Bruni Family at Marineland – July 4th, 2016 Full Video

they all came out the door all out the door we decided to take the family to Marineland I foresee a lot of yelling and screaming a lot of whining and fussing and throwing up a lot of sunburns did mommy get enough sun screen on you? it’s going to be fun and we’re going to spend a fortune to have this fun yes, Grandma Bruni and Angelica is being spoiled I’m videoing Leilani Peuwwww Mom did you have to? we will be fine Mel Yeah I wish I didn’t have that much ice cream I home you don’t throw up too isn’t this fun noooooo Daddy loves these rides loud screaming Did you like that ride do you want to do it again? Yeah yeah yeah Lets do something else there are all kinds of other rides lets do some other rides Leilani did you have fun on that ride? It scared me. Hi Daddy hi Daddy screaming so much fun hahaha go on the rocket one you want to go on the rocket one? Yeah not me I want to Pull the lever Did Grandma figure it out?
No Mommy has smelly arm pits I’m just making sure I don’t stink or do you think this one is going to be scary? is that not scary You don’t always get to do what you want they’re all going in one See if we can all fit in here yeah look at that Oh no, Daddy is filming to make the ride scary you need 4 girls kinda her size and one spider what if there is a spider in here I can’t see you at all I know you can’t see me it’s a GoPro, there is no viewfinder I want to get off I can’t take it anymore Daddy I want to go to a different part Oh I know which one the other one with the boat we’re going to the bumble bee one you were too scared on the boat are you sure you want to go on this one ? yes although it hurts your bum I know you’re getting hot we’re going to do this ride and then we’re going to go in the shade are you having fun? I want to go that high on the honey bee yeah, well we will go up in a bit maybe that thing he wants to go across the one on your right obviously has a large black square can you find other dolphins I want to do that I want to do it too we can’t honey they’re trained Look Leilani Look Tofino and Charmin two of Marineland’s beluga whales awwww look at that Marineland’s 5 bottle nosed dolphins Look Leilani where is the king walrus? Leilani look I can’t wait to see a king Whoa they all came out the door all out the door What are you looking at? wow walrus he is big he was actually a toy Waldorf is right the real treasure is working together on behalf of Marineland and staff and for our american friends, happy fourth of July this is Angelica at Marineland and mommy and grandma are somewhere down there we just saw the dolphin show did you get her saying that? I couldn’t hear her saying that I said see why I can eat a whole box of these they taste so good, try a bite here we found this castle wall at Marineland and Angelica found a door and she opened it lets see whoa work things I don’t think this I don’t think this is part of the park let’s close up before someone catches us can we look at the orca whales? we’re going to see them next be good Angelica don’t run away the washrooms the zoo euwww smart deer he knew my hand was empty they’re looking for food josh you just like totally disappointed him go slowly don’t scare him the girls figured out how to feed the deers these are pretty soft yeah well they’re antlers are covered in velvet right now well it is because they are not fully formed yet in the fall the velvet will come off and they will be hard me,, can I have it Grandma I want to feed it try patting their back gentle Leilani grandma mommy and Angelica way over there by the castle is it clean enough whoa did mommy get enough sun screen on you? do I did i put it on you put it on you wow can I see the movie hang on, let me just get a good video of you you got lots of sun screen on awww look how cute they look bears eat ducks aw look how cute he looks oh my goodness can I feed them can I have corn poop? say may I have one please look at them play fighting Leilani look over there and they’re begging they’re all begging look he’s standing on his back legs look they use their paws aw look at them begging with their feet here bear that one is smart he does tricks to get the food the one standing? Yup Daddy and Angelica at Marineland yup we’re going up this big long walk way to go up to there what kind of berries did you find Angelica ? same ones what aare they called? lemons sumacs sumacs these are Staghorn Sumacs here why don’t you eat one for the camera show us what you do with it no thanks I tried one and they’re too furry Daddy will do it this is how you eat sumac yeah but they taste they taste furry they are very furry and they taste they taste sour when they are ripe they taste like lemon when they are ripe but right now they taste like crap these are some rides we haven’t got to yet and over there is the beluga whale cove or whatever they call it can we go now and we’re still trying to get up to this thing it’s taking forever this hill never ends make sure you’re tall enough lets go Angelica are you going to scream a lot no is it going to shoot? oh it’s going to shoot yeah hold on to your seat real tight hold on real tight honey whooaoaoao look that there is the whale cove I’m loving it whoo hoo we should do it again Angelica from the other side and get a view of the falls oh dad I can see everything I know I can see everything too they wouldn’t drop us from here would they? are you still alive Angelica ? I’m still alive I’m alive you’re alive hold on we’re going to shoot up that is scary I’m showing Angelica Niagara Falls I heard that see that I told you I’d show you the falls look how beautiful they are they’re going to drop us from here I thought I was going to die but I’m not going to no, because I’m hanging on tight it’s going to be too fun I’m loving this ride and here is the giant roller coaster we are going to go on grandma doesn’t want to go on the roller coaster ride that is right it just went through this and this and grandma was too scared Angelica are you excited to go on the roller coaster ride ? ok lets go are you sure you want to go in there Angelica? it looks pretty scary pretty scary Hello Angelica just wait oh my gosh oh my gosh we’re going to see what happens oh my gosh what is wrong Angelica ? that’s ok we’re just going for a gentle ride just a gentle ride no,no,no relax Angelica what is the worst that could happen the roller coaster is awesome Screaming more screaming still more screaming even more screaming did you survive it Angelica ? I did but I hurt my chest do you want to go again? yes alright lets go again we’re going to go again it’s my cheat day mommy gave into ice cream and she is giving it to the children you gave it to the children Leilani with the elk they have big dumb heads what did you say? they have big heads yeah but that is not what you said the first time Daddy yes Leilani daddy.
