Carp Academy 2018 – Korda Carp Fishing

Carp Academy 2018 – Korda Carp Fishing

Welcome to the Carp Academy 2018,
the land of ice cream! Yes! Morning. Welcome
to the 12th-ever Korda Carp Academy. I’m guessing all of the lads have
probably not slept for the last week. I know I would be like that
if I was in this position. As soon as I got that letter,
I ran down to my mum, I was like, I’m in, I’m in! And sleepless nights
for the past three nights. Really excited, brilliant. That group of reprobates down there that look like they’ve been sleeping
round the back of the bins at Tesco’s, they are your instructors. I’d love to go fishing
with all of these guys for 48 hours. If some of them you don’t recognise,
if you’re like, oh, I didn’t get Dan, or didn’t get Mark or whatever,
don’t think like that at all because these are all fantastic anglers. Some are in the public eye,
some are not, but the most important thing
about this academy for all of the lads, and so the mums and dads know,
this is about learning. This sort of coaching experience, it is about catapulting your fishing
knowledge forward 20 years in two days. That’s what you can potentially do because of the knowledge
that these guys have got. I’m absolutely buzzing,
to be honest with you. I was in their situation
10 to 15 years ago and I’ve always known
where I wanted to be within my angling and it’s where I’m standing today. So for me to give something back now and hopefully give them
something to look forward to and aspire to in the future, I’m absolutely buzzing,
to be honest with you. One little bit, I don’t know if any of you
have seen the Facebook story that’s gone on recently
about me getting skin cancer and the clothing that we’ve done
as a result of that, that long-sleeved Kool T-shirt and these
buffs that goes round your neck, all the lads
have got one of these to wear. Since we put that story out on Facebook, the amount of people
that have got in touch with us that have lost somebody to a melanoma or
they’ve had a melanoma and it’s been cut out of them
and it’s taken six years to heal and all that sort of thing, it’s so,
so serious and I had no idea. The more that you lads can pass this on
to your mates when you go fishing so that they don’t burn in the sun,
you could really be saving their life. So we’re taking this very seriously now. All the money that’s raised from these
garments goes to a cancer charity that looks after kids. And on this course from now on,
sunburn is a fail. So if any of you lads get sunburnt
over the next 48 hours, you’re not passing the course.
That’s how important it is. Straight after the welcome, the new students get to meet
their tutors for the first time. These are some of the most respected
and famous carp anglers around and it’s clear to see that some of them
are proper star struck. One of our rules at Carp Academy is that every student must ferry
their own kit to their swim. Mums and dads are not allowed to help, to build the lads’
and lasses’ confidence. We’re actually put in a swim
so we can’t really decide where to go, but when you turn up at a lake,
you’re basically going through how many fish are in the lake,
how many people are on the lake and what the weather’s like and that
sort of thing before you discuss owt. So, to be fair, I probably
will go through that first, like the water craft side of it before we start talking about the rigs
and stuff like that. What we’re going to do now is try
to find out what that island’s doing. So I’m going
to pass the rod back to you. I need to focus on feeling the lead down and I want to try zig fishing,
see if I can nail that. No, I understand.
