California Crab Fishing Plus Catch and Cook

Barfing. Hey what’s up guys.
Ty here from We are going to do some crab fishing today it’s
really early in the morning. The suns just coming up right now there’s a
lot of fog it’s cold. But we’re gonna go get those crabs today so check out the
new shirts Let’s go! Anyways I’m still waking up I got my
coffee right here oh yeah. Music playing. Okay friends were on the boat. We’re gonna do some crab fishing. Hopefully you can hear me today I don’t have a mic on right now but I’ll put it on in a minute. We’re here out at the coast of California in Northern California. Check it out. What’s up friends, all five pots are in.
Three crab pots, two rings. Ryan I just got all the them baited up and down. We’re approximately 60 feet of water here in Northern California off
the coast I would say we’re off the coast about at least a mile, maybe a mile
and a half and we’re gonna let our crab cages soak for probably an hour or two
and we’re gonna let our ring pots soak for like 15 minutes so stay tuned
hopefully we catch some good crab. It’s only a few days before Christmas and one
observation that we had today the weather has settled down and there
are not a lot of crab pots out in the water today so I’m thinking because of
Christmas and all that that people are back home with their families and doing this and that. Hopefully we get some crab today we make a good video for you guys
and will do a catch and cook in a little bit so let’s cut to
Ryan doing a dance. You gotta show me dude. Your not the only one in the video. Go ahead and talk. It’s on.
We can edit it. I just talked. You want to say that? Fishing hook in neck. Funny. Okay what you got here is a male Red
Rock crab. And this is our third crab of the day he’s
got to be over four inches but we don’t keep the little ones.
This guy’s got big claws on him so I think he might be worth it. Let’s measure
him. okay so he’s he’s almost five and three quarters. He’s about five and a
half inches okay. All right. Another Red Rock here male. nice crab. He’s got some good claws and this guy is five and
three-quarters it’s a nice crab. We got 4 in the tank. Let’s go. It’s funny when
you’re sitting on the boat out in the middle of the ocean. You start seeing
things you know. We saw baby dolphins swim by. We saw we saw a I don’t even
know what it’s called, a train, a long line of seaweed that went on for like a
quarter-mile. it was unbelievable is just long strands
of seaweed connected together floating along. We’re waiting for something good to
happen hopefully we catch some crab. But anyways, killing time, let’s check
back later. All right so one good Red Rock crab
check him out. All right we’re going to show you what it takes to do micro crab fishing. You try to catch the smallest crab. And I think Ry just pulled up the
smallest crab of the year. I have no idea what kind of species this is it’s
definitely not a Dungeness. check it out. Okay so we’ll gently release this guy. So
we just got our first Dungy it looks like a keeper we’ll take a look here I
measure it up. Show that crab to the camera. Female Red Rock crab. We throw females back almost always. Ok let’s see. Show the bottom. nice male. Oh one claw. Male one claw. Let’s measure him up. Golden. Ok good. Total keeper. First dungee let’s go! He’s trying to dig my feet up. No he’ll
push your hands to his claws. Hold his back up. Nice big red
rock crab he’s like over five. This is a little young female dungness crab. I’m going to let her go. No he’s down investigating our crab pot look you’ll see him on here. Two sea lions. They’re halfway. That’s 30 feet under the
boat. We’ll let’s see if I can get a good shot of that. Music playing. Yeah look at this guy. I’ll measure them
for you that that’s a big crab right there. And a little one. Wow look at that
huge crab. Let’s see how big he actually is. He’s over six. Over six male. Let’s go baby, Dungy. Look at me. Alright quick summary. We’re going to flash over to our catch and cook in a few minutes. We’re here at the Westside boat launch picking up the boat. We took it out of the
water I think we got about 10 crabs we’ll do a count when we get home.
Overall not a great day but not a bad day. Anyways, so we’ll see in a minute back
at the catch and cook. Music playing. Okay so we caught our crab, we
cleaned our crab, and now we’re going to cook our crab. In order to cook the crab
you want to cook them for about 12 to 15 minutes in a boiling pot of water. It’s
good to put some salt in that pot and also maybe a quarter cup of or half
a cup of white vinegar it helps the meat a little bit it’s pretty good. Anyway so
here’s the crab that we have all cleaned and dispatched and we’re going to take
it over here. Come on over here Kiki and we’re gonna put that in there. Make note
of the time. And just like that we fresh Dungeness
and red rock crab from Northern California. Don’t forget to hit that like
button and subscribe to our channel. And we got a lot of great videos coming
out in 2019 is going to be amazing. Thank you guys we love you guys. Talking in background. More talking in background. we put about a half a cup….. We put about a half a cup of white vinegar in it. Laughing. Music playing. We’ve been drifting for three days lost at sea but we still got music on YouTube. Just kidding.

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