Can a Sushi Chef Tell the Difference Between DUNGENESS and ROCK CRAB? Catch and Sushi

what’s up guys welcome back to another
episode of outdoor chef life I’m Taku and we’re doing a little crabbing today
and I’m gonna drop you down we’re four traps down now we wait all right here we go the first crab trap
coming up there’s a few in there go on a big ol Rock crab there’s a big rock crab not loaded, it’s not loaded. nice rock crab got one big
claw that’s a keep. that’s way short nice keeper Dungee male and we got one
big rock crab – alright – crabs out of that pot here we go pot number two let’s
go there one on top one on top is that
rock crab on top. two rock crab one Dungeness so far it’s not good not that
not very good all right pot number three just three
yeah this is three all the baits gone last pot this is do-or-die right here oh
dang this is way better oh nice yeah ooh feisty got a nice nice big one behind me that
looks good yeah pretty small questionable little small yeah very low
there’s a big one behind me all this behind my feet alright and now we’re back and I have with me Dungeness crab nice male Dungeness crab and I also have one male rock crab
so we ended up keeping one Dungeness crabs each and that’s all we got and
then the rock crab we got a couple of those too
I’ve never tasted these side-by-side I’ve only tasted them separately but I
had been rock crab a lot of times and Dungeness crab many times as well so I
want to do a little comparison and also a blind test a blind taste test and see
if I can tell the difference between a rock crab and Dungeness crab alright and
just by taste alone so we’re gonna cook those up cook these up first then I’m
also gonna make a California roll so I did that one time with rock crab but
never with the Dungeness crab so I want to make some California rolls probably
separately as well and we’ll do the taste test for those too alright let’s
get started by the way outdoor chef life knife bags
are back in stock so if you guys want to get one limited amount on my website I got boiling salt water right here I’m
just gonna toss them right in both of I’m gonna show you guys the
easiest way to make sushi rice short grain rice always use short grain rice
for sushi rice that’s one thing and also always wash your rice at least three
times so I’m gonna do that here and all you’re gonna do is just just like that
just rinse it lightly not too hard if you break the rice grains the more
starch will be coming out the reason why you wash the rice is all of this that
white is all starch that’s what makes the rice sticky and you don’t want it to
be too sticky I’m just gonna wash three times because
that’s all I have the water for and you see it’s already the water is already
clearer it’s not completely clear it’s much better than what we started with
and and I didn’t measure the rice beforehand I never do all I do is kind
of straighten it out make it even make it leveled in the water
I do the finger the finger trick right and most people go up to that first line
the knuckle the first knuckle but I go a little bit below that so maybe
two-thirds up the finger two-thirds up to the first knuckle that’s what I do
about in general when you cook rice you want
to use something that’s a little thicker something that’s gonna hold the heat in
because that’ll evenly cook the rice really easy ten minutes on high heat
ten minutes on simmer ten minutes resting your rice should be perfect
alright ten ten ten right when it starts boiling like this
it’s about 10 minutes so now we’re gonna go simmer very low heat very very low
heat in a couple minutes the crab should be done it’s been about 12 minutes
boiling in the water there we go hot-hot we’re gonna let these cool down and
gonna peel them go to apron turn it off carapace pop it off gills take those
off take his face off and we’re not gonna do anything with the with the guts
today but we did in another video so if you want to see that I’ll link that in
the description below we made Dungeness crab donburi are you eating the crab already? oops no. yeah it’s good meat right there that’s a
lot of me right here – there we go no it is look at this meat oh yeah
that’s thick. not too much meat only had one big claw before we do the
Dungeness crab the rice is finished now the easiest way to make sushi rice okay
first of all just make rice yes let me just give a good quick taste mm-hmm
that’s good I’m gonna just transfer everything into this bowl this is the
hack right here boom this is powdered sushi vinegar all right so you don’t
have to mess with the mess with the liquid vinegar which is a lot more
harder to do if you don’t have the technique down then your rice is gonna
turn out mushy and very wet so the easiest thing is this and for home sushi
this is perfectly fine tastes good too and you can find this almost anywhere I
think you can even get it our safeway Vons you know those kind of places and
just gonna do a sprinkle of it and just mix it up and taste it and simply just taste it see if it
tastes good needs more sushi vinegar is basically vinegar salt
and sugar. this is what sushi is is vinegared rice if you don’t have vinegar
rice you don’t have sushi but if you have vinegared rice it’s always sushi
that’s what sushi means vinegar rice most non Japanese people think that
sushi is raw fish you know if you have raw fish in sushi but it’s not sushi is
actually vinegared rice so if you have anything with vinegar rice that’s
considered sushi and there’s a lot of varieties of sushi you can have like