You let that go too low. So you punched it down, didn’t you? So it’s getting that middle ground
which is somewhere over there. Where I’ve practised it
over and over again, I’ve got used to it and
got a bit more confident in my casting and it’s a bit more fluent for me now. Because obviously when I first got here
I was really nervous and I had the boys around me and I didn’t
really want to embarrass myself and casting to some reeds or anything. But I’ve got used to the fact
that everyone’s here to learn and everyone’s going to be
trying to learn different things and they’re at different points so no-one’s going to be judging you
or anything, so I’ve got a lot more confident. I heard about it last year
and I just wanted to… Well, obviously Danny and that,
you admire them and you want to fish with them. You want two fingers
either side of the stem of that reel. I don’t want to say he’s my favourite,
but he is. Yeah, it couldn’t have gone better when
I got paired up with him. It was brilliant. At the start of a session in a new swim, it’s really important
to mark out the distances and what the lads have got to do here
is fish really tight to the reeds. So rather than using a fishing rod and risking it
getting hooked up in the reeds and snapping up
and leaving loads of line out there, they’re using their marker rod
with just the lead on the end and if they cast that too far
and it goes into the reeds, chances are they can hook it
back out again and have another go. What they’re basically doing
is inching up to the reeds. So they’ll cast 4/5ths of the way to the
reeds so they land a rod length short. Then they’ll just pull
a little bit of line off and then re-clip it and cast again until they’re dropping
right next to the reeds. And it might take 10 casts
to get one rod right, but once you’ve done that, they wind it
in, they go round the distance sticks, they note how many wraps
it is to that spot, mark it down in their phone and then their fishing rod
goes round the same distance, so they’re dropping the rig
in the same spot every single time. That’s the sort of effort that
you put in at the start of a session that turns it in to maybe
five or six fish in a session rather than just one and it stops you
getting hooked up in the reeds and losing all your tackle. As part of Carp Academy
we have a syllabus and the idea is that there’s all the sort of
general skills that you need to be a good all-round carp angler. So we work our way through. We learn a few different rigs,
a few different things about baiting, weather, all the sort of skills
that a carp angler needs to make them a better angler. Oh, that was a big ‘un jumping out! More importantly, lads, have you got any sweets
or chocolate on you I can nick? – Yeah, I’ve got quite a lot.
– That’s what I like to hear. – Have you got Haribo?
– Yeah. Knows what he’s doing, the boy. So when that lead hits the surface,
we’re going to draw the rod back, yeah? Yeah, look at that. I’m very excited
for this year’s Carp Academy. It’s a great venue at Todber. I’ve been here before
coaching with Rob Burgess and there’s loads of fish in here. They’re really obliging,
they like getting caught, they like their food. There’s not loads of weed to deal with. Oh… We’re going to get a bite in a minute. Here we go, then. – I’m in again!
– You’re joking! Normally the first hour
of Carp Academy is pretty quiet as the students find spots and bait up
their swims, but not this year. Todber Manor is the perfect venue
to hone your skills because it has literally
hundreds of carp to go at. The students learnt quickly
and smashed out loads of fish before heading back to the HQ
for a banging barbecue. When we went to dinner we knew the fish
were out there so we had a plan. We put some bait out there,
just let them have a free feed. Kept the lines out of the way,
gave it half an hour while we tucked into
some food ourselves and we’ve come back
probably half an hour later. Straight away we’ve put five
or six baits back into the swim. We had all the rods ready to go,
clipped up, baits fresh, stringers on, gloved up. We’ve cast them out there
and within five minutes, Jacob’s left-hand rod has just
absolutely gone into meltdown. It’s gone carnage here.
I think we may have two cats on. – I thought I saw a carp then.
– I thought I saw one, yeah. – We’ll soon find out.
– That’s a carp! Ooh, yeah, look at that. It’s a mirror. Oh, it’s a carp! We all thought it was a catfish. New personal best, 19lbs, did it by about 8 ounces
but he’s absolutely over the moon. – Happy?
– Definitely. Pleased for you. When Ben arrived yesterday he told me
his personal best was 10lbs. That’s nothing to be ashamed of.
We all have to start somewhere. But I knew he was going to catch
a personal best and I told him that. And having seen Harry
catch a 29 and a 25, I was quite surprised
at the average size. And Ben’s first take was 11.12lbs. Not massive by any stretch but a
personal best and a lovely, scaly fish. And before he’d even recast that rod… You’ve got another take.
Come on, quick! …his other rod ripped off
with a lovely 23-pounder. 23 and a half. Yes, I said it was! That’s what Carp Academy is all about. Not just the skills – having a great time
and to see the look on his face and what it meant to him,
that’s what it’s all about. I was not expecting to catch two PBs. They always come into this really shy
and a little bit nervous and when they first pick up the rod,
the leads go in the air, they’re not feeling the lead down. Then two or three hours in,
they always settle down and they’ve done so, so well. Every cast is spot on,
they’re thinking about their line lay. They’re then thinking about their
presentation and their baiting up. Oh, have a little slap.
Oh, it’s got you this side as well, Ted. They’ve done really well.
