Bull Red Fishing Rig Inshore Tackle Setup Capt Blair Wiggins Rods

Bull Red Fishing Rig Inshore Tackle Setup Capt Blair Wiggins Rods

Rig It Right by Wright & McGillOn today’s Rig It Right, I’m gonna
show you what Capt. Jamie and I were out there using. We were using Trokar circle hooks by Eagle Claw and these are 8/0 awts and let me show you how we were rigging the pogies too. Basically, what you want to do with the pogey – they have a real hard piece of cartilage right here in front of their eyeballs so what you want to do is take your circle hook and hook it right in that cartilage just like
that. Very simple way to hook them up. Throw it out underneath the bait pod, let
it sink down and catch you a redfish. Using the 8 foot Flats Blue inshore rod even
though we’re offshore catching those redfish. Using a 4000 size Sabalos reel. 30 pound test Seaguar Smackdown some of the
most awesome braid I’ve ever used in my life. 40 pound and this is the pink label Seaguar
fluorocarbon if y’all ever try this stuff, it definitely gets the job done. I always say if you’re using fluorocarbon
and it brings you that one more bite or more fish in the day, Definitely doing the job
and getting the job done. Simple, simple redfish rig and all we’re doing
is finding the bait pods, dropping them down underneath the bait pods, letting them sit
there, you’re seeing how it’s happening. They pick it up and then fight’s on. So if y’all ever get a chance to come down
here to Port Canaveral get to see one of these big cruise ships behind us. Come fish with Jamie Glasner or the guides he has working for him, they will definitely do everything they can to put you on the fish. Remember one thing though every fishing season
starts at Dick’s.Rig It Right by Wright & McGill

5 thoughts on “Bull Red Fishing Rig Inshore Tackle Setup Capt Blair Wiggins Rods

  1. Hey Captain I remember the good old times when you used to have a show and do real fishing around space coast area. What's up with our ambassador? Where is Captain Mark Nichols, etc.?

  2. Really love the new flats blue rods. They cast really well. I also loved my 3 piece travel bait cast flats blue until it broke.

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