1. sunteti extrordinari,as dori din toata inima ca tot completul meu penrtru pescuit, sa fie de la firma dumneavoastra.Sanatate si tot respectul!!!!!

  2. My missis hates the fact i struggle to watch any movie past half an hour of it and yet sit here lost in this video for 1 hour 30 mins plus and am gutted when the vid ends.. I was meant to watch a movie with her last night and ended up watching this instead, by the time this had ended she was ready to go to sleep, sorted !!! … I was able to move onto a few other nash vids once she naffed off to bed :o)))

  3. ello carpmagic96, seen carpmagic94 or 97 anywhere lately? lol .. Oh yeah watching this again, he says dunno if im any wiser, if nash got any wiser he would be dangerous.

  4. just use a hock and worms and just let in sink to the bottom works with out all that fancy ofer priced china made junk that just brakes

  5. nice but tbh that kids not special.. let some other lads fish the same lake for the same fish and they will all catch.. its just the venue thats special..

  6. Love Carp fishing! Top video and gear.Nash always produce top of the range gear.Use their gear
    Bed chairs and bags are tops!!!
    To the dude saying carp is gross and a pest. You don`t know what`s a pest till you have cat fish in a lake.Trout c`mon those little things.I don`t want to play I want to fish.

  7. really good ive been carp fishing for a year now all the tips that they talk about ive used they do good got a 28lbs pb carp anyone who is just starting take their word and use it

  8. If anyone like this sort of fishing subbscribe to my channel there will be episodes up soon . There will also be a prize for the person/channel that gets the most people to subscribe to my channel JGFishing TV (just get them to send me a message with your youtube name ). The prize will be a BRAND NEW 2 man nash titan bivvy which i will mail to your house .

  9. Get on to some Barramundi, GT's Queenfish, Tuna, then if you want to fish lol, hell get on to a Marlin then you know what fishing is about

  10. As always top blogging brilliant gear and a great vid to watch,Nashy never shoves it down your throat but just explains the hows and whys of the changes in his gear and baits top geezer top company thanks.

  11. I'm 14 used to barbel fishing and match fishing, i'm fishing a completely unknown water somewhere in skegness in october, please could you tell me a good all round budget rig to use with a particle spod mix? thankyou!

  12. dont buy the new pocket rod pod by nash they are rubbish The one I received had a defective locking system on the main slider bar and the central joiner bar cross threaded also one of the threads on the H bar did not fully screw in I am sending it back to the company and making a formal complaint

  13. Carp! LOL Check out our song, "Rogue Carp." I think you will find it amusing and entertaining. Also, if you are needing soundtrack music, I will allow you to put it in your film. Let me know……. Fish On!!

  14. Customer service was the worst I've ever known, not helpful, very rude and took my money and run.. I'll never deal with them again

  15. I find it amazing how much Europeans put into carp fishing. In the US carp are a rough fish, meaning most are removed from waters they are caught in due to destruction they cause to existing "game fish" habitat. Carp are great fighters, especially when caught in moving water. I respect them for their fighting ability and although I am disappointed when I catch one fishing for other species I do enjoy the battle and release them.
    Funny how different things can be in other parts of the world.

  16. Hi – please go to facebook . com / OfficialNashTackle I am sure they can answer your question there. Thanks!

  17. Thanks for your ignorant comment bashing all of north america but your wrong and he was right. And to add to what he said, our carp don't get as big so it's pointless fishing them trophy wise. We would rather fish better tasting and bigger fish is all.

  18. I started a elite fishing club dedicated to catch and release of the cypriniforme.
    It's called C.R.A.P. Carp Research Angling Program
    We don't use specialized gear or bait. Any rod and real that you feel comfortable with will work. Myself I use a ultra-lite 5' Shimano pole with a Shimano Spirex SR1000FG and 4lb. Rapala line.
    The largest cypriniforme I've caught on this rig was a little under 22lbs. fighting river current. That's no shit unlike this over priced crap you're selling here..

  19. my dream is to fish with these people and fish at there lakes! and own this fishing gear! anyway of contacting the guys?

  20. recently bought a so called indulgence ss3 used 6 times total waste of money made in china shit along with all there gear even the brollys have a wafer thin layer of nylon lol.the padding around the frame has vanished lol the matress is now wafer thin and the elastics have stretched and now the frame along the leg digs in to my back

  21. Blimey Mark you really have got beef today haven't you? Why don't you direct your concerns/feedback/complaints via the proper channels and not through here and you might get a proper response. Either through the Official Nash Tackle Page on Facebook (Google it) or in fact by email (see the Nash website for more details). Thanks 🙂

  22. i will never understand the british people catching carp. all the fucking equipment, a tent and all the time your wasting just for one nasty stinky ass carp

  23. mark you are right m8 there selling more china crap than ever,infact all the tackle shop well nearly all say nash stands for trash lol. i know as i have owned a tackle shop so i know what we pay for and what it sells at and where it comes from

  24. i am soooo made i cant get any thing because i live in america everyone love bass fishing but carp fishing is were the fun is at!!!!

  25. Kevin good stuff mate, Thanks.
    Check out THE HOOK AND THE COOK a top Aussie Fishing & Cooking channel, Subscribe today and help us build a bigger and better channel for all, Thanks.
    Regards Scotty & Paul.

  26. All ways like you guys from the start that's why now after a bad year stressfull year being left with a heart virus been given the all clear so it's Nash tackle all the way 🙂

  27. Just managed to cop some old pursuit x ,3lb tc. X4 . Love em.
    Can any one tell me if they were built on century blanks plz??
    They feel so familier. Also i loved the old slippery eel titan. Nice one.

  28. The gear usedf, the electronuics, and baiting like that make fishing a hideous joke. This has nothing to do with sportsmanship, it has to do with catching tame fish. You may as well fish in an aquarium. That's all these lakes are, just big aquariums where people drop food in day after day and the fish come to eat it. They even catch the same fish over and over and over, and even know most of them by sight. All because they have no clue what sportsmanship is.

    I don't think there's anyone ion England who actually knows how to fish. They just know how to drop food in the aquarium every day, and then catch the tame fish who come to eat it. They can't do anything without electrics of some sort, even if it's just bite alarms that do the work while they sleep. The tame fish come to the bait and the electronic alarm wakes up the fisherman. He then pretends he caught a carp.

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