chirashi zushi things topped on vinegared rice you can have nigiri sushi
you can have Maki sushi and the fish can be cooked or raw that’s not what makes
it sushi between the cooked and the raw it’s actually the rice this is gonna yield a lot more meat than
the rock crab that’s for sure so easy to take out the meat on this you
can just clean them right up 100% full of meat so I’m just finishing up with
the body meat of the crab and look at this I already have more than the rock
crab I’m just gonna make a couple California rolls so we don’t need to use
these right now so I’m actually gonna save all the legs and claws for later
for me and Jocelyn to eat at home handful of rice laid across the top roll the rice down all the rest take your sesame seeds sprinkle the
sesame seeds flip it on the other side so this one
I’ll do rock crab first well this is gonna be so good some real
California rolls right here couple pieces of cucumber, few pieces of avocado you’re just gonna lift it and roll it
like that make sure it connects on the other side well I mean take the makisu well you see if is wrapped with Saran wraps so the rice doesn’t stick to
the bamboo and you’re just gonna squeeze it tightly like that
roll it put it back and I like to do the edges too so there you have it. wet the
knife a little I’m going to cut it into eight pieces want to make it look a little bit better
right because it’s a little little messed up so you can just take the makisu
again real quick reform it there is the rock crab now let’s do the
Dungeness you can make it right on the ground on
the makisu as well just like this boom all right all right well here it is visually they
look pretty identical right the Dungeness crabs up front rock crab
in the back. blind taste test Jocelyn’s gonna feed me and let’s see if
I can tell the difference between the two inside the roll
Dungeness on closer to us rock crab closer to you guys all right can’t see a damn thing I
wasn’t in dungeness closer to me yeah it’s pretty cold you can grab them. where
I put the cooler oh yeah yeah you can should we just cheers first Kanpai all right give it to me without soy
sauce so I can taste it I hold on let me clear my palate here all right give it
to me you got it hmm sort of hard to tell with all the
other ingredients in there but that one I’m gonna say that one’s a rock crab
alright Oh that one’s Dungeness. is it Dungeness? the
first one was rock crab yeah closer to the camera and the second
one was the Dungey closer to you huh so I got it right right yeah whoo I got it
tell I knew it, it’s easy the texture is much different yeah
actually I used to say the texture of rock crab I liked better because it has
the fibers in the rock crab the muscle fibers it’s a lot more dense but
Dungeness really tasty tasty flavor and as well as this texture that was so
smooth silky yet with a slight slight chewiness not a chewy but stringiness I
guess but in a good way and the rock crab
and the rock crab you tried before song do you like better
you like the rock crab there mm-hmm I thought I was gonna say I like the rock
crab better just because I was like I think I might like it better if I but
try it side-by-side but no I think I like to judge this better either way
they’re both so good yeah your liking yeah go ahead I mean the Dungeness has
more flavor okay but I kind of like the texture more in the rock crab yeah I just
you know yeah you can feel like because like I said like the muscle
fibers are a little thicker mm-hmm mm-hmm
the Dungeness yeah Dungeness is like silky soft smooth and they’re both so good
so good. which is better crab or lobster before we had that last lobster video
mm-hmm I would have said crab is better since I’ve had that after I’ve had
that I think lobster is better what crab Ramen
crab ramen would be good yeah what about crab ramen and lobster ramen
which would be better? oh I think lobster ramen because the texture goes a lot
better the texture of lobster goes much better
in ramen opposed to I think the crab yeah the crab is gonna get kind of lost
in this and the broth yeah you know what I mean the the stock the broth is gonna
be really tasty but the meat itself is gonna get kind of scattered around yeah
whereas the lobster you can just get chunks of it you know so Lobster is
better for ramen we got a little bit of rock crab left and we got still decent
amount of Dungeness crab left dude another blind taste that’s let’s do it
again let’s do it again just so you think I was uh just getting
lucky whichever one hmm
piece of shell that’s rock crab
hundred percent hundred percent one that’s Dungeness that’s Dungeness that’s Dungeness more? rock crab food I got it all right got it
all right. Hundred percent easy the flavor of Dungeness crab it’s
better if there’s more flavor you want to try? all right here we go open think that’s dungeness
you think that’s Dungeness? how about this one what do you think that one is?
Dungeness this one dungeness
okay open rock crab
yep you only got the first one wrong first one was rock crab you said
Dungeness but the other ones you got it right
good job that’s pretty good oh you want to hand roll? rice on – I’ll
make a one big one for you. Thanks what about you? it’s alright there it is there you go first bite whoa it’s friggin cold thank you guys
for watching another episode of outdoor chef life appreciate you guys as always
if you liked the video make sure you hit that thumbs up and subscribe see you
guys next time peace!

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