100 thoughts on “Build Pyramids And Fish Pool By Ancient Skill

  1. Wow! You not only blew my mind, I am so relaxed right now! You are my go to. I mean that lots of love you are amazingly talented again Woww!

  2. I wish these guys would just spend a year and film themselves building an actual usable house with a bathroom and kitchen instead of these little play forts. If he would've combined all these "forts", he could have had a friggen castle by now. I'm so curious to see what they could build with more time and planning.

  3. I'd pay this guy 35,000 to come to my house and build this for my back yard and to have my kids play. Lololol. You want to make some money. Come build a primitive deck , shack and pool. Decorations with flowers and what not.

  4. Dudes got some pro landscaping skills. Watch it Mexicans. This guy is going to take your job like you did to the European guys lolol

  5. those bird noises were fake, at one point the camera cuts and restarts elsewhere but the noise of the birds keeps playing

  6. 2019 – Worlds greatest architects can't figure out how the pyramids were built. Some random guy in the middle of the jungle just builds one for fun.

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