CARP FISHING with the NEW Spot On Stix Distance Sticks and Spot On Line Marker for Carp Fishing

CARP FISHING with the NEW Spot On Stix Distance Sticks and Spot On Line Marker for Carp Fishing

I’m Mike Wilson from the tackle development team at Nash and I’m going to show you how I hit the far margin spot every single time These are the new Spot-on sticks from Nash I use them in all of my fishing so I’m consistently on the spot every time whether I’m fishing amongst weed or to far margin snags It just makes life a whole lot easier Supplied in the pack is your two sticks Unlike banksticks there is nothing protruding for the line to catch on and also there is a unique isotope slot in the top It comes with a small tommy bar This serves two purposes One you can put it inside the top of your stick like so This makes screwing into the ground a whole lot easier Also your swivel can sit inside this groove and you can push it into the ground to keep the swivel secure There is no need to wrap your lead around the sticks Then next is the measuring tape which is 12 feet in length Half way up there is a black marker for reference The way I set them up is I take one of my sticks and get it into the ground I slide the tape over the top and walk the tape out Put the other stick in the hole and then I’m ready to go So I get my lead and secure it in the tommy bar I push the tommy bar into the ground Then I start wrapping my line round the sticks in a figure of eight motion until I get to my clip Once I’ve got to my clip and counted the amount of wraps round the sticks I can then jot that down whether it be on a notepad or in the notes app on my phone So I’ve always got that for future reference If I turn up to the lake in two weeks time I can hit that same spot amongst the weed or I can hit the same far margin snag Even at night at 2am if I get a take that rod is straight back on the spot no fuss As another alternative to the Spot-on sticks we have a lovely new product called the Spot-on line marker It is the same principle as using marker elastic or electrical tape but it makes the job a whole lot easier It comes in four different colours blue purple green and orange There is a little brush Its a rubberised paint Once you have cast out and your line is in the clip just mark your line In colder weather it takes about 40 to 60 seconds to dry Now the marker is dry I’ve take the line out of the clip I’m now fishing and if I get a take or I want to change areas or I want to go back to that spot later on all I have to do is cast elsewhere into another bit of water find that marker clip just behind it Then I’m back on the spot every time Spot on

10 thoughts on “CARP FISHING with the NEW Spot On Stix Distance Sticks and Spot On Line Marker for Carp Fishing

  1. cant beleve what i have just watched lmfao fluro nail farnish and a couple of sticks might aswell write the word COCK on my head

  2. distance stick are definitely the way of the future. i hate having to walk my lines out knowing i am leaving my gear on the bank for some one to take. Just a shame on my last session i ended up losing mine 

  3. I am all on top of Kevin's bum don't get me wrong. hes a legend. but this is shite!!
    just use pole elastic and a marker pen, then walk the rods, or count the cranks.
    Kev would have hated this shit 10 years ago. 
    Jesus use your brain anglers.

  4. Yeh I push the swivel into the tommy bar and the tommy bar into the ground ( 1:26 swivel and lead falls out as he walks off LOL!). 

  5. Everyone goes on about accuracy. Nash, you want to measure your spot on tape it's not 12ft. It's 2" longer. Get a tape measure and find out.

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