They’ve had 15 takes now. Three or four 20s and the swim’s
building and building as well. Really pleased with them. I will feel more confident
with the stuff that I’ve learnt here and all the rigs and fish care
and netting and playing all the fish. So, yeah, I’ll be more confident
at my own waters. Yes! PB catfish caught earlier on
and then just that PB carp, really, really pleased for him. He’s been working so hard
to try and get a PB here. He’s worked really hard on his lessons,
he’s been putting it into practice, worked really hard at his fishing, getting the rods out all the time
on the spot and what a result. I’ve learnt how to properly tie a rig because obviously I was used to getting
readymade rigs or nicking from my dad. But I’ve learnt how to solidly tie a rig
now and I’m confident with it. – Come on!
– Get in! – Well done, Jodie.
– Thank you. Well done. Pleased with that?
That’s a very big carp. I’m pleased. And it was a rig you tied. Perfect.
Look at that. What a belter. I’ve learnt the importance of location, finding the carp, whether that’s like,
reeds knocking. Then being able to cast tightly against
them reeds and getting it nice. And as long as you put a rig in front of them,
you’ll probably catch. Yes! Get in there! I’ve enjoyed myself at this year’s Carp
Academy because of the stuff I’ve learnt such as rigs, baiting effectively and learning how to use a marker float
as well. I wasn’t very good at that. Look at that for a chunky cracker. – It’s Tom’s fourth fish now, isn’t it?
– Yeah, fourth. We got the tactics
a little bit wrong to start off with. We were fishing down on the edge
and tight to the island but as soon as we started fishing the open
water, it just changed for us and we’re just getting
fish after fish after fish. – So quite happy with this one.
– Yep. This venue here at Todber Manor
is brilliant. There’s so many lakes down here
with diverse fishing. There’s fish up to mid-30s im told in this one
and plenty of 20s from what we’ve seen. It’s been a fantastic two days. Carp Academy 2018, at Todber Manor
has been absolutely fantastic. The students around the lake
have been brilliant. They’ve been like sponges, sucking up
all the information from the tutors and it’s been an absolute pleasure. I have learnt a lot of things
thanks to Pete and Harry. We’ve shared our ideas between us. And I’m on! Stay there. It’s a liner. – No, it isn’t.
– No. Switch it on. I was just doing this interview and
then my bite alarm just screamed off in the baited area where me and Harry
have both been working as a team, obviously. Putting bait out and just keep
topping it up now and again. It’s my 28th bite.
I’ve only lost two so far. So hopefully I can get this one in
and make it 26 fish. Another catfish. Like all anglers, Joe and Harry are
learning all the time, same as myself, and it’s interesting the little bits,
the little tips that I’m showing them, you can see them taking it all in. Great to see the kids develop. I’ve really enjoyed Carp Academy 2018.
I’ve done 18 years now and hopefully I’ve got another 18 years
in front of me. The mums and dads arrive early
on the last day so they get the chance to see the lads
and lasses applying what they’ve learnt. From Dan I’ve learnt a lot, mainly about
how to improve my casting and always keeping my hook sharp
so I can land as many fish as possible. The tutors
are are the lifeblood of this event. It simply couldn’t happen without them and even after teaching
for 24 hours a day, they get together to work on making next
year’s event even better than this one. The lads and lasses
are never going to forget what they’ve done
over the last couple of days. I’m sure that’s ingrained
in their carp fishing memory for ever. But just to cement it, we give them all
a certificate at the end to say they’ve passed the course. They get T-shirts
saying they’re the class of 2018. The ceremony’s really good
because the mums and dads get to see how they’ve performed
over the last couple of days. They’re obviously all very keen to know
that they’ve performed well. And some of the companies
that sponsor the event have put some really brilliant prizes together
for the lads and lasses that have really shone out,
not just in their angling ability but in their sportsmanship
and everything else. Ever since I started this since day one,
I feel like I’ve learnt loads and I feel like I can take this away,
try it in my own fishing and maybe help other kids if they’re
on my lake and start struggling. It’s a great thing to be able to do,
to give everybody a credit and the famous Carp Academy cap
that gets thrown up in the air.

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