What did you find? I didn’t find anything well what are these here where is thaat baby that is right you found a baby that is a baby bison over there there is mommy and baby bison over there Mel look at this Mel look look no he grabbed it with his tongue like a cow you found a baby bison you scared the baby bison why look he went in that poop cause you move too fast yuck dirty cow come show me the bears where are the bears that is one look daddy yeah look at them they live in that cave over there they live in that cave over there Angelica you want to go on that ride yes
You sure? are you going to be too scared ? I won’t be too scared ok right here you getting on this one come on Daddy Whoo hoo you ok Angelica ? this one is a lot funner than it looks yeah it is this one doesn’t look like it is any fun you want to see a fish I saw a fish oh look at that there are some big Koi here daddy put me up i want to see Wow this way don’t get wet seats though what are you girls looking at? what is there Leilani are those some big fish? those are some giant fish Angelica they don’t have any teeth they don’t have any teeth? well you don’t want to put your finger in there anyway they can’t eat Angelica Leilani don’t kick them don’t kick them they don’t have teeth it means they can’t eat Angelica what are you looking at? I was just checking if the fish are going over there ok lets get going the white one looks pregnant some of them are pregnant is that one pregnant ? we got the beluga viewing area all to ourselves this is what happens when you’re very important people like us we rent the entire marineland to ourselves Only the best for our children wow oh look how cute they are that is where the babies are born daddy I told you it wasn’t all to ourselves and they have sleepy orca whales look at that that one just pooped or peed or something belugas they’re belugas daddy can we go to the other side no why can’t we get them to come to the glass again they’re cute go in the water and clean their cage they’re beautiful go in the water and clean their cage Daddy I want a whale Can we buy one Daddy daddy?over here Now this is an aquarium Angelica like the other one yeah but how is this for an aquarium this is perfect if we had a pool with these kind of whales and you taught them tricks splash us the stroller is running away grandma has to go get it ready to go to the next ride? yeah some rides are not being used and that is the one me and Angelica went on you having fun Angelica yep whoo hoo Leilani was too little to get on this ride why? because if you’re too little you fall out Daddy doesn’t want you to fall out Daddy I want to see how big I am you shouldn’t have picked this one? again again again again again this ride doesn’t look like much but when you’re on it it is quite exciting not me even for a million dollars I’m not going on this really? no way for a million? for $1 million I would not go on it not that Angelica you worry about what you’re supposed to do was it fun Angelica? she hit her head we’re not doing that one again ok we’re going to go find a ride that Leilani can fit on Leilani you can go on let’s see alright Leilani lets see if you fit this one stop look at that you can go on we found a ride that leilani fits and this is the ride that it is are you going to have fun with Daddy on this one? I want to go on so many rides. you want to go on so many rides? you going to have fun on this one? I want to do it again again and again ok well we’ll see high higher , and higher and higher and higher go up now we’re going up stop it we’re going high can we go down? no there is grandma it’s nice and cool not down high up? Hi Leilani just hang on no that is a tight as that one is going to go they’re in tight she’s fine mom here we go sit on the very end Mel you’ll like it better Daddy me and you Daddy, just me and my daddy Angelica that is where we started Daddy is filming this time she really wants you to come on Josh I’ve done that already just jump over the bar come on jump over the bar over there can you just film it, just push that red button when you’ve had enough what’s in here? wow a big seal giant seals yeah that is a big seal why do the people have to go there? well they do shows in there I think what did you find Leilani? Oh look it is a fat seal that is a big fat seal oh look at the size of them leilani look at this fish A lot of fish here look at the size of these things there is a big pleco now these are some big fish right here Leilani that big one there doesn’t look so big on the camer her but that looks to be at least 4 ft long Angelica says there is bigger fish huger , she says there is huger fish over here ok huger fish we’re all going to the aquarium on account of the huger fish let me see, oh you were right. you were right they are huger fish what kind of fish is that that is a catfish is this aquarium better than the one in Hamilton they’re longer and huger they’re longer and huger? ok show me the huger fish you say they are longer and bigger is this an alligator gar here? oh wow Angelica look at the long skinny one that is an alligator Gar that skinny one is a gar two of them and see these big ones two alligator gar that is a sturgeon yeah but alligator gar I’ve never seen them Angelica look at me that is a sturgeon the great big one and this one here I could be wrong about the alligator part, for sure a gar that is a gar right there the long one an alligator gar and look up there it might not be an alligator gar but it is a gar another gar and these ones you’re right Angelica these are huger that is because Sturgeon these fish here they can get like nine and ten feet long in the wild wow mommy look at these ones wow look at that that is a fat fish it’s very thick like wide how you say it umm fat I would call that fat no because he’s not fat this way here is another fat one it looks like he’s been flattened out wow it is a good thing we came through this side last we’d be very disappointed with the other fish if we went here first these ones are cute Daddy are these catfish? yep those are catfish of some sort baby catfish? I don’t know if they’re babies but but they are some kind of fish ….don’t tap the glass Leilani this one is spinning come here they’re spinning they’re doing circles they’re spinning Grandma’s arms are too short yep all the buns? why all the buns no just one thank you and there is chips if you want them so of course at the end of the day look how much parking there is look at that same with the rides at the end of the day there was no line ups for the rides Angelica what was your favorite ride of the day? All of them but except the scary ones I liked a bit All of them except the scary ones Leilani Leilani poo what was your favorite ride of the day ? did you have a favorite animal? was any ride fun? a boat ride the boat ride was fun Angelica is going to feed apple to the birds I’m going to just throw it ready our food watch them, no that wa that one had gone bad our food it didn’t smell good that was bad food Leilani seagulls love it see this is where you’re supposed to park and these geniuses park out of their spot Guess where the plates are from?

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