baitcaster.

  32. A lot of this is biased from personal preference. Mono can be better at time BECAUSE of its stretch. Better action with topwater baits with mono, and better action with spooks or some jerkbaits. I don't think one is better than the other, just better in certain situations.

  33. What if you have a reel that has 18pounds of max drag on it but it is up to 30 pounds line capacity of braid can you put more than 30

  34. I like the video, watching a couple more, then subscribing. I will say though, mono line comes in a lot of survival kits and in some paracord, it has been proven to work very well and even by some soldiers who have had to use their survival kit due to situations, but I love both, guess it all depends where I'm going. keep posting the videos

  35. If you fish clear water reservoirs or fish in reservoirs or lakes with alot of rock braid isn't always the best choice, contrary to popular belief it does break and frays quite easily on the rocks.

  36. I like braid I mostly use kastking it's cheap and I can get 1000 feet spools! i use 10 pound test mostly! after using braid I 2 will never go back to mono!

  37. come fish for big tarpon around here go ahead use your braid and see how many fish you can get to the boat , I bet its not many…. RTD

  38. I use Power Pro and after today I'm not so sure . Wind was a bitch of a factor , and I had a few spaghetti incidents but got them controlled easy enough. But I always have a problem with the line at the rod tip. Winds around easy and screws me up. 15lb braid is what it is . Had a Great day with Smallies and some Mean Pickerel. Zoom Super Fluke swimmers got murdered. Is that a wind it problem.

  39. I use a very heavy braid mainline with a sliding rig on it, lighter weight mono leader off the swivel for abrasion resistance and breaking off when need be

  40. thankyou chris mono is trash the guy at a fishin store told me its great and caught huge bass on 6lb mono

  41. 1 thank you my grandpa suggested that i get braided line and i did 2 what about bait casters and 3 you left out how you can not use your hands when you get snagged or it will cut into your hand ( not form experience thankfully) but wrap it around some pliers and then pull

  42. Great video. I'm going to give braid a try. I've fished with mono for so many years…caught a lot of big snook on mono in some extreme structure. I just ordered a new Diawa 4000 and a heavy eight foot Shimano rod. I'm going to spool it with braid for bridge fishing with big bait for large snook. Thanks for the tips what size braid would you recommend for my new combo?

  43. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. What did you mean when you said mono under the braid will keep the braid from spinning on the arbor?

  44. Braid and light lures are a horror. Braid needs sufficient weight to keep from coiling back upon itself. Braid billows in the wind,whereas mono cuts through it.Casting in a maelstrom at night as is done by surfcasters here in the Northeast will give you fits if braid is used.A wooden or plastic plug in the 2 to 3 oz range can be held up just long enough for outgoing braid to tangle coils slowed by the wind.Just my experience.

  45. I use Braided as my main line with mono leaders depending on what I am fishing for. For much of it I use 20 lb braid with 20 lb. mono leaders.

    I sometime use swivel clips to connect my leader also again depending on what I am fishing for and what is biting at the time as I fish not just for one fish but Cats, Bass, Crappie etc. and also fish for my bait fish such as blue gill etc..

  46. What’s the point of putting mono on the spool before the braid. I’ve been fishing for years and never had my line come off. I just don’t get it.

  47. Meh. Braid is much more pricier than mono. So, changing mono out isn't a problem. I only use braid when I need smaller diameters and better strength (lbs, kg, etc).

  48. I fish for kings and coho . Ive used braid . Grew up with mono . Im back to mono even trolling . In my opinion the no stretch of braid renders your drag and rod useless . With mono , your rod , the drag and flex of the line are all working in tandom to tire the fish . If a 40 lb king takes off on you with braid , your 20 lb drag and flexable yet stout rod means nothing . He knows exactly what he can get away with , then when he stops , he knows there is massive slack and can swim at you with head shakes . I could go on but here is a good analogy ;

    Say you tie a rope to one cinder block , then tie a long bungee to another cinder block . The cinder blocks represent the fisherman . You pulling on the blocks via the rope or bungee represents the fish . Try pulling the brick around with the rope, now try pulling the brick with the bungee .

    Which " line " did you " the fish " have more control with ? Thats right . The rope ie; braid . Fish have more control over your rod , reel and drag, and essentially YOU than you have over them with braid . I always felt this and worried about my bumper leaders . Braid never ever felt right . The fight can be more intense and fun, but your risks go up and control goes down . With mono its like a big strong rubber band . When they run its pulling and giving pulling and giving . It seriously throws them off. When they run on braid haha….they get that momentum and forget about it ….they know whats up and they go.

    These are facts and people that fish for various trophy fish way bigger than Salmon know this .

    Marlin and wahoo fisherman use braid backing but with a long topshot of mono or equivalent still for a reason .

    If you are fishing for smaller fish like bass , punching weed beds , i see where braid works. Otherwise its mono all the way .

    ** Edit 8/20/18 – One more thing i just learned . Most braids , even high end braids break at or slightly below their rated breaking strength . Most premium monos as most of us know , break over their rated strength . Again , for castability and sensitivity, braid has it . All other things mono has it in my opinion . Was just watching a video of a top salmon guide that uses Maxima tuna blue mono on all his trolling rods . It actually surprises me because things can get rough with seals , other boats , pilings , and customers that are hard on gear – yet hes using mono . Its all about the fight ….thats where it wins.

  49. I dont like mono to much I've lost many big fish sharks, red ect.
    Switched to braided been doing fine since then. Everyone's preference is different but dont forget we all love fishing no matter who likes what

  50. I’m 65 and I’ve used Braids when they first became available to the public.
    I remember people saying they would never use it because it cut through the guides.
    I’ve also seen people improperly dispose the braids, it takes FOREVER to break down and I’m am certain that some of the places we fish the bottoms are carpeted with it. Be responsible, PLEASE dispose in the proper manner.
    People also tend to use MUCH HEAVIER line than needed (hackers) to get the job done.
    I believe the first person I saw using it was Roland (I fish in stocked private ponds) Martin used Kevlar line, he called it GOAT ROPE 😄. The Lindner Bros. Featured Fire line a long time ago (Great team) In Fisherman.
    It’s excellent stuff when used responsibly.

  51. I been fishing my whole life. I’ve used mostly mono in that time. Have caught many fish including bass. I think it just boils down to personal preference. I’ve tried using braid and it is a very good line when sensitivity matters. But it is harder to work with. For me I just stick what has worked for me over the years. I will say that you are right about catching big fish on light line. I’ve caught 20lb steelhead with 10lb mono and it was a really good fight. I think if I would have had heavier line it would have taken the fun out of it.

  52. I bought and put 110 yards of Berkley braided line 20lb on my pole. Havent lost a fish since. Braid is a bit more expensive then what i was getting in mono but well worth it.

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